How Android plans on beating Apple in China

Apple may have become China's largest smartphone manufacturer, but its success might be temporary. Here's how Android plans to fight back. After the iPhone 13 in September 2021, Apple became China's largest smartphone manufacturer. This was a moment that tech media covered with great enthusiasm. This victory, however impressive, won't last long. This article will discuss why Apple is winning China and how Android phone manufacturers may be able to beat the American tech giant over the next few months.

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Why Apple is Currently Winning in China

Apple has been a significant customer of Chinese OEMs

Apple is one of many renowned OEMs such as Foxconn and TSMC, Sony (Sony), Samsung, Qualcomm, Luxshare, and Intel. Many of these companies are Chinese, and some of them have so much in common with Apple that any success they achieve directly benefits their business.

Why does Apple care more about users than Android OEMs?, Source: Youtube, Android Authority 

The Chinese tech giants have a strong incentive to support Apple's success. This symbiotic relationship ensures that Apple's business partners can help the American giant pursue any business strategy. China is the current target market.

How Android Will Beat Apple in China Apple Sales Are Cyclical

Apple's sales cycle is cyclical, with fall being the peak season. The graph at the beginning of this article shows how Apple's share drops after a new iPhone model is released.

Apple's success in China was due to the iPhone 13's success. These impressive numbers will soon disappear as iPhone sales return to normal over the next few months.

China is interested in Apple

Given the unstable political relations between China and the US, it would be reasonable for Apple to be last in line to become a market leader in a country such as China. Yet, China seems to be very welcoming of Apple. This is due to the dependence of Chinese smartphone companies on Google services.

China is interested in Apple

China is interested in Apple, Source: Proreviewsapp

China's hold on lucrative and fast-growing markets such as India, Nepal, and Brazil will be eroded if the US bans Chinese companies. Let Apple win is a strategy to reduce China's dependence on the US. It accepts foreign investment and promotes trade.

Chinese Brands Shift to Flagships

We have previously covered the ways Chinese brands enter new markets. Their strategy seems to have changed recently. These brands offer budget phones and invest more in R&D to develop cutting-edge flagships that deliver premium experiences.

The Realme GT 2 Pro was on display, and the Oppo Find X3 Pro and the Vivo X70 Pro+. These brands were known for their value-for-money propositions just a few years back. Apple's position in China as a premium smartphone manufacturer will be challenged as it expands its product lines to include top-tier flagships.

Apple is Late to the Foldable Trend

Apple is the clear trendsetter in tech, but it's also known for being late to many new smartphone trends. One such trend is the foldable phone trend; Samsung loves reminding us of so we expect it to be mainstream soon.

This time, Chinese brands don't wait for Apple to confirm the trend. 

Apple's Foldable Just Got Larger, Source: Youtube, LaterClips 

Xiaomi and other Chinese brands plan to launch foldable phones shortly, possibly as early as 2022. The foldable iPhone is a desperately needed product. The problem is that there isn't one.

Temporary Apple's Dominance In China is

Apple's success in China is a credit to Apple, but it's another thing to be at the top. As iPhone 13 sales slow down, Apple will likely be outcompeted either by Oppo or Vivo.

Apple will continue to enjoy the best press coverage it can. Similar to this one.


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