5 Practical ways to use the Markup feature in Your iPhone

The Markup feature available on iPhone and iPad is an excellent method to draw the content of numerous applications. Here are some ways to utilize the feature. There's a good chance you've been able to miss a marker tip icon while you work on your iPhone.

Apple launched the Markup feature as a built-in function, represented by this icon in iOS 10. The tool for annotation of photos lets you draw annotations on PDF and photo files in various iPhone applications. Let's look at ways to utilize and benefit from your use of the Markup function on either your iPhone or iPad.

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1. Note Emails in Mail

In the Mail application, you can use Markup to create a brand new email or as an answer to an email you have already sent. There are various methods of accessing this Markup feature based on what you'd like to accomplish.

If you'd like to include drawings:

Choose an email's subject line and tap the "button on the right-hand left side. In the next row, select the markup icon, which appears similar to a pencil tip in the shape of a circle.

Alternately, double-tap the text of your email. Then, select to insert a drawing from the pop-up menu. You'll need to use the Arrows to move to the desired location.

You will be taken onto a blank paper in which you can draw your drawings using different tools.

Click Draw > Done.

It is also possible to use the Markup feature to modify the image you have taken. The picture was taken of Photos, scanned a document, or even attachments via the iPhone or an iCloud drive. You can also add the particular media to your email body.

To add photos, documents, and scans of documents:

With the body of your email selected, then tap the icon. Once you have the email chosen, tap the icon in the bar for formatting just above your keyboard. Tap to select the attachment, document, photos, attachment, or scan document button, as you wish.

How to Add Notes in Gmail Account, Source: Youtube, a2zhow Education

Alternately, double-tap in the text of your email to select to add a document, Insert Photo or Video, and scan your copy from the pop-up menu that will pop up. You'll have to use the Arrows for navigation. Find the image or PDF you wish to attach and mark it up.

To incorporate a recently taken image to include in your post:

Click the "icon located on the right-hand left side, and select the camera icon.

Make a picture.

Click Choose Photo to confirm that you are happy with your photo.

After you've uploaded your selected media (photo or scanned document etc. ) then, you can use the Markup option by performing one of the following:

  • Double-tap the medium (e.g., photos) and select the Markup option from the open pop-up menu.
  • Double-tap the press before hitting the markup icon on the Format bar, which is located above the keyboard.

Draw, Markup, or use other Markup features on your preferred media. Once you're done, click Done, and then finish the remainder of your email and send it.

2. Make a Difference in your Messages

The Messages application lets you emphasize and add details and colors to your messages with Markup. Markup feature. If you want to send a photo with Markup or video, you can initiate an entirely new conversation or reply to an already existing exchange.

Here's how it will work:

To use an existing picture, click on the photographs button, then select an image. If you want to use a brand new photo, press the camera button and then take the picture using the camera on your device.

How to Find your Message & Voice to Make a Difference, Source: Youtube, ALEXIS MARIE CHUTE Artist Author Filmmaker Curator

Select the image you want to use within the box for messages. Then, click the Markup button in the lower-left corner.

Annotate, draw, or use other Markup options as you wish using the Plus (+) button.

Click Save to save your settings. Do this after you're satisfied.

Comment on your image if you like.

Tap the blue arrow to send your highlighted message.

3. Edit Your Images

You can also mark directly pictures that have been taken using the Photos app on your phone:

Click on Photos, and select the image you wish to mark up.

Press Edit, Then tap select the three dots icon in the upper-right part of the display.

Select the Markup option. Add text, draw, or utilize other Markup features according to your preference.

Press Done to close Markup.

If you do not need to make any other adjustments to your photos, click Do it.

Editing YOUR Photos in Photoshop! | S1E4, Source: Youtube, Benny Productions 

Be sure that any changes you apply to your original photograph will be saved to the original photo. You can erase the marking by pressing the Edit button and choosing Revert. 

It is also possible to duplicate the photo before making the original Markup. For this, follow these steps:

Tap the image.

Click the Share button.

Select the option to duplicate. The duplicate image will show as the one that is the last photo in the album that you are in.

4. Annotate Your Screenshots

If you snap a picture using an iPhone and take a screenshot, an image preview will be displayed in the bottom-left corner of your screen as an overlay. It can be used as an option to highlight the image:

Touch the image preview, and you'll immediately be able to view your Markup tools.

Make use of Markup tools to note or draw on your photo.

How to ANNOTATE a Screenshot ONLINE, Source: Youtube, Good Annotations

Press Done after you're done.

You can choose to save the edited screenshot to your Photos folder by clicking Save to Photos. If you'd prefer then, you can select save to files to remove it from the Photos collection.

Then, you can select to save your file on your device or to the iCloud storage.

5. Make drawings using PDFs from Apple Books

There is also the Markup tool within Apple Books. But, it can only work with PDF files. Books that are in ePub format aren't compatible with Markup.

To include this feature in books:

Click on the document you want to mark.

Tap anywhere to quit your full-screen display.

Choose to click the markup icon in the upper center of the webpage. Markup tools will appear at the end of the page.

How To Add a pdf to Apple Books on iOS (iPhone and iPad), Source: Youtube, Quick Guides

After that, click the Markup icon to close your Markup environment when you are done. Edits you made will be displayed on the screen.

If you wish to delete or alter a markup, tap on the markup icon. Select the area you want to delete or change.

Make the most of Markup Tools on your iPhone.

The Markup tool can be integrated into various built-in Apple applications and comes with multiple features. Using it for your photos, emails, notes, documents, or even emails marking up papers could be helpful.


It helps you quickly retain information or give a unique look to your documents.

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