Access Your Replay 2022 Playlist On Apple Music

Apple Music's Replay playlist lets you discover what you've been listening to in the last year. Apple Music's Replay 2021 playlist has been launched. Apple Music subscribers can now get a personalized ranking of the most-listened songs for 2022. Apple Music launched the replay feature in 2019. You can see your Replay playlist data from any year you have subscribed to Apple Music.

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How to Access Your Playlist Replay 2022

Open the Apple Music App.

Scroll to the far left and click the Listen Now button.

Scroll down to the Play section.

The Replay 2022 playlist is the first to appear on the list. Access your Replay playlists from any previous years that you have been an Apple Music subscriber can be accessed.

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You can also open the Replay 2022 playlist on Apple Music using your browser. You will have access to more listening data. The desktop version displays how much time you spent listening to music, the artists you've heard, your top albums, and detailed streaming information about your top songs.

This is your first time using playlists. Learn how to use Apple Music playlists with our guide.

What is the Apple Music Replay Playlist, and How Does It Work?

Apple Music's Replay playlists can be compared to Spotify Wrapped playlists. Apple Music makes the playlist available all year round, except for weekly updates. The playlist is generated entirely from streaming and cannot be modified manually.

Replay playlists may not reflect your interests and be as enjoyable to listen to if you listen to calming music to sleep at night or have your child listen to songs on their phone often.

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Replay 2022 updates every Sunday with your updated listening data. It features your top 100 songs of the year. This playlist will change as you discover new artists and enjoy new releases.

Your 2022 Replay playlist might not have 100 songs yet, as the playlist was just launched.

Although the Replay 2022 playlist desktop version is similar to the Spotify Wrapped Data presentation, Apple has not made a shareable summary that can be shared on social media.

Apple Music: Get More

Apple Music Replay playlists can be a fun way for you to keep track and reminisce about your past years' favorite songs. It's like the soundtrack of your year.

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Apple Music's Replay 2021 playlist is one example of all the fantastic features Apple Music has.


Apple-curated playlists can be downloaded, made by you, or sent from friends.

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