Application Store Optimization of Product Pages Enhancing Your App Through Experimentation

With the introduction of App Store Product Page Optimization and In-App Events, the ASO game has been drastically altered. If you've been involved in the field of ASO and UAM Manager or are in the area of mobile marketing, you'll require these new features to stay current with your competition. Also, you now have fantastic opportunities to boost your app's popularity through catering to the correct people with the right resources. This is a long-awaited feature on the App Store that has been in Google Play for some time (also called listing experiments).

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The importance of creative Optimization in ASO

Although optimizing your keywords is what is first thought of when discussing ASO creative optimization, the terms creative optimization and conversion optimization are equally crucial to achieving your goals for growth. Once you've reached your desired market with your keywords, converting them into long-term users is a challenging and continuous process.

The app icon alone is a significant factor, and the median conversion rate of icon optimization is 18% for the Apple App Store and 11% for the Google Play Store. For images, the median CVR rise is 28% on the App Store and 13% for Google Play Store, according to Storemaven's study.

App Store Optimization: What is ASO and Why is it Important?, Source: Youtube, Mobile Action

Your creativity could determine whether it comes to a user choosing to download your app or not. Therefore, knowing your target users and meeting their needs and desires is essential in gaining new users.

If you can rank in any particular keyword, anyone who searches for the phrase might come across your application. If they decide to download your app simultaneously, your chance to rank higher for that particular keyword will rise due to an increase in your conversion and Tap-Through rates. In this manner, your creative designs can impact your rankings for keywords, too, and should be developed in a noticeable way to the person using them.

Your screenshots must also accurately show the experience within the app and your primary values to the user. This can also aid in keeping your customers down the line. In the same way, the icon for your app should be distinctive and memorable to keep attention. ASO efforts shouldn't be solely about acquiring customers and increasing exposure but also conveying your brand's positioning and unique value propositions. This is why your product page is your primary asset.

Optimizing Product Pages (PPO)

App Store Product Page Optimization is a brand latest feature released by Apple that lets you test A/B your page design natively on the App Store. It's now possible to try up to three different methods against the default page, where you'll be able to select various app icons and screenshots and video previews for every option according to segmented users.

Titles, subtitles, and descriptions are not included in these tests. In each test, you can decide the percentage of traffic—for instance, 70% control, 10 percent for each of the three treatments.

Please note that the traffic that comes towards Your App store product Page Optimization efforts will only come via organic channels, like browsing, search results, and the today or Apps tabs within the App Store.

Optimizing Product Pages For eCommerce, Source: Youtube, Supplier Community

All creative assets that need to be evaluated will be submitted to the Apple review process, but this does not require an update other than the icon change for the app. Additionally, you will be able to run every PPO test with a specific localization, meaning that you will have different tests for different nations. The only drawback with PPO is that every new version of your application can cause a pause in the ongoing trials.

It is possible to monitor metrics like impressions, conversions and downloads directly via App Store Connect for monitoring purposes. This can play an important impact in comparing the performance of different methods before selecting the most successful one. The test can be run until 90 days. This allows you to know your group's preferences, backed by information. Be aware that just iOS 15 users will be allowed to participate in your research, so when adoption rates rise, the feature will likely gain more traction.

The importance of A/B Testing and How to Utilize PPO

As mentioned above, we finally have the opportunity to test A/B pages for products using the native iOS platform using the new features available in iOS 15. A/B testing lets you determine what motivates users to download your application and how your creative designs impact the decision-making process. 

With the capability to evaluate your assets for creativity, you'll be able to identify the top creative sets that have the highest outcomes, which could, in turn, influence the overall performance of your business. Like all aspects that are part of an ASO process, creative optimization is not a one-time do it once and forget it exercises. You'll need to keep trying new strategies and repeatedly re-testing them to meet your objectives.

While you can test all of your creative assets simultaneously, it's advised to try just one thing at a time. For instance, if you test both the screenshot and the icon for your app all at once, you'll not be able to understand the root cause behind the test results. We recommend you read the iOS 15 Guide to User Acquisition for more information on metadata optimization.

PPO - Production test / Well test validation using PROSPER (Good data) - Part 1 of 3, Source: Youtube, Zamrud Zainal 

If you've got an app with multiple features, You might want to begin by presenting three kinds of different screenshots that highlight all of the features you provide. This way, you'll know how to improve your page for sales and learn the quality that you provide most appealing for the customer.

Once you've found your winner, you may consider testing your app's icon (this feature is not currently accessible). It is also possible to alter your strategy for keywords in light of these results since you'll know what your prospective customers will be drawn to. Instead of formulating your theories based on preconceived notions, you can use the creative assets hub and immediately see how the best players within your industry alter and improve their pages for their products.

Creative Resources of the top Health and Fitness apps across the US.

In determining the allocation of traffic for the test, look at the actual conversion ratio, your theory, and the significance of the difficulty in terms of statistical value that is currently at 90 percent.

Also, you should run the test for at least seven days. Completing your tests could take a more extended amount of time based on organic traffic.

What impact does this have on ASO?

As previously mentioned, App Store Optimization is not just about optimizing keywords; however, it also includes conversion optimization. When you design the perfect page for your product, you will connect with your audience via the most effective appeal. The more people install your application, no matter if they came across your app in your category or through a keyword search and it will all help your organic marketing efforts by increasing your exposure.

This feature could be utilized for advertising on seasonal occasions. It is possible to test various tools for events or special days and determine if they affect your app's conversion rate. For instance, shopping apps can alter their creative assets to Black Friday and emphasize the discounts they'll be offering.

How Much Impact Will ASO Have?, Source: Youtube, App Masters

Furthermore, you can determine which aspects of your application are most popular with your users by monitoring the shifts in your conversion rate. This is where you can utilize the information you collect from the pages of your customized products and vice versa to help improve your overall strategy for acquiring users.

The greater your visibility, as a result, the better your rankings for keywords have the potential to be. Suppose the user is directly sourced via a search engine. In that case, this directly affects the position you are ranked for the keyword and, consequently, any other keywords that could be relevant or deemed relevant in the search algorithm.


Naturally, ASO doesn't have the potential for scaling offered by the creative advertising method and Apple Search Ads. However, you must ensure that you have a well-constructed organic strategy to maximize your advertising efforts across other ways.

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