ASO guide for mobile app ( ASO Part 1)

App Store Optimization, commonly known as ASO or App Store SEO, can be described as basically improving your app visibility in an app store like Apple play store, Google Play Store, or iTunes so that they can rank high in particular app store search results.

Apart from ranking high, ASO also improves your brand exposure, focuses on click-through rate, and is another way to diversify your marketing strategy.

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Why is it important?

• ASO improves the visibility of your application and makes it stand out in the App store.

App store optimization is vital as it increases the number of downloads and loyal app users. Making your application discoverable to its potential users is the very first step of maximizing downloads.

App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization, Source:

Users who have downloaded an application will spend more time on it than they will spend on a website.

• It saves your application from being removed from the App store.

Prioritizing the ASO is also essential because it keeps your application safe from being removed from the App store during a cleanup of those dead, low-quality applications.

5 star rating5-star rating, Source:

This is because the app stores strive to offer the best to their clients, so they would only feature applications that function well and possess high ratings.

• ASO increases the chances of your app being seen internationally

An application that is well optimized in the App store has a broader reach and can get to international users quickly than one that is not optimized.

• It enables your application to get discovered by relevant and high-quality users.

Your application just being visible is not good enough; it has to be seen by the right users searching for such an application. ASO makes your app discoverable by the right users as it matches the application to relevant keywords during searches.

 • ASO saves you money by lowering user acquisition cost

Optimized applications save a lot of money which could otherwise be used in an advertisement by focusing on organic growth.

How to get started with ASO

App store optimization shares some similarities to SEO, just like various search engines such as google use a given algorithm to rank websites; the app stores also have their algorithm used in ranking applications. The applications are ranked based on reviews, quality, downloads, engagements, and age. For instance, an application with a 5-star rating and many downloads will have high rankings compared to one with lower ratings and downloads. Here are some main factors that you can utilize to make App rank.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is very vital when optimizing your application for higher rankings. Similar to SEO, Keyword research should be your top priority when aiming for higher rankings with the use of ASO.

aso strategy should start with keyword research

ASO strategy should start with keyword research, Source:

You will need to use keyword research to ensure that your targeting keywords are relevant and suitable for your audience. Your potential users will find your app by using these keywords. These keywords can be included in the:

• App title

• App name

• App description

• Subtitle

 Different App stores in different ways, so you should know how it works on the particular App store you are using.

Optimize Title and Description

The title and description of an application create its first impression online; it will draw users to your application. Therefore it is imperative to include keywords in your title. The keywords are not enough on their own; you should put in mind that you are trying to attract people to download your application when writing your description, and therefore it should be crafted in a very compelling manner.

the importance of keyword title

The importance of keyword title with app ranking, Source: MobiledevHQ

 Since most users don't read the full description, you should maximize on making it very informative and attractive on the first three lines. Instead of focusing on keywords, focus on explaining the Application features and benefits; after all, the app store algorithm doesn't consider the description.

Optimize Your Icon and Screenshots

Your application Icon should be very appealing and stand out; this is because it is the icon that the user will notice first when looking for search results.

Optimize Icon and Screenshots

Optimize Your Icon and Screenshots, game: Plant vs Zoombies: Source:

Though the App screenshot does not impact ASO, it is essential to incorporate it because it can help in increasing the number of downloads. It gives a user a general idea of what your application entails by just looking at it.

Ensure Regular Updates and Testing

App stores take note and reward developers who regularly update their applications and keep their content fresh. Therefore, it is imperative to make some edits to your App listings now and then because this will boost your ASO.

update appEnsure Regular Updates and Testing, Source: Internet

 Also, take time to respond to users' reviews and update your description during software updates.

Promotion and Offsite ASO

Optimizing your listings on the App store is onsite optimization; offsite ASO is done away from the App store on such things as a website. It would be best to create quality links that will lead to your app store from your social media or website. This will increase the number of reviews, app downloads, and ratings.

How to measure your App store optimization success

After making some ASO efforts, of course, you would want to know if what you are doing is working or not. There are a number of performance indicators that you can be tracking to find out if your ASO efforts are bearing fruits.

• Downloads: Your app download rate should at least increase as your ASO progresses. Developers should keep a close eye on downloads to ensure they are growing with time.

• Keyword ranking: After identifying the keywords you would like to target, you should keep track of changes in your app ranking in the various app stores. Record your position and then be checking it periodically to find out if there is an improvement in your rankings.

How to measure the success of your appHow to measure the success of  your app, Source: Internet

• Conversion rate: ASO can help you improve your conversion rate. The conversion rate is the number of people who downloaded your application from the listing. You should check if you are getting more downloads on the same amount of traffic compared to before.

• Impression rate: This refers to the total number of times that your application has appeared in every search result for all questions. This tool is vital as it gives an insight into whether you are ranking on the keywords that aren't even your target. An increase or reduction of these impressions should be an eye-opener for further investigations.

 Tracking some of these KPIs can be more straightforward as opposed to tracking others. That is why there are tools used purely for tracking to make these easier. It is important to start monitoring as soon as you launch your application, as this will enable you to know whether your ASO strategy is performing or not.

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