5 Brand New Apple Music Featured to Try In 2022

Apple Music will be rolling out new features in iOS 14.5 by 2022. These six features are available for streaming pleasure. Apple Music will gain a variety of new features in 2022. Many of these features will be available alongside iOS 14.5. We'll share all the details about Apple Music's unique features with you in this article.

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1. City charts from 100 cities worldwide

Apple Music will add "City Charts," daily playlists to iOS 14.5. The City Charts feature will highlight the most popular songs from over 100 cities around the globe.

City Charts is unavailable on iOS 14.5, so it will likely be inaccessible to the public only after that release. Apple has yet to release the list, so it is unknown which cities will be featured on Apple Music.

Top 100 cities comparison Excel chart - Explained | ExcelTutorials, Source: Youtube, Chandoo

Apple Music has a "Worldwide," which features the most popular Music from all over the globe in the "Hot Tracks" playlist. Apple Music also offers a similar feature called "Daily Top 100", which features playlists specific to each country and the top 100 songs in that country.

These playlists contain a mix of trending songs from all over the globe and are specific to each country, while City Charts will devote a complete playlist to cities worldwide.

2. Stylists for Children with SSD

Apple Music has partnered up with Warner Music and Rothco to compile a stylist series for young listeners suffering from a speech-sound disorder (SSD), also known as an articulation disorder.

Apple Music's algorithms scan through more than 70,000,000 songs to locate lyrics that might be difficult for children with SSD. This allows them to sing along to the song as speech therapy.

How to use Apple Music, Source: Youtube, 6 Months Later Reviews 

Children with SSD are encouraged to practice their pronunciation by singing along. This makes the sometimes difficult task of teaching children how to repeat sounds and syllables more fun and interesting.

There are ten playlists that each focus on one letter or sound. The Stylists feature is currently only available in the UK. It is not known when it will be expanded to other countries.

3. The Replay 2021 Playlist

Now you can "Replay 2021" to listen to your favorite tracks 2021. Apple Music ranks and curates all the Music you listen to throughout the year, ranging from 1 to 100. Your most-streamed songs are ranked at the top.

[Playlist] Replay 2021, Source: Youtube, grew

Replay 2021 is a playlist that you are unique to. It will be updated every Sunday throughout 2019. The ranking of your Music will change to reflect what you have been streaming over the last week.

Select the Listen Now tab on Apple Music or Apple Music for the Web to find your Replay 2021 playlist. This playlist will be curated by me and features the top 2021 music streams.

4. Swipe to manage your song queue

Apple Music makes adding songs to your Apple Music queue and Library easy.

You can swipe left to right when looking at a list with your Music to reveal hidden options. These options allow you to add the song to your Up Next queue quickly.

How To Create Song Queue Spotify, Source: Youtube, KahindoTech

It would help if you swiped left to right to see a new button that looks like a + symbol. This button will allow you to add the current song to your Apple Music library instantly.

Apple is currently testing the new swipe feature with developers and beta testers. These features will be made available in iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5. The upcoming macOS update will also be available for Mac users.

5. Your Library should include "Made for You" Playlists.

You can now add Apple Music "Made for You" mixes to your music library using the music app. These playlists are curated playlists that you can listen to based on your Library.

How to Find Music Made for You Every Week, Source: Youtube, Ben Abay

To add these playlists, tap Listen Now and scroll down to Made For You. Next, select the playlist that you wish to add. You will be able to view the songs within the playlist once it opens. Now the playlist will be added to your Library.


These features can only be accessed if you have the app's most recent version on your device. You can update the app by going to App Store > Apple Music > Updating.

Apple's music app is continually improving to provide a better user experience. Ensure you get the best streaming experience possible.

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