5 Tips to increase iOS app rankings on the App Store

5 Tips to increase iOS app rankings on the App Store

How to a new iOS app more popular and have a lot of users, rapidly earning revenue from the development of an iOS app. Do you want your app to be at the top of the App Store ranking? Here are 5 Tips to help developers quickly improve iOS app rankings, helping to increase the number of new users using iOS apps magically. Before discovering 5 Tips, let's together research a little for the iOS app.

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What is the iOS app?

Far 14-years ago, Steven Job who is the founder of the famous technology company Apple Inc was the developer of an operating system, specifically for Apple smartphones which is the operating system iOS later. The iOS operating system has undergone a lot of times upgrades and developments based on Steven Job's iPhone OS.

Steve Jobs at Apple launched the iPhone, Source: celebritydiagnosis.com

iOS app on the App Store has a mission to serve and advance the entertainment and experiences for iOS users. Currently, there are more than 3.4 million free and paid apps on the App Store. What do you think when your app is in the top 100-app on the App Store?

The potential of iOS apps to developers

App developers have countless opportunities to make money developing an iOS app on the App Store.


Share of smartphone activations in Quarter, source: PhoneArena

There are more than 6 billion smartphone users in the world. Approximately 44% of smartphone users use the iOS operating system in 2020

Global Consumer Spending in Top 100 Subscription Apps by Revenue, source: Sensor Tower Data That Drives App Growth

In 2020, iOS users spent 10.3$ billion on subscription services in the top 100 iOS apps. Wouldn't it be great when we reach this potential app market?

Estimated Apple App Store Sales, source: Company statements, CNBC calculations

How to make money on the iOS platform for app developers?

App developers have two ways to make money on the App store

For the free app, In-App Purchase

- Make money thanks to advertising money in the app when users click to watch the ads in-app
- Users spend money to buy upgraded features or paid packages when using the app, maybe the upgrade does not have ads, which helps to increase user experiences.

For paid app

- Payment first is required to download and use the app

- Users spend money to buy upgraded features or paid packages when using the app, maybe the upgrade does not have ads, which helps to increase user experiences.

The faces have been successful on the iOS app platform

Tinder launched in 2012 in incubator Hatch Labs by Sean Rad, Jonathan Badeen, Justin Mateen, Joe Munoz, Dinesh Moorigate, and Whitney Wolfe

Annual direct revenue of Tinder from 2015 to 2020: Source: https://www.statista.com/

Tinder is the online dating and social geographic network that allows users to anonymously swipe to like or dislike other profiles based on their photos, small profiles, and general interests. Once two users have "matched," they can exchange messages
Tinder is the most popular dating apps worldwide as of January 2021, measured by monthly in-app purchases. Revenue in 2020 reaches 1.4$ billion.

PUBG Mobile is a multiplayer online battle royale game developed and published by South Korea's PUBG Corporation. The last player or team wins the matches. In the game, up to a hundred players parachute onto an island and search for weapons and equipment to kill others while avoiding being killed.
PUBG Mobile, along with the Chinese version, emerged as the highest-grossing video game worldwide this year, across both Google Play and the App Store. It has raked in a substantial 2.6$ billion over the past 12 months, a 64% increase year over year.

Top Mobile Games by Worldwide Revenue Between Jan.01 and Dec. 14, 2020, Source: Sensor Tower Store Intelligence

Netflix was founded in 1997 by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph in Scotts Valley, California. The company's main business is a subscription-based on streaming service that offers streaming from the movies library and TV series, including those produced in-house.

Revenue and income of Netflix from 2007 to 2020: Source: valuespectrum.com

Netflix has a total net income of 2.76$ billion in 2020, and the number of Netflix streaming subscribers worldwide has been steadily increasing in recent years.

5 Tips for optimizing an iOS app

To quickly help your app increase rankings and reach the Top app in the App Store, quickly apply the following 5 Tips:

Tip 1: Write the title of the app

The app title affects the search ranking and conversion rate for downloads.

The title of the app, game World of Pet-Multiplayer, Source: Proreviewsapp.com

You should add the main keyword and along with your brand name, this helps to be more different than competitors. Currently, the maximum length of the title in the App Store is 30-characters.
Brand names should be clear, and easy to spell. Be sure to localize the title for your app.

Tip 2: Description

The description of the App store includes 4000 characters, although it does not greatly affect the search ranking, it is a key to optimizing the application. The important part is the first lines when the user does not need to click to the "read more" section.

Descriptions of the app, game World of Pet-Multiplayer, Source: Proreviewsapp.com

This is a powerful tool that helps to attract users to install apps:
- Highlight the main products, clear and concise descriptions of the product, conveying the core values of the product in App.
- Use the main keywords in the description properly.

Tip 3: Optimizing Icon, Screenshot

Using Icon highlights the purpose of the app, style, uniformity, differences from competitors. It has a strong impact on click and download rates during app optimization on the App Store. Apple requires developers to submit small sizes and large sizes.

Icon and Screenshot of the app, PubG Mobile 3 RD Anniversary, Source: Proreviewsapp.com

Screenshot in the first two images makes featured app. You should have more than 10 Screenshot images on the App Store.

Tip 4: Video Preview

App Store allows up to 3-Video-Preview per language, a maximum of 30 seconds per language. They are placed directly in front of keyword positions and automatically play when muted in search results

Video Preview of the app, iHeart: Radio, Music, Podcasts, Source: Proreviewsapp.com

To make sure to create videos that are compelling, showcasing your best features. Add strong call-to-action messages.

Tip 5: Optimize keyword iOS app installs

When users download and install iOS apps via the keywords that they search for on the App Store search bar, the iOS keyword ranking for your app will increase.

iOS app installs with keywords, Tinder app, Source: Proreviewsapp.com

You can refer to the detailed study on other optimal ways for iOS apps when reading our ASO study:

We hope these 5 Tips can help you quickly improve your rankings and significantly increase the number of users using your app. We are happy to help you solve the tricky part of developing a new iOS app.

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