5 Key Components of a Successful ASO Strategy

Find out what the critical elements of a successful ASO strategy. As one of the top competitive marketplaces in the world and the App Store and Google Play Store have Google Play store always created an opportunity to differentiate. An Application Store Optimization (ASO) method has always been how creative marketing teams can gain an advantage in competition. An ASO strategy, a subset of the larger strategy for growth and marketing of apps, is a collection of ASO strategies designed to boost the app's visibility on app stores and increase the likelihood of it converting users of the app store to installations and customers.

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What exactly does an ASO marketing strategy include?

  • ASO Keyword Optimization: is establishing and implementing a keyword strategy to improve App Store & Google Play performance in search.
  • ASO Creative and Conversion Rate Optimizing: The practice of testing with and revising App Store and Google Play store listing creatives (icon video, screenshots, screenshots titles, etc.) to increase the conversion rate of apps.
  • ASO Evaluation: The practice of assessing the impact and worth of various ASO strategies on mobile organic and the overall increase in installs.

Since their creation, the two marketplaces have seen massive growth in the number of apps available, and, with this, the chance for an app to be found has been reduced.

ASO 2021 - My Strategy to Generate Over 30,000 Downloads per Month, Source: Youtube, Justin G

Marketers have been compelled to notice the apps and increase installs within the ever-growing competition. And then, App Store Optimization (ASO)came into being.

In my time in the role of an ASO consultant to top app developers, I've observed ASO evolve from the level Adam Rakib describes as "a simple task in marketing to an entire team of dedicated people in the growth, marketing, or department of product." Despite this increase, ASO is still in its infancy, and there aren't many models available to help develop an ongoing, sustainable ASO strategy. Based on my experience with top app developers, I identified the five essential elements of a successful ASO strategy.

1. Understanding Your Target Audience

Understanding the intended audience of your app is among the essential elements in the ASO Strategy

Most app marketers begin with a bad start because they don't know who their users are. To create an effective ASO strategy, you need to decide on your ideal audience (or group of people) and adjust your app's marketing strategies accordingly.

Be aware of why users use your app and their preferences (it's sometimes not relatively as easy as you believe). For instance, many users utilize dating apps for different motives. They may be using them to find a partner for life. Some make use of them to discover uninteresting relationships. They are pretty specific user-related interests that you can think about. Let's explore a bit more. A top-rated dating app offers a unique feature that lets users only meet one person every day. Although this may be unappealing to the typical user, it's effective because many users are attracted by the thought of a romantic and unique possibility of meeting. In particular, it provides users with an additional reason to consider the app's introduction. This specific interest in users plays a significant factor in determining why users choose to download the application. These aren't always straightforward, and these motives could be different for different communities or locations. Explore the diverse interests.

How to define your target audience. Digital Marketing for Small Business [Group 2], Source: Youtube, Square

Once you have identified a set you want to target, you'll begin to understand the nature of their preferences. You will start to create an approach around them. Consider whether my app's metadata (i.e., app icon, app name, and the description of the app keywords and screenshots of app preview videos/screenshots) was developed by my intended users?

Understanding your audience's needs isn't a one-time task. Your target audience will constantly change, and the customers you're targeting today might not be people you want to target in the next month. Like traditional marketing ASO, your ASO strategy will fluctuate and change with the changing market. 

2. A solid ASO Strategy goes far beyond the concept of Keyword Optimization

I've observed that when developers think about ASO, they think of improving the searchability of their app by optimizing the keywords they include in the metadata of their apps.

LIVE: How To Find the Best Keywords for Your App +#ASOQ&A, Source: Youtube, Ariel from Appfigures

Keyword optimization is a crucial element of a sound ASO strategy. It can help you grow your business organically through improved visibility by gaining a higher rank in search results. Keywords and creatives work together. If you're aware of the key terms that generate the number of impressions your app receives, creatives that show up on the search results page and are appealing to the users you are targeting will boost your "tap-through rate" or conversion rates. The more impressive the "tap-through rates" or conversion percentage for a specific search term and the higher the algorithm of search engines ranks your relevance and the more highly you get a position on the search results page for that search term.

Beyond that, it doesn't matter the number of people who visit your website unless those visitors download your application. What's more crucial than the number of visitors is optimizing your website for the number of high-quality downloads. It's essential to examine your app store's design. Thus, a successful ASO strategy is focused on optimizing your search results and the conversion rate (CVR).

3. A successful ASO strategy is based on (Good) hypothesis-driven optimization

A successful ASO strategy is based upon the hypothesis of what combination of messaging and creatives will make the most people download your application. If you don't conduct href=" /">(good) hypothesis testing, you could end up investing your resources in unfocused experiments.

