How do you stop text messages from your Samsung Galaxy Phone? Samsung Galaxy Phone

Are you fed up with receiving spam or unwanted text messages from the Samsung Galaxy phone? Here are five methods you can stop the messages. Text messaging is a valuable method of communication. It allows you to receive notes from institutions and individuals and enable you to access more information. You can make use of SMS to communicate with your family and friends and obtain updates for your utility or bank and even protect your accounts.

However, scammers and other spammers may also use this technique to steal your hard-earned money. There are other instances where undesirable people, such as those rejected by their suitors or toxic friends, can use this technology to disturb your psychological health. To help safeguard yourself from these threats, here are five methods to block unwanted messages to the Samsung Galaxy phone.

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1. Keep and block contacts

This is an excellent method to block numbers or contacts who text you frequently. The user can store the contact details of the individual or number you wish to stop in the Contacts application and then utilize it to block the number from texting you.

Once you've saved that person's information to your phone, this is the next step you'll have to take.

Look for their entry within the Samsung Contacts app.

Start the Contact Card.

How to Block Numbers That Are NOT in Contacts on iPhone, Source: Youtube, No Caller ID

Click to More in the lower right-hand corner.

Select the option to block Contact.

You must confirm that you would like to remove the Contact.

When you've done this, you'll not receive messages or calls from this Contact and all the associated numbers. If the individual or organization you wish to stop from calling has multiple numbers, you can block them all together and prevent them from contacting you all at once.

2. Block the Messages App from the app

Although you can block stored numbers from sending messages using the Contacts application, it is more challenging to accomplish for spam messages coming via unknown numbers. However, you can stop these numbers from messaging you again using Samsung's Messages application.

It is necessary to launch the app and locate the offensive message to do this.

The spam message can be opened within the Messages app.

Block Incoming Messages without a App, Source: Youtube, Ricardo Gardener

If the spam message contains just one letter, you'll find that block number option in the upper right-hand corner.

Click on it, and the confirmation window will open.

If you'd like to erase the conversation, click on the delete Conversation option.

Then, choose to block.

If the sender has sent numerous texts to your contact number, it is necessary to block them using your settings menu.

You can open the spam messages within the Messages app.

Select a Block number.

To end the conversation, click on the delete Conversation option.

Block. Tap Block.

After you have done this, your phone will be able to stop sending messages to the phone number that is associated with the conversation sent.

3. Automatically block Spam calls and Text Messages

If you're not keen to manage spam manually, You can utilize Samsung's Messages application to do this for you. It uses Hiya, a sophisticated anti-spam engine, to detect and block calls that are not yours. Even though it's activated by default to see unwanted calls and messages, you can turn it off to block them altogether.

Here's what you must do:

On the main page of the Messages app, click on the Settings icon located in the upper-right-hand corner.

How to block spam calls, Source: Youtube, The Verge 

  • Select the settings.
  • Tap on Block numbers and block spam.
  • Choose caller identification and protection from spam.
  • Click on the Block scam and spam phone calls slider in the submenu.

You can select to block all scam and spam phone calls or only block scams that pose high-risk calls.

The first option blocks any potential scam or spam calls. However, it can block legitimate calls from service providers. The second option is likely to allow institution calls, similar to your bank's. However, it also allows unthreatening but annoying spam calls to pass through.

4. Utilize a Third-Party App

Samsung's built-in services are pretty solid, especially considering that they have partnered with Hiya, the first company to create a caller ID and spam blocker application for mobile. They've been working together since 2016 to launch Smart Call, a network-based solution for blocking unwanted calls.

Third Party apps - Is it Safe to use third party applications ?, Source: Youtube, Techy Bhaisaab 

However, if you're not pleased with the standard blocked out spam or scam's effectiveness, you could use other third-party options too. 

The highly-rated apps boast millions of downloads. They are all free and include in-app purchases to purchase additional features.

5. Connect with Your Provider

If a phone number finds ways to insert spammed into your messages, the only alternative is to alert your service provider regardless of the security measures previously mentioned. In this way, they will be able to use their network's security measures to block the phone number directly.

If the service provider flags that number for spamming, they may decide to block it entirely or even connect with law enforcement agencies if they believe it poses a severe danger.

Block unwanted messages from your Galaxy Device

If you're constantly bombarded with messages from scammers and spammers, You can utilize the methods above to block these messages from reaching your inbox. They're also beneficial if you have a toxic person who keeps sending you messages that can harm your mental well-being.

Samsung Galaxy How to Block Unwanted, Spam, Scam and Unknown Callers, Source: Youtube, GregglesTV

Do not be afraid to eliminate unwelcome and undesirable numbers from your daily routine.


Today, you can accomplish this with greater efficiency using all the methods and tools listed in the previous paragraphs.

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Hope this information is helpful to you, thanks for reading.