Android 13: Five Things We Want to See In 2022

Android 13 will be launched in 2022. These are the features we expect to see in the next version. Android 12 was a refreshing update to the OS after many disappointing updates. It's a great OS, but there are prominent areas for improvement. We would like to see these five things in Android 13 by 2022.

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1. Foldables get better software support

Google is working on Android 12L, an OS that can be used for large-screen devices such as tablets and foldable phones. This is excellent news, but the overall functionality of this "feature drop" is not perfect.

Support the latest and greatest: Compatibility changes in Android 12, Source: Youtube, Android Developers

You've probably been following Chinese OEMs closely, and you know that they plan to enter the foldable smartphone market in 2022. This is due to the success of the Galaxy Z flip three and Flip 3. Android still has much work to do to prepare for the coming explosion of foldable phones.

2. Customizable Rear Panel Tap Gesture: Google

We were able to see how the Pixel 6's camera features a Quick tap to Snap and allows you to double-tap on the back to open Snapchat quickly. This may remind you of the Bixby button Samsung placed on its Galaxy S8.

Tasker 5.15 - Android 13 Icon, Custom Toasts, Clipboard images and more!, Source: Youtube, João Dias

Although the idea is excellent, it would be even better if the tap gesture feature could be used to customize the actions that the phone takes using the tap gesture feature. You could, for example, quickly open your favorite apps and enable/disable the features that you use the most.

3. More Picture-in–Picture Controls

Picture-in-picture (or PiP) is a great feature if you are a multitasker. Subscribe to YouTube Premium, and you'll know what we mean. The video controls on the PiP window are a little lacking.

Android 13 Developer Preview 2: Interesting! (More Than What I Expected), Source: Youtube, In Depth Tech Reviews

You can play, pause and skip to the following video. But you cannot do more than that. You will need to scroll to the entire screen to perform any other action. The PiP window cannot change the playback speed or loop the video. You also can't control the progress bar or rewind the tape.

4. A serious gaming mode

Google's Android 12 introduced Game Dashboard. This gaming-oriented feature allows you to capture your screen, take screenshots, and view the FPS. You can stream the game live on YouTube. This is a significant upgrade. Like many new features in Android 12, it can be improved.

iPhone 13 Mini Honest Review!, Source: Youtube, Nick Ackerman 

The Game Genie on the ROG Phone 5 lets you block calls and notifications, lock the brightness level and change the refresh rate. You can also view the system temperature and open another app simultaneously in a floating tab. Some of these features would be available on Android 13.

5. Screenshots of Improved Scrolling

Android 12 finally delivers scrolling screenshots. Android users have been asking this for a while. But it didn't. A Google Product Expert says that the feature is limited to "a few apps," such as your device settings or app drawer, which renders it practically useless.

How to Take a Scrolling Screenshot on Android 12, Source: Youtube, Get Droid Tips

Scrolling screenshots should be possible on web pages and apps that require scrolling to consume content. Even better, the user can control how much the screen is captured. These capabilities are not available in Android 12.


Android 13 Could be Amazing. We don't anticipate Android 13 to be as important as its predecessors, but many improvements can be made to enhance the user experience. Many of these improvements are based on refining and making better use of Android 12.

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