How to Convert images on the Mac with Simple Actions

This trick will allow you to change image file formats without opening another application to do it. Are you still using a third-party application to convert images into an alternative format for your Mac? If yes, then you're not aware of Mac's new built-in image conversion. With macOS Monterey, you can quickly convert images directly through a default action from the Quick Action menu. This is how you can do it.

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What is the best way to convert Images to Your Mac Quickly

Quick Action is a Mac feature that assists Mac users in creating an efficient workflow. It aids you in daily tasks like creating a PDF or rotating images. With the introduction of macOS Monterey, Quick Actions has offered the latest feature to convert images immediately without installing any additional software.

Using this function, you can convert images to JPEG, HEIF, and PNG formats. Additionally, you can compress them into smaller file sizes by selecting the categories SmallMedium, and large.

Easily Batch Convert Any Image File to JPG Format on Mac, Source: Youtube, Craig Melville

Here's how to do it:

Choose any image you wish to convert using Control-click within Finder.

In the context menu, choose quick actions > convert image.

Click on the format field to open an options menu. Select from the formats HEICJPEG, or Hef.

Click on the image size field. The dropdown menu lets you select between small, medium, and large. It will then display the relevant kilobytes beside your files' size.

Click Save Metadata to preserve the complete details of your image.

After you click "Convert" to the [format of your file after you hit Convert to [file format], The conversion will occur. The original file will be saved as is the original image, and the new one has "Small," "Medium," or "Large" in the file's name. 

A Simple Way to Convert Images to Mac

You can also convert several images simultaneously by selecting all photos and then converting them.

How to Convert HEIC Files to JPG (Mac & Windows), Source: Youtube, Every Bit Helps 

Although the Quick Actions converter is entirely restricted in its features, it is helpful for those who want to compress files and switch types of files quickly. Perhaps it will include more files and features shortly.


There are numerous ways to convert images with Mac. However, we believe this is the most efficient method for any person. Try it out and send us feedback on the results. Thanks for visiting the blog.

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