3 Reasons Google Home App is Getting Better

Discover the latest improvements to the Android and iOS appsGoogle Home App Android And iOS act as a central hub for controlling all your Google-compatible smart home devices. The app's feed can become cluttered if there are many products. This makes it difficult to control them quickly and easily. Google has simplified your life by taking inspiration from Android 11+'s smart home controls and redesigning the Home app with a cleaner layout that eliminates clutter. The Google Home app will make it easier to control your smart home devices.

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1. Relevant Controls in Home View

To manage your smart home devices, the home view of the Home app will now display relevant statuses and controls. The main idea of intelligent lights will sound their brightness percentage. You can adjust it or toggle it on/off quickly.

Homey Web App - Complete Smart Home Control from ANY Browser!, Source: Youtube, Homey

You can also adjust the volume of your smart speaker at a glance by opening the Home app. You'll be able quickly and efficiently to control your devices rather than searching for them first.

2. Centralized Privacy Settings

The company announced the Google Nest Community. It noted that the settings menu of the Google Home app would include a new privacy section. This will allow you to manage your privacy across all your devices and voice assistants. Here, you can view and collect your Assistant-related data, privacy controls, and home activity.

Signal App Privacy Setting, Source: Youtube, How To Apps 

You can also control presence sensing across compatible smart-home devices via the privacy settings page. This allows you to set which devices will trigger your Home or Away routines if they detect someone.

3. New Home Feed

The Home app's home feed will be "clutter-free" in the next few weeks. The Home app will automatically organize the most recent and important events at the top. Similar events are grouped to make it easier for you not to scroll through endless lists of repetitive items.

Introducing a new Home feed for Wattpad!, Source: Youtube, Wattpad

This will allow you to quickly get up-to-date on any events in your house that require immediate attention.


Google's Home app improvements will make managing all of your devices more accessible. They reduce clutter and noise and make it easy to access device controls quickly.

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