How can you save iPhone messages to your computer?

AnyTrans is an app that allows you to save messages from your iPhone to your computer to free up space. iPhones can take beautiful photos to play music and videos. They also keep you in touch with your family and friends through messages and phone calls. We can help you save these Messages to your computer by just clicking one button.

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Why save your iPhone messages?

You might save iPhone messages or view certain statements from specific contacts for various reasons. It is possible to keep a backup of your iPhone messages on your computer to protect your data or reduce your phone's storage.

All file types associated with Messages are saved by the iPhone Messages app, including text conversations with contacts, links, photos, and videos. What about sentimental photos? These can also be saved.

How to Simply Save Text Messages on iPhone in 4 Ways, Source: Youtube, AOMEI

People often don't want to delete important messages over the years, but they also need to make space for other things. AnyTrans can help.

Backup iPhone Messages to Your Computer

Your Messages will sync between devices if you log into Messages on your Mac with the same Apple ID you used for your iPhone. As long as your iPhone has Wi-Fi, you can backup it to your computer with iTunes or iCloud.

Backup iPhone Text Messages to Your PC, Source: Youtube, Delighted Robot

What if you need to see your Messages or download attachments? A third-party app like iMobie will be required. AnyTrans allows you to save multiple file formats and select which design you want to keep your messages in, such as HTML,.txt, or HTML.

How to Save iPhone SMSes with AnyTrans

AnyTrans is a better alternative to iTunes for transferring iPhone messages. This can be used to transfer iPhone messages to another device or to make your messages.

AnyTrans : A Better Way to Manage Your iPhone's Files, Source: Youtube, Cult of Mac

Here are some ways to save iPhone messages with AnyTrans

  • AnyTrans can be downloaded and installed
  • Click Device Manager in the first window.
  • You might be asked to trust your iPhone if this is your first time connecting it to your computer. Click Trust.
  • The next screen will show you an icon for your iPhone to the left and other media icons to the right. Click Messages.
  • AnyTrans will need to have a backup to check your message list. Select a backup location and click Back up Now.
  • On the top right of the messages menu, select PC. This will transfer all messages to your computer.
  • Click on either TXT or HTML to choose the file format for your messages. You can view your messages in HTML format via a browser.

What Does AnyTrans Support

AnyTrans supports iPhone 5/5S SE, 6/6S, Plus, and models. Seven and model, eight and models. iPhone X series, iPhone 11 Series, iPhone 12 Mini, 12 Pro, and Pro Max models.

AnyTrans supports all file types that are supported by Messages. This includes MMS text, SMS, and attachments.


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