6 Methods to Make Sure Your loved ones' computer will never require repair

Are you a tech-support person for your friends or family members? Do you provide tech support to your friends or family members? Are you receiving frantic phone calls from their computers because it's not working correctly, have been infected by viruses, or aren't sure how to fix something? If you wish to assist your loved ones, improve their computer.

So, we've put together a list of tips to make it easier for your grandparents, parents, or anyone else. To utilize their computers. If it's improving the user interface or installing helpful software, these guidelines can ensure that you don't spend all day providing technical support for free.

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1. How to explain PC safety

Before you let your family members go on computers, It is best to have them sit down and walk through the fundamentals of operating the computer. What is the first thing they do to access the internet? What is the best way to mail an email? What happens if they wish to participate in a video conference? 

Computing Health and Safety, Source: Youtube, ExplainingComputers 

It's equally important to provide the best way to use their computer safely. A few suggestions you can offer include:

  • Don't download any software from untrusted sources. Based on the level of competence that your customer is at, you might suggest that they only download from Microsoft Store. Microsoft Store.
  • Do not respond to any message asking you to call anyone to give personal information or send money, however urgent the request may appear.
  • If you get the email of someone you don't recognize, remove it, especially when it has an attachment.

Unfortunately, internet fraud and scams are rampant, and those over 50 are especially vulnerable. It is possible to recover the computer from viruses. However, you aren't able to retrieve stolen cash. If your loved one only remembers one thing, be sure that they do not send anyone cash gift cards or provide personal information to anyone regardless of who they ask to be.

2. Secure the Computer

Windows 10 and Windows 11 update automatically, which means that your loved ones' computers will benefit from the most recent capabilities and updates to security. If the computer they are using is an earlier version of Windows, You should upgrade as Microsoft does not support older versions anymore.

Computer Security | Types of computer security | Cybersecurity Course, Source: Youtube, Edureka

Windows 10/11 also comes with Windows Security, an outstanding suite of security tools. There's no need to buy additional antivirus software or similar. Windows Security includes antivirus scans as well as firewalls as well as app and browser security as well as others.

If your loved one has been using their computer for some time, take a look to get rid of any unnecessary software or browser plug-ins. Examples include tools such as Java and Flash, which are insecure and outdated and must be eliminated.

3. Make a backup plan

It would be best if you had an established backup plan for each device you store data on, and it's only natural that friends and family also need one. The maintenance of a reliable backup plan safeguards you from losses due to accidental deletion, hardware failure, malware, and many more.

Acronis Backup 12.5: How to Create a Backup Plan, Source: Youtube, Acronis SCS

If you have family members, you need to consider this step more. Make periodic system images to ensure you can restore your whole computer to a certain level should the system become affected by an infection.

Additionally, think about the use of a program such as Deep Freeze. It will restore Windows to its original state each time the computer restarts and erases any changes made within the current session. It's similar to public facilities such as libraries and hotels use. It could be a bit overkill, however.

4. Secure Windows User Accounts

You might want to create your family members with basic, restricted Windows accounts for users. This means that they can't install any software, modify crucial system settings, play with their internet connection, etc. You can have an administrator account, which permits these actions when necessary.


Are Windows Limited User Accounts Effective?, Source: Youtube, Ask Leo!

It's an iron fist. If your family members frequently need new programs to be installed or alter settings that require administrator access, they'll reach out to you needing help.

5. Purchase the Tablet or Chromebook

What do your family members use to use their computers? Do they need the full capabilities of Windows? If they use their laptop for routine tasks such as email, social media web browsing, email, and perhaps a few lights uses in Office software, then it could be the case that a full-on Windows laptop or desktop isn't necessary.

It could help you (and yourself) with lots of hassle by letting them use a different kinds of computers, such as an iPad or a Chromebook.

Chromebook or Android Tablets: Which one you should consider? (IdeaPad Duet Chromebook), Source: Youtube, AmSatt

If they already have an iPhone and are familiar with an iOS experience, they should consider getting the iPad. The screen is big and clear, it's light and user-friendly to learn, and users can utilize the built-in camera to make video calls.

If they're comfortable with Android or iOS, and Samsung Galaxy tablet makes for an excellent option. It comes in a variety of different sizes and colors. They are similarly portable and easy to use and generally cheaper than iPads.

If they are looking for an elegant design at an affordable price, look into the Chromebook. They're laptops that run Chrome OS, which is like Android. Assuming that they don't require any particular Windows-only apps, it's a good option.


While it's lovely that you're helping your family members secure their PCs, don't forget those in their pockets. Smartphones are also at risk of attacks and criminals, so teach your loved ones the best security practices for their mobile devices.

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