Are all Social Media Platforms Being the Similar?

If other social media platforms offer similar features, what makes them distinct from one another? Are these new features beneficial to their users? There are numerous social media websites to use, and our smartphones are brimming with applications. You cannot delete applications since each serves one specific function, and you shouldn't be able to part with them. When a brand new digital platform for social networking was launched, there was no one similar to it available. It stood out among the others, was a solution to a need, and provided distinct features. Does that persist? The lines that once marked the distinct social media websites blur. It begs the question: have all social media websites transformed into one thing? Let's explore.

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Does require Social Media Platforms to Stick to Their Lanes?

TikTok is a platform for short-form videos, YouTube for long, Instagram for uploading pictures, Twitter for written posts, and Snapchat for content that doesn't last 24 hours.

It's the way it was at one time.

Social Media Marketing: What Platforms Should Your Business Use?, Source: Youtube, Dan Lok 

The lines that separate the platforms are blurring to the point where one social media platform has features that mix with two other venues.

The two platforms compete and attempt to convince users to remain on their media instead of switching. The companies that run the platforms want. But what do the users like?

Are users looking for an app that covers Everything? Is that something they need to endure while using their preferred apps?

A Unique Feature? It's Not for Long

Things change, develop and change with changes in the. Social media is not an exception. Platforms that started as one thing are now an unbalanced act for many.

If an emerging social network is popping up or existing ones are in place, pay attention. The most innovative and new features are scrutinized and copied. Consider Instagram as an example.

When Instagram came onto the scene, it occupied just one area in the marketplace. It was the perfect platform to post photos.

SOCIAL MEDIA ,TYPES, FEATURES and USES/ 6 Major social media platforms explained, Source: Youtube, THE MIND GYM

As time passed, the site began to provide features attributed to other social network websites that followed it. In the beginning, Instagram included Stories, and it was the company's reaction to the growing popularity of Snapchat. After that, it added Reels to rival TikTok.

Do people use Instagram to do these things, or are they simply looking for photos?

Do users request to include features usually found on other social media platforms? Hardly. For one thing, 50% or more of the Instagram Reels bear the TikTok logo because they are reposts of the other forum.

The question is: do you plan to remove TikTok and Snapchat instead of retaining Instagram because it has similar features to the two other apps?

Every Social Media Application Is the Same

Once a certain point is reached, all platforms begin to feel identical.

Integration of features by taking them from other platforms eventually leads to these systems copying one another, making it feel repetitive.

In the past, each application had a distinct and distinct purpose today; the apps appear to be heading to the same place, providing the same features.

Every Social Media Website Described in 10 Words or Less, Source: Youtube, TheTekkitRealm 

Suppose a brand new social media application comes onto the scene and gains popularity with its users. In that case, the other established platforms begin to copy its unique features. When one of these based websites decides to experiment with something new and succeeds similarly, it's the same.

When does the authenticity cease to matter because it will not be unique for many years?

Does anyone want to use five different apps to accomplish the same thing on their phones?

Social Media Applications Drive Change, but is it a coveted one?

It's risky when an app chooses to incorporate features from another app to increase the number of users. Does it work? Will it fail? Or will it cause decreased engagement? This question is fundamental in the case of a change that no one requested initially.

TikTok provides short-form content. This is where it excels with its sketch-style videos, which are brief as well as sped-up videos, stunts, dances, and more. The emphasis is on the short.

Nobody uses TikTok to watch long-form videos. That's why YouTube is made for in the end, after all.

TikTok allowed users to post videos lasting between 15 and 30 seconds in its beginning days. The duration then increased until it was one minute long, then three minutes, and has now extended to 10 minutes. Have you ever seen a request for ten-minute films on TikTok? If it's a yes, or no, users will need to navigate through the app with its latest feature.

5 Crazy Ways Social Media Is Changing Your Brain Right Now, Source: Youtube, AsapSCIENCE 

It's been widely reported that you can go through seven hours browsing through the app while watching ten-second long clips and not even realize the length of time it's taken.

But, if you want to be on TikTok watching short content, you'll need to watch the long-form videos scattered throughout your account. If you come across the video on TikTok that grabs your attention and you believe it's a one-minute video, however, it turns at nine minutes, Do you want to keep watching? Do you want to keep watching or quit the application, feeling betrayed to watch such a long video?

If the changes are designed to benefit users, what will this change do to help those who use TikTok? Are the ones comfortable with (and would prefer) short clips to the longer ones?

The only thing you require is a single app that does Everything?

Social media applications began as user-friendly, intuitive platforms with a handful of benefits that enticed you to continue using them. Today, every app is believed to be a jack of many trades. The companies behind these apps believe.

Apps seem to think they have to provide Everything, each feature you can find in other apps. And, why? People wish to have a single application that combines all the other apps. Naturally!

A program that allows you to publish short-form and long-form TikTok-like content. It also lets you write posts similar to Twitter and Facebook images identical to those on Instagram Snapchat and Snapchat-like content that disappears.

But is it the case? Do you need an all-in-one social media application?

The App That Does Everything... Poorly!, Source: Youtube, CollegeHumor 

Could you completely delete the other social media applications and allow only one app to be the sole ruler if such an entity existed? Or, would you have seven different social media apps that do the same thing?

It's safest to say that we've reached a point where too many options are available in one social media application. Each app bounces against each other and duplicates their most well-known attributes; however, what purpose?

It's not so much because users ask for it. If anything, uninvited changes tend to displease users rather than draw them into.


When social media platforms launch "new" features which are in reality the same as other platforms' successful features, They're not doing it to the benefit of their existing users.

It's a simple attempt to bring in new users. It doesn't seem to care about the core group of users who are already on the app, which is tragic in and of itself.

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Hope this article is helpful to you, thanks for reading.