Essential Safari iOS Tips and Tricks for iPhone Users

Surprisingly, Safari on iOS has many practical actions that can be hidden behind gestures, long presses, and 3D Touch. You will find many practical actions in Safari iOS hidden behind gestures and 3D Touch. Although I like the browser's UI, I find it simple, sharp, and easy to use. However, this can lead to less discoverability. I don't care if you're new or experienced with Safari; you'll find something valuable and new on this list.

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1. Long Press Buttons

The bottom toolbars, except the Share button, have some long-press options.

If you have enabled this feature, long-pressing the bookmark icon will allow you to quickly add the page to your bookmarks or send it to the Reader or Shared links.

SwiftUI Gestures (Long Press, Drag, Tap) - Xcode 12, 2021, iOS Development, iOS Academy

Tab switcher actions can be even more helpful. They allow you to create new tabs or close all charges currently open quickly.

To see a complete list of pages to which you can return/forward, long-press the forward or back buttons.

2. Look for Tabs

Safari 10 allows you to open unlimited tabs in Safari. Safari now has over 100 tabs open. This makes it difficult to find old Safari tabs. There is a way to search all available accounts, but it's not visible.

Tap the tab switcher button to see a list of all tabs. Turn your phone landscape. If Portrait Lock is enabled, you will need to disable it in Control Center. The search bar will be in the top-left.

3. Modify and Use Reader Mode

I don't use a reading list because there are better alternatives (Pocket, Instapaper), but Safari's reader mode is an entirely different beast. Tap the URL bar's left edge button to transform a chaotic page into a well-structured, minimally formatted page.

How to Customize Safari Reader Mode Settings in iOS 15 on iPhone and iPad, Source: Youtube, 360 Reader

With the Aa buttons, you can choose from different fonts, text sizes, and night modes. This is an excellent way for you to read web content at night.

5. Request Desktop Site

This is a great way to use your iPad Pro, especially if you have a large one. Just tap and hold on to the Reload to request a desktop website for the page you are visiting. In the options menu, you'll see a Request Desktop Site button.

You can also reload your site without content blockers using content-blocking software. 

6. Search Text on Page

You'll need to do the Ctrl+F dance when looking up something in Wikipedia. This feature is also available in Safari. There are several ways to access it.

How to Search for Text on Safari Webpage on iPhone and iPad, Source: Youtube, 360 Reader

Tap on the URL bar to type what you want -- below your history and suggested sites, you'll see an option for Here

7. Split screen on iPad

Safari 10 lets you view two pages simultaneously. There are a few ways to get started.

Tap and hold a tab until a black bar appears. Drop the bill, and Split View will open.

You can also long-press on a link to tap Open In Split View.

To start a split-screen, tap and hold the Reload key and select Open Split view.

8. Save a page as a PDF

Sometimes, you may need an offline copy of a website page. One of the easiest ways is to create a PDF right from Safari.

Scroll down to the middle row, tap on the Share button, and find Save PDF To iBooks. It isn't easy to share the PDF with other apps once stored in iBooks.

How to Save Webpages as PDF On Your iPhone/iPad, Source: Youtube, iGeeksBlog

iOS 10 offers another way to export the page to PDF.

Select Print from the bottom row. Here is a preview of this page. 3D Touch once to access the floating Peek view, and 3D Touch again to open the PDF view. 

From here, click on the share button. A list of apps that allow PDF import will appear. You'll also see the option to save the PDF to Dropbox (or iCloud Drive) if you have enabled it.


The iOS counterpart does not support browser extensions, unlike Safari on the Mac. iOS 8 allows apps to bundle extensions into the Share sheet system. You can do many exciting things as long as the app is installed and the extension is enabled. Saving a page to Notes, Running a workflow with the Workflow app, and many other things.

What are your top Safari tips and tricks? We are looking to hear your top tips and tricks for Safari.

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