How do I get Microsoft Paint for Mac?

Are you looking for a way to use Microsoft Paint with your Mac? There are a few choices.

You should find a Mac easy to use if you have been using Windows. You might not be using Microsoft Paint, a basic Windows program. We can see why. Many of us fondly remember Microsoft Paint, and we would love to have it on our Macs. We won't be able to install Microsoft Paint directly on your Mac. However, we will discuss other options.

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Why isn't Microsoft Paint available for Mac?

Perhaps you hoped there would be an option to install Microsoft Paint on your Mac. We all have dreams. Paint is not the most powerful image editor. Although it's slow and limited in features, Paint is still one of the most popular graphics apps. It is easy to use, even for the absolute beginner.

Is There a Paint App On The Mac?, Source: Youtube, macmostvideo

Microsoft Paint was created by Microsoft directly as an integrated feature of Windows. It is not available for macOS, and we don't expect it to be ever made available to Mac users. There are some workarounds that we have covered.

Install Windows to get Microsoft Paint for Mac

You can install Windows on your Mac to get Microsoft Paint and then use Paint.

Windows installation is simple on Intel Macs with Boot Camp. The process is a little more difficult for older Macs with Apple silicon chips (M1 and later), as they do not have Boot Camp, which means that Windows cannot be run on their ARM architecture. Parallels Desktop can install Windows onto your M1 Mac by using virtualization software. The software costs $79 per year, but it is free.

MS Paint for Mac Free Download Full Version 2021, Source: Youtube, Tech Presents

There are many Microsoft Paint alternatives for macOS. Many of these work better and offer a lot more functionality than Paint.

The Best Microsoft Paint Alternatives For Mac

These are some Microsoft Paint alternatives for macOS.


Paintbrush is an easy-to-use and straightforward app that allows you to draw on a canvas. It functions very similarly to Microsoft Paint. This is why we believe it's the best macOS alternative. You can also attract various shapes and use the Paint bucket tool.


GIMP can be used to draw or edit images. It is free and can be used in place of Microsoft Paint. GIMP's interface lets you draw on a blank canvas like you would on Paint. You can choose from different colors and brush styles. You can also experiment with advanced features like the Paint Bucket, Magic Wand, and Text tools.



Krita, another Microsoft Paint alternative with a simple and intuitive interface, is also available. It's marketed primarily as a drawing application, so it should be a good choice if you like drawing in MS Paint. Krita has image manipulation tools you can use to enhance your photos. Although the interface might seem complicated at first glance, many tutorials are available online that will help you.


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