7 Tips & Tricks Speed Up Your Internet.

These are simple tips and tricks anyone can use to increase your internet speed in Windows. Are your internet speeds slow? This frustrating problem is something that almost everyone wants to fix. We're here to help. Let us look at some Windows tips to speed up your internet.

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First: Test your connection speed

To get started, go to Speedtest.net and test your connection speed. Let the app run for one minute.

You will see three stats about your internet connection.

  • Ping is another name for latency. Ping can also be called latency. It is the time taken for a server to respond to your request.
  • Megabits per second (Mbps) is the measure of download speed. This is how fast your computer can download data from remote servers.
  • Upload speed is also known as Mbps. It is the speed at which your computer sends data over the internet.

How to Test Your Internet Speed on Google, Source: Youtube, TechGumbo 

All of these are combined, and we use bandwidth to describe the amount of information you can send via the internet at a time.

Think of bandwidth as a water pipe leading into your home. If six people use the water at once, the pressure drops for them all.

Network bandwidth is the same. If one device downloads large files, it will not cause any problems. Each device can only use a portion of the available bandwidth.

Now let's look at how you can increase your internet speed using Windows. While you can't speed up your ISP's speeds, you can increase the amount of bandwidth you have.

1. Close Network-Heavy Apps

Apps that heavily use the network will have an impact on other programs. It is essential to identify which apps are using your network connection and close them if they are causing slow speeds.

Windows users can open the Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+ Shift+ Esc. This will open Task Manager. Click More information to expand the window. Next, click the Processes tab. Click the Header to sort apps by network usage.

Any application that consumes too much bandwidth should be closed. This is particularly important if your activity is network-intensive, such as uploading videos or playing online.

How to Increase Your Internet Speed on Windows 10 (Best Settings), Source: Youtube, TechGumbu

Common network problems include:

  • Dropbox lets you sync many files with cloud storage providers such as Dropbox
  • Software to torrent
  • Files downloading in your browser
  • Watching video in 4K
  • Streaming to Twitch

2. See other devices in your network

If you have closed all your apps, slow internet connections could indicate a problem with another device on the network. You could also be playing games on your console.

It is a good idea to consult family members. They might be able to tweak their systems or find a better way to share bandwidth.

Check for potential problems that could slow down your Wi-Fi connection.

3. Windows Updating Options can be modified

Windows Update for Windows 10 allows peer-to-peer sharing. While this sounds great in theory, it can also lead to wasted bandwidth.

To disable the Allow downloading to other computers slider, go to Settings>>.

How to Change Windows 10 Update Settings [Tutorial], Source: Youtube, MDTechVideos 

You can disable this option or choose to activate the computers within my local network option. Users who use multiple Windows 10 systems may experience problems.

To adjust the bandwidth Windows 10 uses, click the Advanced Options hyperlink. Update sharing can also be limited in bandwidth.

4. Modify your Wi-Fi Channel

A channel is a channel your wireless router broadcasts. Interference can occur due to multiple Wi-Fi networks and dense areas like apartments or homes.

Wi-Fi may cause slower internet speeds. You might experience slower internet speeds when you use Wi-Fi.

5. Apps: Limit Bandwidth

It is excellent to limit Windows Update. It's a great idea to restrict Windows Update.

Dropbox is one example. Click the icon in your System Tray to access it. Next, click on your profile icon and choose Preferences to limit the Download and Upload rates.

How to Limit Bandwidth on Your Windows PC!, Source: Youtube, TechJunkie

What happens if you want to limit the bandwidth usage of an app that doesn't have it? Some apps allow you to restrict internet traffic.

Go to Settings > Internet & Network and click the Data usage link to view your current internet connection. The breakdown of data usage by the app will be displayed. This will help you to determine which apps you need to limit.

6. Disable Meter Connections

Windows 10 allows you to set a metered connection. If this option is enabled for your home network, certain apps and features might slow down to save data.

You can check whether your network connection is still being metered by going to Settings > Internet and Network.

Please turn it on and check that the network connection works as you expect.

7. Modify your DNS Server

To increase Wi-Fi speed, you may have to modify the DNS servers.

When your computer needs to, it makes a DNS request. Your ISP usually uses this server. However, you can speed up your browsing by connecting to another DNS Server.

To open Control Panel, type the Control panel into the Start menu. Next, select Network or Sharing Centre. Click the link beside the text of the connection.

How to change DNS servers in Windows 10, Source: Youtube, R4GE VipeRzZ

Click on the Properties link at the bottom of the window. Then, double-click Internet Protocol Version 4 in the list. Finally, click the Use these DNS Server Addresses button.

Enter your server's addresses. To access it, please enter the following addresses:

  • Preferred DNS Server:
  • Alternate DNS Server:

After clicking OK, your DNS server will be successfully switched to your computer. This will depend on where your ISP is located.


You now know how to speed up your internet speed. We've looked at several Windows tweaks to increase internet speed.

It is important to remember that internet tweaks only get you so far. If you live in an area where internet speeds are slow, you may need to look for another provider or upgrade your plan.

If you connect to the internet from other locations, your entire computer could slow down.

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