5 Tools for Free to include in Your Mac's Menu Bar

Verify your network's speed or organize your apps using these five helpful and free Mac tools.

The menu bar in macOS provides shortcuts to many of the most commonly used tools and options. You don't have to use the default settings. There are many other tools you can use there.

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1. Rectangle

The rectangle is the ideal application for multitaskers who are heavy. It allows you to arrange the applications you're running in the same space and snap them into distinct screen areas to make it less necessary to keep switching between windows.

The apps can cover anything from a sixth to 2/3 of your screen, which is particularly useful for larger screens.

Rectangle - Mac Window Manager | Productivity | Magnet and Spectacle alternate, Source: Youtube, Earl Malaki

The rectangle is an enhanced alternative to its Split View feature within macOS and is a free, open-source alternative to the well-known Magnet application.

You can utilize keyboard shortcuts to adjust the size of windows and move them to specific locations. The application remains in the menu bar of your computer so that the alternatives are available.

2. Tot

Tot is a handy notepad that can be found on your menu bar.

It's built to be easy, with just seven pages to write on. This isn't an application designed for serious writing. It's intended for short notes, numbers, and more.

Quick Capture Text on Your iPad with TOT, Source: Youtube, Curtis McHale

It is unnecessary to save anything as your notes will be automatically saved even after you quit the application. Notes can be exported in your Mac Notes or Reminders apps or easily shared through messages or Email.

The app is limited in its options. However, it can support Markdown for those who want to organize their notes. It's also compatible with iCloud.

3. Bandwidth+

If you'd like to have your Mac display your network's speed on your menu bar, then Bandwidth+ is the application.

The tool is simple and allows you to see your speed on your network in the form of bits per second or bytes and updates in real-time while you download. You can also see the amount of data used, both uploads and downloads.

Best App for ALL MACS ( Bandwidth+ ) to test Internet Speed and Monitor Bandwidth Usage, Source: Youtube, Almost Addicted

The great thing lets users create Splits to monitor the usage of their internet connection over the specified time frame and keep track of their use during your month. This is an excellent alternative if you have a charged internet connection.

4. Horo

Horo is a small timer that can be found within the bar in your menu. It can be used whenever you want to schedule an activity and for more complex applications, such as when you utilize it with the Pomodoro technique to boost your work efficiency.

Pomodoro Technique 4 x 25 min - Study Timer 2 h, Source: Youtube, The Timer

The app provides two choices. You can choose to leave the timer unattended, and it will start counting upwards as a stopwatch. You can also put in a date, and it will begin counting downwards and set off an alarm when it gets to zero.

It is possible to type in the time with a wide range of natural inputs for languages (e.g., "1 minute" and "60:00" are both valid). It's simple to alter the timer after it's running.

5. PastePal

A must for dedicated Mac users, PayPal is a clipboard manager for macOS that fundamentally alters how you work with your computer.

Instead of one clipboard that gets copied when you save something, PastePal helps you organize and save everything to make it easy to access. It will keep your things for as long as you'd like, from a day to a lifetime.

The Paste-Pal: a universal toothpaste tube refiller, Source: Youtube, Triink LLC

Click the icon in the menu bar, and you will see an additional sidebar that shows the most recent copies of your files. You can also display the Main Window to see all the classified items by nature of the content or the application form you copied the files.

It's a free, free application, and you can upgrade to a paid plan to have more control over when and how you share information.

PayPal is one of the programs that will be difficult to eliminate once you've tried it.


It's just the beginning of the options available. Many more menu bar applications are available for both paid and free to serve almost any purpose.

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