5 Handwriting apps for Note-taking with Visuals on iOS

Are you looking for the top handwriting software for iOS?  Are you looking to take notes in an unstructured mix of drawings and words? A regular note-taking application will not suffice for you. You'll need a reliable pen and a digital handwriting application to accompany it. We've posted several amazing stylus pencils compatible with iPad and iPhones. Today, we'll assist you in locating a top handwriting application to make use of it.

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1. Paper

Paper is a well-designed app that's polished. It provides three standard notebooks, or "journals," to start with. Explore the one titled Paper Tools to get a quick overview of all the drawing instruments available within the application. Press any of the pages in the journal to view these tools in action. You can also test them yourself.

For a journal to open, tap on the. If you'd like to go back to the main screen, you can close the journal by pinching. Do you want to change the settings of your stylus? There are other settings for apps in the slider icon located at the top-right of any view.

It's great to have a way to recognize the journal. This is where the cover of your journal is a great option. You can choose from any of the eight color choices available.

Review Paper Apps, iPad Apps, Source: Youtube, Kaydin Carlsen

You can upgrade the version to Paper Pro ($8 for six months), and you'll be able to choose excellent cover options with gorgeous patterns, colors, and gradients. But that's not all.

The premium version includes customized covers and unlimited color swatches for the first time. The program also has unique features that let transform free-flowing lines into precise lines and forms.

2. Inkflow Visual Notebook

Inkflow does not look as glamorous as Paper; however, it can do its job. It lets you mix your drawings with text and images. Furthermore, you can change the size and move it with ease using Marquee Select.

Do you not like the white background of notebooks? You can replace it by using ruled or blank grid lines, notebooks, or even a music staff. Go to the Stationery section of the Share menu to see these alternatives. (This menu also hides the export and Twitter buttons.)

How to use the app Inkflow, Source: Youtube, Classroom Tech Made Simple 

If you're not opposed to black scribbles on your notebooks, then the starter edition of Inkflow is an excellent alternative. If you'd like to add color to your notebooks, you'll need The Inkflow Plus ($10). It comes with a color palette and paintbrush, custom backgrounds for Paper, and other options.

Another essential thing to remember is that notebooks are limited to 20 pages when using the trial version. You can make as many notebooks as you want!

3. Notability

Several powerful paid apps permit users to make notes or add annotations to PDFs using the iPad using a stylus. We've picked Notability because of its glowing reviews all over the internet. The fact that it's made to be compatible in conjunction with an Apple Pencil is one of the major points (check for the top Apple Pencil accessories to enhance your pencil's performance).

What kinds of actions are possible using Notability? In the beginning, you can type, write annotations, type, and, more critically, draw. Drawing includes the creation of precise and free-form shapes, moving objects around, color, and much more.

How to use Notability - everything you need to know - ft. Journey2Med, Source: Youtube, Notability

Do you want to import content, convert handwriting into text, or backup/share to cloud-based services? The app can perform all three. It's also helpful to write two notes at a time and look up handwritten notes.

The word "notability" is broad and comes with various attributes. Don't let them overwhelm you. Go through them one by one, and you'll soon grasp the features. Check the default notebook that lists all the app's features to help you if you need assistance.

If you're willing to pay the price for these digital handwriting applications, You should think about the Notability options listed below also:

  • Noteshelf ($10)
  • GoodNotes ($8)
  • ZoomNotes ($8)

4. Pages

Apple's Pages app could be the most unusual in this list since note-taking isn't its primary purpose. Apple Notes is made for note-taking, and it's not just for that.

However, as Pages is a good combination of drawing and text tools, There's no reason you shouldn't be able to use Pages to take notes. In the smaller screen size of an iPhone, it makes more sense to use Pages for note-taking on a whim instead of word processing. Writing documents is best done using the iPad (or a Mac).

Similar to the other applications on the list below, Pages lets you draw, type, and import/export data. You can also share notes and even annotate PDFs. It also enables you to add images and audio files, equations, charts, and tables.

Pages Tip: Get started with Pages, Source: Youtube, Mathew Pullen

To experiment with the drawing tools, create a new document in Pages and click the Plus button on the toolbar. Then, go to the final option ( Media) and tap drawing. Then, you'll see an empty canvas inside the document and a collection of drawing tools at the bottom. It's your choice to play with the tools.

5. Bamboo Paper

The iPad-only, free app has been available for quite some time. It's from Wacom, which is the Bamboo stylus manufacturer. You don't require any of Wacom's styluses to use the app. However, it will provide a more enjoyable handwriting experience when using the application.

Bamboo Paper assures precision in your drawings. It includes a variety of brushes that can add some luster to your pictures. It can be your preferred sketch tool for those who are creative.

Wacom Bamboo Paper App Review & Walkthrough, Source: Youtube, Teoh Yi Chie 

Like as you'd expect of a good handwriting application, You have the option to add photos and text to your handwritten notes. You can transfer your messages onto cloud storage services and social networks.

If you frequently switch between platforms, you'll be able to find Bamboo Paper available on Android and Windows tablet computers. Do not worry about losing the possibility of editing or the quality of your sketch while you change platforms; you aren't.

Because your notes are automatically stored in Inkspace, the cloud backup service offered by Wacom so you can move ahead and concentrate on the note-taking aspect.

Keep in mind Bamboo Note; the Bamboo Note app is set to go live.


To complement your notes, ensure that you effectively use iPhone reminders.

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