Face ID with a Mask for iPhone 12 and iPhone 13

Apple finally allows you to unlock your iPhone using Face ID without the need for an Apple Watch. Face ID works almost magically in perfect conditions. It can be frustrating to use when it fails. Face ID was severely restricted by the COVID-19 pandemic, which made it impossible to use with masks. Apple finally solved this problem with iOS 15.4's new feature: Face ID using a show. This is how to set up Face ID, which works even if you're wearing a mask.

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iOS 15.4 introduces Face ID with a Mask

Apple introduced Unlock for Apple Watch to allow Face ID to work even if your Face is partially covered. The feature was available only to iPhone owners who had an Apple Watch.

Face ID With a Mask is Perfect Now (iOS 15.4), Source: Youtube, MacRumors 

Apple's iOS 15.4 introduced Face ID with a mask option for iPhone 12/13 users. It works exactly like its name. Even if you have a mask, your iPhone will still recognize your Face.

Face ID with a mask is only available on the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 series. This feature does not work on older iPads or iPhones.

How to set up and use Face ID with a mask on your iPhone

Face ID with a mask is one of the latest features of iOS 15.4. Your iPhone must have the most recent update to benefit from this enhancement.

Follow these steps after you have updated:

How to Setup and Unlock Face ID with Mask on iPhone?, Source: Youtube, dailytut

Navigate to Settings > Passcode. For authentication purposes, enter the passcode of your iPhone.

Scroll down to enable the Facial ID with a Mask option.

Select Use FaceID with a Mask option. When setting up Face ID, scan your Face as you did the first time. This doesn't require you to wear a mask.

While setting up Face ID with the MaskMask, you don't have to wear a mask.

Wear glasses if you use a mask or wear glasses every day. If you need to create an alternative appearance, you can use up to four pairs of glasses.

To set up Face ID with regular or sunglasses glasses, you can tap the Add Glasses button in Face ID and Passcode. Face ID won't authorize you if you wear a mask because it doesn't work with sunglasses. It only works with regular prescription glasses.

Unlock iPhone with Face Mask without Apple Watch! (Face ID with a Mask Setup), Source: Youtube, SimplyPops 

Face ID with a mask works by scanning your eyes' area to find unique characteristics. The authentication system won't recognize you if your MaskMask partially covers your eyes. It would help if you also looked directly at your iPhone's display when unlocking it. If you look elsewhere, your device will not open.

A mask and Face ID can be used to unlock locked applications and authenticate Apple Pay transactions. It is an excellent alternative to the Apple Watch. You can use Face ID and Unlock with Apple Watch simultaneously. Face ID with a Mask Solves a Major iPhone Problem.

Apple solved a significant problem with its biometric authentication system by allowing Face ID to work with masks. Face scanning and fingerprint scanning technology are not available on Android devices.


Most iPhones only have Face ID. This made it frustrating that they wouldn't work with masks. iOS 15.4 finally resolves this issue. You can now use your iPhone happily while wearing a mask.

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