6 tips to Improve AirPods Premium Sound

Do you wish to have the most potent audio quality using your AirPods Pro? Use these suggestions to get more excellent audio quality. The Apple AirPods Pro earbuds have been highly praised so in the beginning. Many would think they're a good choice compared to other Bluetooth headphones priced at similar cost points. However, certain AirPods Pro users have reported poor bass or weak sound cancellation or generally poor sound quality while using the headphones. Furthermore, some of these suggestions can be applied to AirPods that are not regular.

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1. Make Updates to Your AirPods

The first step in improving the quality of Sound from Your AirPods Pro is to ensure that they're current. Apple issues firmware updates to AirPods regularly to enhance the sound quality. You may not have considered this, considering that AirPods aren't designed to upgrade firmware regularly. AirPods are built to update the firmware regularly.

Please make sure you're AirPods Pro is in their charging case.

How To Update AirPods, AirPods Pro firmware - Software Update Guide, Source: Youtube, zollotech 

The case can be connected to the wall or charged it wirelessly. You can also plug it in.

Make sure whether the iPhone has connectivity to the Internet.

Be sure you keep your AirPods Pro within close range or connect them to the iPhone.

The AirPods Pro should now update automatically. Based on the upgrade, the Sound will be enhanced.

2. Turn Off Active Noise Cancellation

Surprisingly One of the best ways to improve the sound quality on the AirPods Pro is to turn off Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). This does not mean that you must change the Transparency setting; however, you must make sure that the audio processing is turned off completely.

The active noise cancellation reduces bass due to the complicated sound processing behind the background.

The easiest solution is to disable ANC and the transparent mode at any point you don't need them.

Now that you know about this, you can remove ANC within AirPods Pro. AirPods Pro

You can launch Control Center by pressing the button at the top-right edge of the iPhone. If your iPhone is equipped with the home button, it can be swiping upwards from the screen's lower edge.

Long-press Volume bar. This will show an AirPods Pro icon.

AirPods Pro Noise Cancellation How to Turn On & Use!, Source: Youtube, iVideos

Then, tap on the noise control and then choose Off. It is this the default setting.

You can also push the sensor situated on the stems of your AirPods Pro (found on their branch) to change between the Noise Control mode. However, you have to turn off the feature at the beginning. To enable this feature, adhere to these guidelines:

Go through Settings and then Bluetooth. Bluetooth is available on your iPhone.

3. Make sure you test an Eartip Fit Test

If your AirPods Pro still sounds iffy, it could be because Ear tips aren't sealing the ear sufficiently. There's a simple way to determine what dimensions (small, medium, large, or extensive) are ideal for your needs.

Apple provides the application-based Ear Tip Fit Test across all Apple devices. It will block sound leakage through and out.

To figure out how to successfully pass an Ear Tip Fit Test:

Airpods Pro Ear Tip Fit Test | Airpods Pro Fit Test, Source: Youtube, Wasay Tech Tips

AirPods Pro AirPods Pro can be connected to your iPhone. AirPods Pro to your iPhone.

Navigate to the settings and then select Bluetooth.

In testing, it's possible to hear music played. This is an experiment to find out which one produces the best audio. You should now know which ear tip size is the best fit for you.

4. Modify the EQ to match AirPods Pro

Every person's preferences, fears, and levels of hearing loss vary for every person. What may be perfect for one person can make you sound horrible. 

These settings are conducive for people who have severe hearing loss. However, they could also benefit those searching for a way to increase the bass and the top end or mids of AirPods Pro. AirPods Pro to match their hearing.

You could also conduct an audio test to ensure that AirPods Pro's sound quality is in line with your ears.

Here's how to modify your AirPods EQ using the iPhone:

How to Change Bass on AirPods Pro in 2022, Use This Best EQ Settings to Increase Bass, Source: Youtube, HowToiSolve

Click Settings > Accessibility..

Scroll down, and then select to play the video or audio.

Hit the button Headphone Accommodations and then turn off the toggle near the top.

You now can choose from three different presets to improve the Sound of a balanced soundVocal Range or Brightness.

It is also possible to select Custom Audio Settings to perform an instant listening test. You can then alter Your AirPods Pro EQ based on the results. Once you've completed the test, you can select the Audiogram option in the menu for an EQ.

5. Edit or disable Spatial Audio

This Apple Spatial Audio feature creates the sound effects of Sound emanating from all over you, including above, below in front, behind and behind and behind, in addition to traditional directions and links that you get with the stereo sound.

Apple utilizes Dolby Atmos mixes in its stream apps to achieve this effect; however, it also uses its Spatialize Stereo feature to create similar results in 3D by using stereo source sources.

However, it's not always the situation that all music sounds better when playing Spatial Audio. Certain songs sound less dark or lose their power, or sound a bit muffled replayed using Spatial Audio.

How to Turn On / Off Spatial Audio on AirPods (3rd Gen, Pro, Max), Source: Youtube, iVideos

You could consider deactivating both of these functions: spatial Audio and Dynamic Head Tracking, to improve your audio experience with AirPods Pro. AirPods Pro.

To disable Spatial Audio:

You can access Control Center by sliding down from the upper-right edge of the iPhone. Or, if your phone has a Home button, you can move it upwards from the lower portion of the screen.

The Volume bar should be pressed. This should show AirPods Pro. AirPods Pro icon.

You can turn off either Spatial Audio or Spatialize Stereo button located in the lower-right corner.

To disable dynamic head tracking:

6. Change the EQ of the application Your Music

Based upon the service for streaming you select according to the service that you prefer, you can change the equalizer settings to increase the sound quality of AirPods Pro. Find out the best way to accomplish this by using two popular streaming music apps: Spotify and Apple Music.

To change the EQ to change your EQ, The Spotify app:

Listen to YouTube. Spotify.

On the Home tab, Click to open the settings icon.

Select Playback > Equalizer.

Best Music Experience!!! Change SOUND EQ settings for iPhone/iPad with a Simple Shortcut (iOS 14), Source: Youtube, AppleVibes

Check out the different presets to discover what sounds most appealing to your ears. Most users would suggest using the Bass Booster for AirPods Pro users.

Also, you can alter the EQ by yourself by moving the sliders near the high point.

To change the EQ to change it to alter the EQ Apple Music:

Go to the settings app on your smartphone.

Click below to listen to the music.

Select the Q option from the drop-down menu.

Choose the EQ setting that you like. For instance, choose the setting that boosts the bass If you're having problems with the bass in your AirPods Pro.


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