6 Features That You Don't Need on Your Smartphone

Smartphones continue to develop in many exciting ways. However, not all of the features they create are as useful as you might think. Let's continue our exploration. The smartphone innovation process has advanced significantly. A lot of the tasks that used to require separate tech gadgets can now be done on your smartphone--something companies love bragging about in their ads and launch events. It's great to have the latest features and specs in a portable device that you can take everywhere. But do you need them? Are they worth the effort? Let's look at six features that you should ignore when purchasing a new phone.

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1. 8K Video Recording

Smartphones have had 4K video recording (3840x2160 pixels). 

4K video recording was not very useful back then, as the image quality was poor. It was only used as a marketing tool. Today, 4K video can be found on most flagship phones and many mid-range and budget phones.

Why on earth would you need 8K video recording? Source: Youtube, SoyaCincau

Many consume video content on our phones, tablets, laptops, and other similar-sized devices. You can see the difference between 1080p video and 4K video on their screens.

The 8K resolution (7680x4320 pixels) is not noticeable. Professional gaming is one of the few cases where 8K resolution may make sense. However, for mobile videography, it is an apparent overkill.

2. 108MP Camera

We have said before and will repeat this: Higher megapixels do not necessarily mean better image quality. Smartphone companies love to boast about how many megapixels their cameras have, but it doesn't necessarily mean that their cameras are better.

A higher number of pixels will only increase the resolution of your image. This lets you zoom in and crop your photos without losing any detail. The file size of the higher resolution images is more significant, so you can zoom in and crop your pictures without losing pieces. 

108MP vs 12MP - Mi 10 vs iPhone 11 Pro Max and Galaxy S20 Ultra - Blind camera test!, Source: Youtube, C4ETech English 

A 108MP camera is unnecessary for two main reasons. Smartphones today come with zoom lenses for taking photos of distant objects. Two: Regular images don't require as much resolution to guarantee clarity.

3. QHD Display

Quad HD (QHD), also known as. Quad HD (QHD) is also known as. QHD screens are sharper than Full HD (FHD), a.k.a. 1080p resolution displays (1920 x 1080 pixels).

Do high-res smartphones even matter? Source: Youtube, Android Authority 

QHD screens require more power to operate. FHD screens can last for nearly 10% longer than QHD screens. The former feature is only available on flagship phones. If you are looking for that resolution, it's worth spending more than $700.

4. 144Hz Refresh Rate

Most smartphones locked at a 60Hz refresh rate a few years ago. The tech industry hasn't looked back since launching the OnePlus 7 Pro in 2019. In seconds, we went from 60Hz up to 90Hz and 120Hz—fun fact: The Razer Phone was the first 120Hz phone to be released in 2017.

Up to 2020, 120Hz displays were only available on flagships and mid-range smartphones. But, we are now seeing budget phones with the same feature. High refresh rate displays have become a mainstream trend in just two years.

[Slow Motion] 144Hz vs 120Hz vs 90Hz vs 60Hz - Smartphone Screen Refresh Rate Comparison, Source: Youtube, TechNick 

While we are grateful for the revolution, any higher than 120Hz will diminish returns. The first gaming phone has a 165Hz refresh speed. This is a lot. You can't tell 120Hz and 144Hz side-by-side. The difference is too subtle. Many would have difficulty identifying 90Hz from 120Hz in a blind test.

It doesn't make sense to use so much battery life to get these minor improvements that don't add much to the overall user experience. Most mobile games do not support 120Hz, making this feature redundant.

5. RAM 16GB

16GB RAM is another option. The amount of RAM will depend on the use case. Most people need 6GB RAM for everyday activities such as web browsing, light gaming and streaming music and videos, and social media. Your phone will be future-proofed for three to five more years with 6GB RAM.

8GB RAM vs 16GB RAM | is 8GB of RAM Enough in 2022? | Test in 9 Games, Source: Youtube, PC Support & Gaming Test

Power users and gamers will find that 8GB RAM will run most mobile apps and games. 12GB RAM will allow for heavy games to run smoothly. Any more than that is unnecessary, as you won't be running so many apps at once.

6. Wireless charging

While the technology is improving over time, wireless chargers are still suckers. This should not be a priority for anyone looking to purchase a new phone. It is inefficient and generates a lot of heat.

Wireless charging is not wireless because your phone must be placed in a fixed place to charge. Wireless charging will take three years before it becomes even remotely practical.

The Truth About Wireless Charging, Source: Youtube, Real Engineering 

Compared to wired charging, wired charging can be faster, cheaper, and more efficient than wireless charging. It also produces less waste during manufacturing, which is less harmful to the environment. A USB-C cable can be used to plug in almost any modern gadget.


We tech geeks love it when companies push the limits with cutting-edge technology. However, admiring new technologies is not the same as making a purchase decision. A phone that supports a high-end feature doesn't necessarily mean you need it. Most of these features will likely become standard in the next few years. If you don't use them much, it doesn't make financial sense to pay high prices for such a device.

These features are best for people who are either hardcore gamers or an enthusiast of tech. These features should not be considered if you aren't one of these people when you buy a new smartphone.

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Hope this article is helpful to you, thanks for reading.

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