Four Simple Ways to Share your Location with Android Apps

You need to share your location with trusted friends or in a group chat. These Android apps will show you where you are. You want to share your location with your family and friends so they can keep track of where you are. You can do this by using location sharing on your Android phone. Using location sharing, you can share your device's current location with selected people. The recipient can view your current location on a map that updates automatically as you move. This location-sharing is helpful in many situations. Let's look at some popular ways to share your Location with your Android device.

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1. Use Trusted Contacts to Share Your Location

Google's Trusted Contacts app allows you to share your phone's exact location in various ways. It's an excellent choice for location-sharing because of the many features. This app helps trusted contacts locate your Location even if you cannot accept their location sharing request. This feature is great for when you are in danger. It allows someone you trust to find you.

How to create and use Trusted Contacts for Android. Log in to your Google account and install the Trusted Contacts App. To enable location sharing within the app, tap Turn on

How to Share Your Trip with Trusted Contacts | Safety at Uber | Uber, Source: Youtube, Uber

Please verify your number by entering it. Click on the Contact you would like to share your Location with and select. Click the button at the bottom. When you're ready to share your location, click on the orange icon at the bottom-right corner. Choose an Alert-specific Contact. Select the Contact to whom you wish to share your location and click. Click the button at the bottom. To stop sharing your location, tap Stop at the top

2. Google Maps - Share your Location

You can use Google Maps to share and get directions. Although this feature is already built into the app, you may not know about it. This feature allows you to send your Location live to Google and non-Google users. We'll show you how to do both. Share your Location with someone who is a Google Account

If you have a Google Account, you can tap their name to send your location data. This is how it works in Google Maps. Start Google Maps. Tap your profile icon at the top and select Location SharingOn the screen that appears, tap Share locationClick Share to select the Google contacts you wish to share your Location.

How to Share Your Live Location With Someone Using Google Maps, Source: Youtube, Gadgets 360 

You should now be able to view the location of your chosen Contact. To disable location sharing in Google Maps, click the Stop link. Share your Location with someone who does not have a Google Account

You can send your location data to anyone you wish to share your location information with, even if they don't have a Google Account. Google Maps allows you to generate a link that anyone can click to view your current location. After a predetermined time, the link will expire. The following link can be generated for your current Location:

Open Google Maps. Tap the profile icon and select Location SharingTap Share locationThe Copy to Clipboard option will appear. To copy a link to your clipboard on your phone, tap this option. The link should be sent to the person who wants to see your Location. Click this link to view your current location on a map.

If you do not wish to share your Location anymore, tap sharing via the link, then select Stop Google Maps. This will disable location sharing within the app

3. Use WhatsApp to send your Location

Many people prefer WhatsApp to communicate with each other. You might use WhatsApp for all your chats. However, it also allows you to share your current location with your friends. This option is right on the chat screen, so you don't have to change any settings. Here's how to quickly share your Location with someone via WhatsApp:

Start a conversation with the group or person you wish to share your Location with. 

Tap the attachment icon at the bottom to choose Location.

Select Share your Live Location, then tap Continue.

How to share your live location with WhatsApp, Source: Youtube, Tips In Hindi 

Select the period you wish to share your location, then tap the Submit link.

The message will include your location data, and it will be sent to the recipient via WhatsApp. To see your Location, they can tap on the news.

To stop sharing your location with others, click the Stop Sharing button on your WhatsApp.

4. Telegram to Send Your Current Location

Telegram's method of sending live location information is very similar to WhatsApp. First, you will need to choose the recipient and the time for which you wish to share the Location. Then you can go.

Here's how to do it:

Use Open Telegram to start a conversation with the person/group you wish to share your Location with.

Tap the attachment icon at the bottom to select Location.

To share your current location, select Send my Location

How to send location on telegram, Source: Youtube, Ybal Tech

You can only share your site for a specific time by tapping the Share My Live Location option and then choosing the period.

Your Android device has a location-sharing feature that will allow your family and friends to know where you are at all times. You can also track your movements as you move from one place to another.

Trusted Contact is an app that automatically shares your phone's Location with trusted contacts. If you cannot share the file manually, this can be very useful. If you are in danger, someone can reach you with this app.


You can also use your phone's GPS location function to locate your Android device if it is lost or stolen.

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