5 free calling apps are the best for free calls

These top free phone number apps will give you a US number to call America or Canada from anywhere around the globe. International calls can be made and received via Wi-Fi or mobile data using free calling apps. Each app will provide you with a free number (typically from America) that you can use to call or send any other American number. It will behave as if it were you in the US. They won't send SMS messages or use your minutes. These are the top free calling apps on iOS and Android.

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1. Talkatone - The best free calling app

Talkatone is a trusted and reliable free US calling app. Talkatone offers unlimited calls and texts to all US and Canadian phone numbers, despite many changes. You can make international calls by purchasing credits. Rates may vary.

Many features such as custom voicemail greetings, passcode protection, and passcode security will be available.

How to Get Unlimited FREE Numbers in Talkatone App | Talkatone Login Problem Fixed | Fake Whatsapp, Source: Youtube, UBOX TECH

Talkatone can do the basics and only $10 to remove banner ads. This is a substantial savings oversubscriptions. Its interface is modern, simple, and intuitive.

This is the best place for you to begin if you're unsure what options are available.

2. TextNow: The Best Phone Number App for Calling and Texting

TextNow makes it possible to call Canada and the USA free of charge. It has a slightly different design, which can be customized. You can change the colors or slide in the menu to the left.

Even better, you can sync your text to your computer! This is a great feature that's not available in other apps.

Get a FREE phone number and FREE Unlimited Calls and Text with TextNow - Not Clickbait!, Source: Youtube, Liron Segev 

TextNow was once subscription-based. To keep your number and access features like voicemail and call forwarding, you had to pay $3 per month. This is no longer true. 

TextNow lets you call international, but you must complete surveys and purchase minutes.

3. TextMe up: No charges for calls to the USA or Canada

TextMe Up is the same app as FreeTone, but they use different color schemes. FreeTone comes in a seafoam-greenish-blue color, TextMe Up is almost royal blue, and Text Me is a light blue. Each offers a free number to text or call and an Android phone number app.

When you download FreeTone, you will be provided with a number. If you download TextMe Up, you'll automatically be signed in with that same number. TextMe made them all. We don't know why it created three different apps.

Get a FREE phone number and FREE Unlimited Calls and Text with TextNow - Not Clickbait!, Source: Youtube, Liron Segev 

All apps work great, regardless of which one you choose. Free calls and texts to the USA and Canada are possible. You can purchase credits to make international calls or watch sponsored videos to earn credit. The QR code scanner can log in to the web messenger on any device.

Its ads are more integrated than banner ads that can't be ignored on other apps. This is very sneaky. These ads are too integrated into the content. To be removed, they cost $2 per Month

4. textPlus: A solid international calling app

textPlus offers free texting and free inbound calls, but not free outbound calls. For $0.02 per minute, you can also view videos and make outbound phone calls within the US.

The interface can be viewed in five tabs. The first tab shows your balance and lets you earn credits. The second tab appears to be similar to the previous. The other charges are your settings, text, calls, contacts, and locations. To get a new number for any US area code, you can modify your number in the settings.

How to get a free US phone number via Text Plus app?, Source: Youtube, mrhackio

If you need to make outbound calls to Canada or the USA, we don't think there is a reason to use TextPlus.

5. Dingtone

Dingtone was out of date for a while. Although Dingtone has some great features, the interface was a significant problem. This problem was solved with a redesign. The interface now uses Material Design, which is simple to use and navigate.

These are some of our favorite features. We love callbacks. Dingtone lets you call another person and connect your calls. This lowers your fees. The app allows you to add another number or number to your other devices. You can use one number for your phone and one for your tablet.

Dingtone app - full tutorial, Source: Youtube, mrhackio

As you would expect, you can set up call forwarding and voicemail. You can earn credits by watching videos and making international calls to over 200 countries.

Dentine charges credits per minute, not cents per min. It isn't easy to see the prices when calling. It is easy to spend too much.

Dingtone can provide numbers for you in Australia, Canada, and the US. This is an excellent option for non-US citizens.


You can communicate in other ways. Your smartphone can communicate with Canada and the US in many ways. Other options are always available, including free messaging apps with video calling. Even services like Telegram or WhatsApp can be great options.

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