A sound hypothesis can be verified or disproved and is considered a point of departure to further research.

It is the first thing to examine the bigger picture, research studies, and use the available data to pinpoint ideas that can affect the individuals you wish to reach before establishing groups to try. To help you get inspired:

Rank Higher, Faster: Essential ASO Strategies, Source: Youtube, App Annie 

  • Make an inventory of competitors. Use tools such as The ASO Tool Box to look at (and take a download of) any creative resources used in the apps of your competition's stores or those of the biggest companies in your sector. Find inspiration from what's out in the market and think of innovative concepts.
  • Check out your latest app critiques and reviews. What might be drawing users in a while putting them away?
  • Find out which features your app's features users are using the most.
  • Discover which ads have performed best for you and what made them work for you.
  • If you're in the beginning, is your credibility slipping (social evidence). What can you do to address this?
  • If you could have 3 to 6 seconds too) generate a particular emotion in the user and) communicate the features of your app, what would the feeling be? And how do you convey both?

The biggest mistakes we face in non-guided testing are hypotheses founded on design changes that are not sufficiently complicated or don't yield valuable insight. In our example with dating apps...

Uncertain Hypotheses:

  • Users of dating apps prefer an image with a yellow background.
  • Visitors to dating apps choose screenshots containing UI images that do not have the phone's frame.

The problem with the hypotheses mentioned above is that users might not be aware of the changes, or the theories do not provide any significant information about the app store's visitors. The users would like a bright yellow logo. Now what?

A Strong Hypothesis:

  • Visitors to dating apps are more likely to message concerning the overall quality of their app's users over the size of app users.
  • Visitors to dating apps prefer messaging within The First Impression Frame related to the "one match per day" feature (one unique feature that the app has) over messages that demonstrate social evidence.

Compelling hypotheses are specific and are presented in a way that will improve the understanding of your customers who visit your app.

4. Achieving strong creatives and messaging are Essential to Running Tests Successfully

Based on our research of more than 500M sessions, we found the best powerful apps store marketing assets in terms of the potential CVR boosts...

But how do I do it correctly?

Achieving strong creatives and messaging are Essential to Running Tests SuccessfullyAchieving strong creatives and messaging are Essential to Running Tests Successfully, Source: Proreviewsapp

After you've developed an idea to test and you're ready to begin making creative designs, you'll need to make plenty of decisions to think about:

  • Users have a limited time to pay attention: The average app store customer will decide to download or abandon the app within 3 to 6 seconds after landing on an app store's website. The attention span of users is limited at best, so don't count on viewers to view your entire video, go through all the pictures, and make an informed choice. Our research suggests that most people decide to download or delete without engaging with the site. So, they only see the content within your First Impressions Frame (everything beyond over the fold). Make Your First Impression creatives and messaging clear and concise.
  • Mobile screens tend to be tiny: Be aware of the size of your canvas, and sketch along with the size of the canvas. There is a lot of information to be contained in a tiny space that can be difficult for the user and cause users to lose focus.
  • Crowdsource: You are familiar with your application completely. Your average visitor does not. Thus, what could appear to be a significant variation in your creatives and message to you could not impact the average person. Create your hypothesis, walk down the stairs to the cafe in your office and ask your customers what the primary message behind each belief is. Seriously. If they're unable to articulate your app's worth based on creativity, your users will not be able to do so either.

5. Data inform a Successful ASO Strategy

You've completed the test, and you've identified the winner; what's next? Here lies unarguably the most crucial component--translating the data into insights that further guide you.

A sound analysis stage appears to be as follows:

  1. Analyze engagement with apps Assess the performance of page assets to determine what the users most react to and then identify the strengths and weaknesses in the various variants.
  2. Find out if there's an effective variation that we can introduce into the store in life.
  3. Measure CVR Lift in live stores.

How Chat Data Can Inform Your Marketing Strategy ft Lynn Tan & Kate Adams | Data Storytelling Summitm, Source: Youtube, Narrative Science

Use the information from your post-test analysis to develop and formulate a new hypothesis. This is what's known as the ASO Circle of Life. This is precisely why a solid base is essential for the success of an ASO strategy. Each stage is informed of the previous step.

Your strategy must be a cycle, too, because your competition, your market, and your customers are constantly changing. Therefore, you have to adapt continually. Our data suggest that top apps run tests on the creative content at least twice before each app's release. We also discovered that top apps update their store's creatives at least once a month.


The key to a successful ASO strategy is not an idea that can provide a single CVR boost. It's more about creating an effective, long-term plan that allows for continuous optimization of the performance of your app store.

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Hope this article is useful to you, thanks for reading.