Apple Music Removed from Your Library Tips when the music stops appearing

Apple Music deleted your library? Did you think your songs were safe in iCloud? Here are some ways to save and recover your collection.

iCloud is sketchy and not recommended. It has been since the beginning. Even though Apple's streaming music service has an extensive music library, It is also far from perfect. These two issues can lead to many problems, from Apple deleting your music to duplicate songs and empty playlists.

Instead of panicking, check out these troubleshooting tips.

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Apple Music has deleted my Library; help!

There are usually ways to get your music back, depending on how prepared and what device you have. This is most common for those who first sign up for Apple Music. It's especially true if you enable iCloud Music Library, which allows you to build a sync library between your devices. Apple scans your music collection and replaces "known" songs with links. It then uploads any song it doesn't recognize to its servers and serves a 256kbps AAC file instead of your mobile devices.

If files suddenly vanish from your iOS device like an iPhone or iPad, you can sync with iTunes on a Mac or Windows computer. You don't need to download the songs if you purchased them from iTunes. Launch the iTunes Store application on your device and go to the More Tab. Hit Purchased for re-downloading music.

Apple: Recover Apple Music Playlist Deleted by Mistake, Source: Youtube, Roel Van de Paar

Some Mac users have reported that Apple Music deleted files from the main Library without their permission. Apple claims that the scan, compress, and replace policy should not affect original files. Moore believes they have found the problem. iTunes has been updated and seems to have worked.

The moral of this story is? Make sure you back up your Mac now and again. You can restore a backup to recover your valuable lossless files, such as years of metadata, rare recordings, music, voice memos, and other information. Apple's Time Machine backup feature allows you to back up to external drives. Restoring data is also easy. You can even use your networked Windows computer or NAS drive to accomplish this task. You don't need to worry about backup solutions for iTunes users on Windows -- they are available!

Can I Disable iCloud Music Library?

Yes. You don't have to use the iCloud Music Library. However, you can still use Apple Music. You can disable it on an iOS device by going to Settings> Music > iCloud Music Library. Or, in iTunes, go to Preferences> General > iCloud Music Library. You can disable iCloud Music Library for specific devices (like your Mac at home) and still use it on other devices (like the iPhone or iPad).

Turn OFF iCloud Music Library on a PC, Source: Youtube, Northville Tech

Apple Music is subject to restrictions when you disable the iCloud Music Library.

  • You won't be able to save music on the device.
  • Music and playlists that you add to your iCloud Music Library elsewhere will not be automatically synced among devices with the feature disabled.
  • You can either add music to your device by syncing, importing, or accessing the Apple Music catalog streaming music via the Internet.

This is another option if you don't want Apple Music or iTunes as your preferred way of managing media.

What if your iCloud Library disappears?

This is a less well-known problem that I have experienced myself. A few months back, I needed to change App Store regions. However, I was an Apple Music subscriber, so my subscription had to end. After I had canceled my subscription, I went to App Store to download a few UK-specific applications and then returned to the Australian store.

I was not streaming much music at the time, so I decided to cancel my subscription. This proved to be my biggest mistake. Although I couldn't play songs in my iCloud Music Library, I could still see that everything was there, so I believed all was well. My iCloud Music Library disappeared shortly after launching the iOS 9 Music App. It was almost two months ago before I resubscribed. It is worth mentioning that I had created my entire iCloud Music Library from Apple's catalog and had not added or "matched" anything of my own. My Library was a collection of links to Apple content. I assumed it would be secure. Wrong.

Why did my iCloud photos disappeared?, Source: Youtube,Ask About EVENTS 

Although all my playlists were named, there weren't any songs inside them. They had been converted into local playlists. I was not pleased with my collection. Fortunately, I still have an old iPad that I use to run iOS 8. I hadn't touched the Music app since before my subscription expired. My iCloud Music Library was split in half -- I could still play music on my old iPad, but they wouldn't sync.

iTunes on my Mac reported that there was no music and that it seemed to be syncing with my iPhone. I created my playlists and shared them with myself. However, I cannot edit the originals in my new Library despite my name being next to them. They had to be duplicated in iTunes and then re-shared with friends.

What did I learn?

  • You should be careful if your Apple Music collection is going to expire. One Redditor believes Apple maintains a backup for 30 days after membership ends, but I cannot confirm this.
  • Spotify, this is not. I have an old Spotify account, which I created when the service first launched. My Library is still intact, despite not being logged in for many years.
  • iCloud is still sketchy. Make a back of the iCloud Music Library.
  • Sometimes it is a good idea not to update your iPad.

How to restore your Apple Music Library

You might not be able to access an older device with outdated software if you have lost your Apple Music subscription. These are some things that I came up with when in panic.

  • For a copy of your "old library," make sure you check all devices such as a Mac or Windows computer with iTunes. It will likely be necessary to copy the file manually. You might also want to disable your Internet connection to prevent unwanted updates.
  • To force a refresh on the affected devices, try toggling the iCloud Music Library in Settings > Music.

Restore Lost iTunes Library the EASY Way, Source: Youtube, RecoverFilesNow

  • Ask your friends to share any playlists you've shared with them. They can either ask for a URL to the playlist or find it under the "Share" button on iOS devices. It worked great for me as I selected all songs using a quick command+a and then dragged them into new playlists. Make sure to add new links to your playlist replacements!
  • Check your Account settings to see if everything has disappeared. Apple Music automatically follows every artist you add to your Library. Any songs added to playlists will be added to your Library. These settings may not have been altered. You might have a list of all artists you've added to your Library or a playlist. This could help you find albums and songs.
  • Contact Apple! I tried to contact Apple, but it was too late. To find out if they can help, go to Apple support.

Backup Your iCloud Music Library

Spotify, Netflix, Apple Music, and Apple Music may remove content without notice. There is one way to back up your Library with a third-party tool.

Allows you to migrate music between different services, including Apple Music. It will enable you to export your Library as an a.CSV file (comma-separated value). It is also possible to restore your Library to a.CSV file. This is something you may need if things go wrong. This task will require you to download the Windows or Mac version (EUR8.99) rather than the mobile one.

Your Library will be more secure if you regularly back it up. These.CSV files don't take up much space as they are only text (no music is backed-up, but instructions for STAMP so that it can find the songs in the future). It costs only once to purchase STAMP. If you decide to move to Spotify or Google Music, you can also use it.


If you are happy with your Library and want to learn more, check out these Apple Music tips for your iPhone.

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