Best Linux Software and Apps

You have made the switch to Linux from Windows or Mac. You have chosen a Linux distro and settled on a Linux desktop environment. You are now looking for apps to install. Maybe you are a veteran Linux user looking for new applications. You've reached the right place.

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Mozilla's Quantum update has given Firefox users reason to re-visit Firefox. Linux users may especially be pleased to see client-side decorations. This makes Firefox more comfortable in desktop environments like GNOME or Elementary OS Pantheon. Mozilla provides privacy options that aren't available with Chrome. This is one reason to use Firefox.

Why Firefox is the best browser in terms of privacy and how to configure things properly (see changelog), Source: Youtube, Sun Knudsen

Firefox is not only open-source, but it's also the best Linux browser.


Chrome is the current king of the hill. Chromebook is so powerful; you can use it to do all your computing without the need for any additional apps. Linux has all of these capabilities. Chrome must be downloaded from Google's site, but Chromium can be downloaded directly from many Linux repos.


Opera is not open-source, but it is free. The web browser won't be found in your distro's repos, but you can find DEBs or RPMs on the website. Opera isn't as popular as Chrome and Firefox, but it's still the most widely used browser that you can install on your Linux computer.

Opera vs Vivaldi vs Brave | The Web Browser Comparison, Source: Youtube, Chris Titus Tech 

Opera is constantly looking for ways to distinguish itself. The latest version includes an integrated ad blocker and a VPN (also see these free VPN solutions).

Web (Epiphany) Browser

There aren't many browsers that have been specifically designed for Linux. GNOME Web browser (also known as Epiphany) is one of the oldest. GNOME Shell's best integration is found in the later versions. Although it lacks add-ons found in most mainstream browsers, some users will appreciate the simplicity, speed, and tab isolation that prevents one site from crashing the browser, all the while avoiding the possibility of it being hacked by the rest.


Claws Mail

Claws Mail is an excellent choice for lightweight apps that don't have many dependencies. Thanks to this, it is compatible with lean desktops like XFCE or LXDE. You can retain most of the functionality you want with a long list of features.

Set up your email with Claws, Source: Youtube, We All Love Raspberry Pi

Thunderbird is our favorite email client for Linux. However, there are many other options.


GnuCash, as the name suggests, is part of the GNU Project. It is a free, open-source replacement to Intuit Quicken. This app can handle small- and large-scale accounting. It can import multiple formats, keep track of your stocks and present your information as reports and graphs.


Pidgin, a cross-platform instant messaging platform that has been around since the 1970s and attracted millions of users, is now a well-known brand.

How to Use Pidgin, Source: Youtube, SourceForge

Pidgin received a perfect score from the Electronic Frontier Foundation in its summer 2015 secure messaging scorecard. This means that you don't have to have many friends to install this app.

GNOME Tweak Tool

GNOME's simplicity is not a disadvantage, but the desktop can be customized. You can modify many aspects of your computer's interface by using the right combination of extensions and other apps. GNOME Tweak tool is one example of such an app. You can toggle extensions or change fonts. This is where you should be.


Linux does not require the same level of system maintenance as Windows, but it is possible to powerwash parts of our computers from time to time. BleachBit can do this.

How To Use Bleachbit To Clean Windows 10 | Remove Garbage Data & Clean Your PC | Test & Review, Source: Youtube, Full Speed Mac & PC

This tool secures the deletion of files and "cleanses" a large number of applications.


Krita, a digital painting program for Linux that allows you to use a stylus and is easy to use, is the best choice. Although this program can edit images technically, it is best suited to help you transform a blank canvas into art. You have a wide range of brush styles available to you, so it's easy to modify them or create your own. The interface is simple to use, despite all of the functionality.


Are you ready to take things seriously? Lightworks is the most popular Linux desktop video editor. Many Hollywood productions have used this app to create feature films.

Lightworks - A Beginner's Guide in 10 MINUTES! [ COMPLETE ], Source: Youtube, Skills Factory 

There is a price, however. Lightworks Pro will set you back hundreds of dollars. The free version of Lightworks has all the same tools as the pro version, provided you are comfortable exporting to MPEG-4 at 780p.


Rhythmbox is a classic. You're familiar with iTunes and how to use it. Listen to podcasts and access your library. You can also download music from the Creative Commons online shops. The app hasn't seen much change in the last decade, but it still gets done.


These most popular Linux app launchers are a great source of additional ideas. Many other apps could be added to this list, and we plan to continue to add them in the future. You can still add more apps to this list, so let us know your favorites by commenting below. Many other apps do this. You can open your Linux app store or visit Flathub and look around.

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