How do I retrieve deleted text from a Samsung Phone

It would be best to recover deleted messages from your Samsung Galaxy phone. There are three options.

There are many ways to retrieve text messages that you have lost. Modern smartphones have many failsafe options, especially from trusted brands like Samsung. You can usually retrieve messages from your Samsung phone by connecting them to a computer. We will discuss different methods to recover deleted text messages from Samsung phones.

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1. Restore from Samsung Cloud and Google Drive

Samsung's cloud service automatically backs all of your messages and other data. You can see all data by going to Settings, Accounts, then Backup.

This will display all accounts with data backups. Most likely, it will be either Samsung Cloud (or Google Drive). Or both.

Samsung Cloud Gallery & Samsung Cloud Drive Download Instructions, Source: Youtube, Tech With Brett 

Tap on Restore Data, and your phone prompts you to select the backup you want to restore. Your phone will convert any messages that have been lost by tapping on the most recent backup.

This is the best way to retrieve deleted text messages from your Samsung phone. Your Samsung phone will automatically backup your data unless you specifically choose not to. This means that you won't lose any messages when you restore.

2. Samsung Smart Switch - Restore

If you need to retrieve deleted messages, the Samsung Smart Switch is another option. You can restore it if you have a backup on your computer, Mac, or another mobile device.

How to Backup and Restore Samsung Galaxy Phone with SmartSwitch, Source: Youtube, AndroidHowTo

Click on the Receive Data button in the app. Follow the prompts to restore your backup quickly.

3. Get in touch with your service provider

If you have AT&T, Verizon, or another primary carrier, you might be able to recover deleted messages. AT&T Backup & Sync can automatically back up your statements to the cloud using a unique solution.

It is relatively secure, privacy-wise, and costs nothing extra. All your text messages are automatically copied to the cloud by this service. Access the AT&T Messages portal for seamless sync between devices and restore a backup.

Samsung customer service how to get in touch with a manager fast, Source: Youtube, Lip Color Stays By Kim

Other service providers might find it beneficial to contact them directly. Because they keep records on encrypted servers, some service providers may be able to restore messages for up to a month. You might get messages from specific senders if you block Android messages.

Be aware that service providers might charge extra fees for restoring messages, and you may not get all of your backups.

Why not use a third-party recovery program?

There are a lot of third-party software products that claim to be capable of recovering deleted messages. Some can be downloaded through the Play Store, while others require side-loading.

3rd Party Error Handling, Source: Youtube, ProgramArtist

These solutions are not recommended as they can cause damage to your Samsung phone or make it vulnerable to malware. People have been known to get malware installed on their devices or computers after downloading specific programs.

It's unlikely that a program can miraculously recover deleted messages and cost nothing. These programs are often not reliable and can even steal your sensitive information.

Always back up your messages and other information

Almost all critical or sensitive information can be stored in the cloud today. It's easy to do this with Google Drive or Samsung Cloud.

You can choose the frequency of your messages being backed up (one per day is acceptable). These settings can be modified at any time. It is recommended that you revisit them every few months.


Samsung offers spam filters to help you block unwanted messages from your phone and prevent them from reaching your phone.

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