Best 11 ASO Tools to help in Improving the App Store's Ranking

This list should assist you in selecting the application store optimization tool that meets your requirements and budget.

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AppFollow provides developers with all the tools required to ensure natural user growth. Their clients include HBO, Zynga, JamCity, Disney, Comcast, Sony, Yahoo, Vevo, Autodesk, Hubspot, Flo, and many more.

AppFollow claims that it can boost weekly impressions five times over it can, increase the number of organic installations by as high as 490 percent, and boost conversion rates by 11% per year on average.

This is what you can accomplish using the ASO tool.

With AppFollow, the app allows you to monitor the most critical KPIs such as downloads, conversion rate, and changes in the position of keywords. Furthermore, you can get average conversion rates data by app category and countries on an annual basis.

AppFollow Webinar For New Users, Source: Youtube, AppFollow

Through Top Chart Rankings, you will be able to see the games and apps that are most popular in Google Play and Apple's App Store. Additionally, you can study the app store strategies of your competition. Optimization strategies.

In terms of keywords when it comes to keywords, using AppFollow, you can find the keywords that are relevant to your application. Additionally, you can automate translation which is extremely useful to localize your app. In addition, you can monitor the most-searched-for search terms and determine their scores for difficulty.

App Radar

Another major one among ASO instruments is App Radar. The most popular clients include iTranslate, Arise, Kolibri,, Meister, and Mixvibes.

The App Radar Channel, Source: Youtube, App Radar

As you know, the key to optimizing your app store is based on using relevant keywords and will attract top-quality users. Through App Radar, you'll be able to quickly find the best keywords to use in your mobile app or game. You can also check out the phrases your apps are ranked for and evaluate them against your competition.

For instance, App Radar will show you whether you outrank your competitors. In addition, you can reverse engineer the strategy behind their keywords and determine whether they're featured as a result on Google Play or App Store.

Split Metrics

Split Metrics is an excellent ASO tool for increasing organic traffic and lowering acquisition costs. It is employed by many companies such as Lab Cave, Zimad, Lovoo, Verv, Wallapop, Yandex, Mytona, and Fruit Ninja.

Split Metrics Overview, Source: Youtube, Split

The best thing about Split Metrics is that it lets you learn exactly how customers interact with your store's app page. For instance, you could observe how long they spend watching your promotional video or if they browse through images (heatmaps). This will provide you with more understanding of user behavior and the components of your store's page, resulting in the highest number of conversions.


TheTool is a performance-based ASO tool with Pixonic, Ten Square Games, and Privalia.

Through ASO Score, you can evaluate the extent to which your app is optimized.

TheTool & App Radar: One single ASO Tool, Source: Youtube, TheTool & App Radar: One single ASO Tool

Keyword research is easy and quick using TheTool. It can help improve its visibility for your application. For instance, you can find keywords suggestions and analyze the traffic and difficulty of every keyword. Also, you can conduct a study on competitors and get insights into how they use their ASO strategy.


If you are looking to boost the number of people who use apps, Storemaven is a great tool to use. It's trusted by major businesses such as Yahoo, Electronic Arts, Zynga, Warner Brothers, Kabam, Postmates, HBO, TikTok, and Uber.

What's amazing the best thing about Storemaven is that the company uses a highly scientific approach to organic acquisition. The Test Platform for App Stores will guide users through creating A/B tests. Forming a strategy hypothesis creates different variations that improve test performance and analyze the outcomes.

StoreMaven, Source: Youtube, Storemaven

In addition, With the Storemaven ASO Tool Box, it is possible to conduct a thorough research about your competition.

Through their method, Storemaven claims to boost conversion rates by 24 percent, decrease user acquisition costs by 57%, and re-engage 34% of their users.


Checkaso is an ASO tool that provides solutions for indie developers, publishers, agencies, and game developers.

For a start, you can determine if your game or app is optimized for storefronts by using the ASO index from Checkaso. After that, you will receive customized suggestions to help you enhance your ASO strategy.

Checkaso ASO Analysis: Keywords Analysis, Source: Youtube, Checkaso

Another advantage of the Checkaso service is that it comes with receiving the keyword starter pack and automated keyword suggestions. You can either add keywords manually or by using a computerized system.

Check also allows you to track the app's ranking and provide keyword analysis.


ASOdesk is an outstanding ASO tool that comes with lots of features that are useful. It is utilized by Split Metrics, Abbyy, Yandex, Zephyr, Mamba, Playkot, Appyfurious, Verv, and Kaspersky.

This is what ASOdesk can assist you with.

Гид по новому ASOdesk, Source: Youtube, Asodesk

You can determine the keywords users use when searching for your application in app stores. Additionally, you'll be able to see what keywords your competitors are ranked for. In addition, ASOdesk will identify keywords with low competition, i.e., keywords that are easy to be ranked for.

Last but not least, ASOdesk will help you evaluate the effectiveness of your store's improvement strategy. This is done using App Store Connect provides data and includes measures like Impressions, Downloads, Product Page Views, and Conversion Rates for each device and country.


Gummicube HTML0 is an additional great ASO tool. It can help you increase your store's visibility by allowing you to rank for the appropriate keywords. Gummicube is used by many companies such as Home Advisor, Stubhub, Nexon, NBC Universal, Lime, Zynga, CNBC, Scopely, and CyberLink.

Gummicube ASO on the Go - App Store Screenshots, Source: Youtube, Gummicube

You are utilizing Gummicube's algorithms and data that can help you improve every aspect of optimization for your app stores, such as app title, keywords such as the description of the app, logo, screenshots of apps, and ratings as reviews.

Find the most effective keyword phrases optimize all creative assets to increase conversions in addition to conducting A/B tests. In addition, you can receive feedback from actual users via surveys and focus groups.

Mobile Action

Mobile Action's ASO tool is equipped with the same features as the 4th of our picks, Sensor Tower. The tool promises to supply all the necessary parts to increase the visibility of apps and increase conversion rates.

Here's what it can offer to applications to accomplish this.

Android App Keyword Research (Mobile Action) Increase Organic Installs (Hindi) | ASO - Part 3, Source: Youtube, Team Bano Studio

It is a broad toolset that lets you do a deep dive into keywords research. It has an extensive keyword database that helps you hunt potential keywords. The keywords are collected from multiple sources such as your competitors' keywords, the description of your app, and those that are likely to result in downloads.

After finding keywords, it's time to test and optimize.

Mobile Action is going big on information about competitors. Its Keyword Suggestion feature allows you to view the keywords of competitors you aren't ranking for. The next step of competition analysis is to use its Keyword Spy. Utilizing this tool, you will determine the most effective keywords for your competitors. This lets you duplicate the keywords. This means you can get some ideas.


Kumulos offers one of the all-in-one mobile applications for managing your content. It provides analytics and content management, the ASO platform, push notification, and more, all in one location. It also offers mobile backends as part of a service module.

App Store Optimization | Kumulos Source: Youtube, Kumulos

Kumulos' ASO tool allows users to gauge customers' sentiment through an overview of ratings and reviews. The ratings and reviews are specific to a particular country, making the information even more precise.

Furthermore, it provides its users the capability to analyze competitor apps for ideas on improving their presence in the app stores. Publishers can track their progress on each App Store and the Google Play store, all in one location.


We'd like you to share your thoughts regarding which ASO instrument you consider to be the most effective? Did I miss any? Comment below.

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