How to Create a Repeating Event in Google Calendar for the Last Day of the Month

How to Create a Repeating Event in Google Calendar for the Last Day of the Month

A few years ago, I left Microsoft and switched to 100% Google. Join me if you can't beat them. I switched to Gmail after leaving Microsoft Office 365. It's been a great decision that has made my life so much easier. I no longer have Microsoft Office installed and live entirely online. There are always things that happen, however. For example, trying to create a repeating event on Google Calendar every month is one such thing.

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How to set up a repeating event in Google Calendar (Last day of the month)

I love Google Calendar for its simplicity. It does all I need it to do perfectly. But, I had to create a repeating event that would be triggered on the last day each month. After some research and playing around, I realized that there was no way to do it in Google Calendar. You can manually go through the calendar each year, but I prefer to create repeating events with no end date. ).

Google Calendar allows you to set up repeating events by default:

  • Daily
  • Weekly on Sunday
  • Monthly, the first Sunday of each month
  • Each year, on the 1st day of each month
  • Every weekday

You can make custom (repeat every day for a week, month, or year), and you can choose an end date option.

Google Calendar: How to Create a Repeating Event, Source: Youtube, Christopher Walker

You can't set up repeating events on the last day because of all the rules. This can be done quickly by simply creating an. ICS file, and then importing it. Note: While there are many variations of the following code, Dark Launch's version is what I used to get it working.

Step 1: It works by simply putting BYSETPOS=-1 in the recurrence field (RRULE). This causes the event to occur on the first day of each month, minus one day. The possibility cannot be edited later on. It is possible to delete the event and re-create it, but it is impossible to edit it.

Step 2: The above file can be saved as a.ics. I kept mine as my event. ics.

Step 3: Go to Google Calendar and click the little + symbol beside "Add a friend's calendar," then click "Import."

Step 4: Choose the. ICS file that you saved earlier. Make sure you select the calendar you wish to import it onto. This applies only to people who have multiple calendars. Click on "Import"

Step 5: If all went well, you would see the message "Imported 1 of 1 event." If not, double-check that you did not misspell anything in the code. Next, click "OK." You can check your repeating events' dates and timestamps by clicking on them. It was created on April 30, May 31, and so forth. It will repeat itself forever.

Easier Option

If you're willing to spend some money, there is an easier way. Mac users can download the Fantastical2 app. It's your calendar on steroids.

It is possible to type a command such as "Pay affiliates each month on the final day," It will create a repeating event every month.

Fantastical 2 for Mac, iPhone, and iPad, Source: Youtube, Tech Talk America

You need to organize an event every 15th of each month. It's possible. No problem. Type in a command such as "Pay affiliates each 15th of the Month," It will create an event that repeats on the 15th.

Alternate Options

Dan mentioned it below. There is another way.

How to Create an Appointment on Outlook? | Create an Appointment on Outlook Calendar | Outlook Tips, Source: Youtube, The Technology

You can create an appointment in Outlook or any other calendar with better recurring appointment options and invite yourself to it. After accepting the invitation, you can copy the license into your Google Calendar and delete the original one.


Although I know that not everyone will need it, it was beneficial. I enjoy sharing with you the little tips and tricks I've learned. Anything that can help us become more productive.

Are you using Google Calendar? My life is pretty well planned between Trello and Google Calendar. Let me know if you found this helpful in the comments below!

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Hope this article is helpful to you, thanks for reading.