How do you scan documents on your Mac with an iPhone 

Continuity Camera feature that lets you check documents onto your Mac using the camera on your iPhone? Here's how to use it. It connects macOS and iOS, and now it's now compatible with macOS Mojave; it's become even more valuable. It now has a Continuity Camera that lets you use your iPhone or iPad's camera to your Mac as a scanner for documents.

This lets you skip the headache of uploading and transferring images, making your iOS device a complete scanner. 

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What is the Software-Defined Parameter?

Continuity Camera The prerequisites

You could generally divide the Continuity Camera feature down into two components. The first is a feature that directly inserts a picture into the app. The alternative allows you to scan documents or images. Similar to other stock apps, such as the Continuity Camera application, it isn't as robust in its features, but it can get the task completed.

Both of these Continuous Camera features will be in effect only if you meet these requirements:

The Mac is a Mac with macOS Mojave.

Continuity Camera Tutorial, Source: Youtube, BinaryFormations

Any iOS device that is running iOS 12 or newer---check out the unique features of iOS 12.

You're both logged on using an identical Apple ID.

The two devices share the same Wi-Fi network.

You've installed Bluetooth for both Mac as well as your iPhone. Find assistance in resolving iPhone Bluetooth trouble If something doesn't work.

Remember that the quality of the scan will be determined by the iPhone or iPad's camera.

Use Continuity Cameras to add photos to documents.

These instructions pertain to Pages, but they should apply to all Apple applications such as TextEdit, Mail, Notes numbers, Messages, and Notes. Ensure you've updated the application to the most recent version to get the best compatibility.

Launch Pages, then open the document you want to open.

Set the cursor over the page before you select the right-click.

Choose the option "Take Photo" from the context menu.

If you own more than one iOS gadget, macOS will ask you to select one.

Make sure you point your iOS camera at the object and then take the photo.

Click Utilize Photo, and the photo will be added to your document.

Use a Continuity Camera Scan Documents

Continuity Camera helps scan documents or even something small such as a receipt for fuel. The feature can save your scan as a PDF, making it ideal to archive.

In this case, we're using Pages; however, scanning documents with several Apple applications:

Launch Pages, then open the document you want to open.

Put the cursor in your document, then select the right-click.

Click the option "Scan Documents" from the context menu.

Utilize Your iPhone scanner to take a picture of the paper.

Make sure to crop the image if needed.

How to scan with iPhone using Continuity Camera, Source: Youtube, ABBYY

The image scanned will be visible on the page.

Click the button on Continue Scan to save the scan.

If you have multiple pages, continue to scan. Click save on each page that will appear on your document.

As you can observe, Continuity Camera is an easy method to scan any number of pages you'd like into a document. Unfortunately, Apple did not include OCR features there.

Make use of your iOS Device to send pictures onto Your Mac

Transferring images taken on your iOS device to the Mac is now more accessible. Continuity Camera lets you take photos and save pictures directly to your personal computer. It doesn't allow uploading to the cloud via AirDrop or connecting your smartphone with your PC.

This is how you can make use of an iOS device to snap pictures and save them on your Mac:

  • Click and hold to open a space on your desktop.
  • Choose the Import option from your iPhone in the context menu.
  • Choose to Take a Picture.
  • Snap the image using your iOS device.
  • Click the Photo button...

It's that simple. It. The picture will immediately appear on your screen. Instead, to scan a document, choose the option to scan documents in the next step.

The most common Continuity Problems with Cameras as well as Solutions

We've seen the benefits of Continuity Camera, which is among the best macOS Mojave options. But, the new feature is not without its small pitfalls. The most frequent issue is Not able to import an iPhone text message.

If you experience this issue, follow these steps to fix the problem:

Movie Mistakes: When does Film Continuity REALLY Matter?, Source: Youtube, This Guy Edits 

Check there is a connection between both of the devices.

Allow Bluetooth on both devices.

Try logging out of iCloud and then logging back in. You might also have to resolve the most common issues with iCloud.

Start both the iOS device and your Mac and try it again.


Of course, the scanner isn't 100% perfect. It is hoped that Apple will add OCR and additional quality-of-life capabilities to their scanner. If not, you may consider looking into Image Capture, the Image Capture app on your Mac that offers a variety of uses.

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