8 Apple AirPods Tips for Maximizing Enjoyment

Enjoy more with your Apple AirPods. This guide will show you how to personalize your AirPods to be more enjoyable. Apple's AirPods are a big hit (Our review). Although they have been in high demand for months, finding them at Apple or other retailers wasn't easy. AirPods' charging case is compatible with the Apple W1 chip. It allows easy pairing with any iPhone or iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, and Mac. For those on the go, it also offers additional battery power. AirPods are not the best earbuds because of their poor sound quality.

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1. Combining AirPods With Non-Apple Devices

AirPods are compatible with Apple products because of their unique technology. You can use your AirPods with any Android smartphone, Windows laptop, or another Bluetooth device.

How to Sync/Pair AirPods & AirPods 2 with Android & Other Non-Apple Devices, Source: Youtube, Omar Correa

Pair your AirPods with these devices by placing both earbuds in the case.

If your earbuds are not connected to your iCloud account, you can also use this tip.

2. AirPods Battery Life Check on an Apple Watch

The Battery widget in Notification Center allows you to check the battery status of your iPhone or iPad.

Don't worry about how much juice you have left, even if your phone isn't being used. Press the button to see your remaining battery in your AirPods/charging case.

3. Find Your Lost AirPods

An AirPod can be a pain. Apple will charge $69 to replace your AirPods.

Locate My iPhone is available on the iPhone or iPad. Log in using your iCloud account details.

4. You can change the name of your AirPods

To personalize your AirPods, you can change their name. Open the AirPod charging box and click Settings > Bluetooth.

How to change the name of Apple AirPods, Source: Youtube, The Stuff I Use Channel

Next, choose the AirPods that you want to personalize and click Done.

5. AirPods Double Tap Feature can be customized

When you double-tap an AirPod, you can choose from several options. Select from the following options:

  • Activate Siri
  • Pause and play, or halt audio
  • Skip a track
  • Return to an earlier track

6. AirPods Announce Phone Calls

Both AirPods have a microphone to ensure you don't miss any calls when you make or receive them. Instead, you'll be able to see who is calling and get a notification from the AirPods.

Airpods Say Caller's Name - Airpods How To Announce Caller - How To Make Airpods Announce Caller, Source: Youtube, How To Tech

AirPods can announce phone calls by going to Settings > Phone> Announce calls. If they are not on your contact list, Siri will show you their number.

7. Accessorize your AirPods

AirPods have become increasingly popular so that you can find many accessories.

The Elago charging station allows you to charge your iPhone and AirPods simultaneously.

This lightweight silicone hub is great for cable management. Customers can choose from four colors.

Best AirPods/AirPods Pros Accessories, Source: Youtube, EXCESSORIZE ME. 

The AirPods charging bag is lightweight and easy to carry. It is, however, slippery and easy to drop.

The Catalyst Case provides extra protection for your earbuds.

Simple Skins AirPod skins add color to the otherwise white look.

We recommend cleaning the AirPods before applying accessories.

8. The AirPods Charging Case Light: Making Sense

A quick indicator of how long your AirPods have left on their battery can be found in the charging case.


Common Apple AirPods Problems and solutions can be found here.

If you aren't convinced that AirPods is right for you, take a look at these Bluetooth alternatives.

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