Change Your iPhone's Default Browser

Safari may not be the best option for your iPhone. These are some tips to improve your iPhone's experience with Safari. These are the steps to change your default browser on your iPhone. If your phone supports it, you can change your default browser to open URLs or web-based files. These are the steps to set your default browser on your iPhone.

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Change the default browser for iPhone

It would help if you had the following prerequisites to change the default browser on your iPhone or iPad.

  • Make sure your device runs iOS 14, iPad 14, and later versions of iOS.
  • Check if your browser app works with iOS and iPad.
  • Download the app that you like from App Store.

These steps will change your default browser.

  • Scroll down and select Settings. You will find your browser app.
  • Click on the browser app and then click on Default Browser App.
  • Select the browser you want to use.

How To Change The Default Browser On iOS 14 - From Safari to Chrome, Source: Youtube, Shevon Salmon 

You don't need to delete Safari to make another browser your default browser. You can always return to Safari by following the steps above.

After you have decided that the browser app is no longer necessary, you can delete it from your phone. The default browser for your phone is Safari.

Safari must be reinstalled if it is not installed.

What should you do to change your default browser for iPhone?

Many people have switched to other iOS browsing apps since the iOS 14 update. Many reasons exist for this, mainly due to Safari's user-friendliness and many other features.

How to Change iPhone Default Browser - iOS 14, Source: Youtube, Apple Fox

These are just some reasons people switch to another browser than Safari.

  • CVE details reported that Safari has many security flaws, including address bar spoofing.
  • Safari does not offer the same customization options as other browsers.
  • Safari doesn't provide an opportunity for you to delete cookies when you close the browser.
  • Safari doesn't have a restore-session function.


It's easy to set your default browser on the iPhone. Switch to a different browser to enjoy more features.

This guide will show you how to switch back to Safari whenever and wherever you want.

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