How to Increase ASO through Apple Search Ads

Both are connected to both being related to App Store search feature, ASO, and Apple Search Ads can be methods of promoting your app and is the most efficient method to gain new customers. 65% of all iOS downloads happen after searching on the App Store to download rather than discover ( Although they may appear somewhat distinct because they are both organic (ASO) while the second is paid (Apple Search Ads) channel, ASO and Apple Search Ads are closely linked in various ways. Let's examine their connection and how you can profit from them to increase your results in Apple Search Ads in detail.

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What exactly is ASO?

The App Store has indeed become the most popular source for downloading apps, and the majority of users tend to choose the most popular apps on the App Store. Various factors affect the position of an app in the App Store's search results, and enhancing your app's relevance according to these elements can increase the chances of your app attaining better rankings. Also, App Store Optimization (ASO) helps your app reach higher rankings on the App Store, which means that it will possibly receive more installs.

What Is ASO (App Store Optimization) - Explained in Hindi - Importance of ASO, Source: Youtube, Kripesh Adwani 

The most important factors are the following:

Make sure you use the right and appropriate Apple Search Ads keywords in your metadata:

- App title- Subtitle


- App Store connects keywords

Visuals & assets

The selection of the best keywords is the most crucial factor you should prioritize regarding ASO. It is essential to select profitable keywords that represent your app most effectively and are most likely to be found in an App Store search by customers.

If the keywords you include in your metadata match the search terms used by users and your app is likely to be given a higher ranking, Apple will evaluate your app to be the best one to meet the user's requirements.

What are the Apple Search Ads?

ASA means "Apple search ads" The ads appear near the very top of the App Store's Search Results page.

In ASO, Apple Search Ads comes with its distinct methods and metrics. There is only one app shown in Search Ads, so being prominent can be high at times competitive.

  • Relevance of keywords to your application
  • Keywords' scores on search results
  • The best bid for a particular keyword
  • Use of match type keywords
  • Group structure for ads and campaigns

and other variables and other factors need to be thoroughly studied to improve the chances of being included as a result of Search Ads by Apple.

What are Apple Search Ads? Everything You Need to Know to Start, Source: Youtube, App Radar

We all know that once you've placed a bid on a keyword, you are entering an auction. However, it has been established that the relevance of an app to a specific keyword is just as crucial as the number of bids. This is quite simple A person searching for a particular keyword is searching for an app that matches the keyword. For instance, it is the case that the term is being explored to find will be " free games for children" the user is searching for games for free suitable for kids. If you're running an app for gaming targeted at adults, your application will not be an excellent choice for the user.

If you are bidding for a keyword that isn't related to the features of your app, those who search for that keyword are not likely to download your app as they are unsure of what they're seeking. If a potential customer clicks on your app, it is expected that they will not download it. If, in the end, someone decides to download the application, it's more likely that the person will remove your app as it was not the intended app initially. In the end, you'll be charged for every tap your app gets, and even if the app is downloaded but the user doesn't become a long-term user. It's only a matter of losing money if you don't acquire quality users.

The correlation between ASO and Google Search ads

Theoretically speaking, ASO is a good idea. Apple Search Ads go hand in hand. Their compatibility with one another is a factor in their performance. Let's look at evidence of this relationship in-depth with an illustration taken from the platform.

What is HTML0? ASO with Apple Search Advertising go Together?

In both ASO and Apple Search Ads, keywords are the first factor to be considered since the users will locate your application by searching for these keywords.

Let's say you're an Apple Search Ads manager, and you'd like to enhance your results from Apple Search Ads results. You did an exhaustive search for keywords and came up with the most relevant keywords that would be the best match for the features of your app. You have identified the different varieties of your Brand and Competitor keywords. Your campaign's structure (Brand, Generic, Competitor, Discovery), match types (exact/broad match keywords), as well as the other elements essential for the Apple Search ads, are created precisely.

Apple Search Ads Search Tab Ads, Source: Youtube, Paid Media Pros

But, there are specific terms that you thought would perform exceptionally well because they are relevant to your application. However, you cannot spend money on these keywords regardless of your price for the keywords.

One possible reason could be that the keywords you bid on aren't aligned to the keywords you have in your metadata. To increase chances for your app to show in Search Ads, the algorithm of Apple must be able to recognize your metadata that is in sync with the keywords that you're bid on within Apple Search Ads. This means that Apple will evaluate your app to be the best option for a user looking for an app and select your application for Search Ads.

Let's make this theory more concrete by using an example from two financial apps that use They're of the same type and bid for exact keywords. But, while one of the apps has been able to get results from the term " money management" however, the other isn't able to bid on the exact phrase even though its bid is more excellent than twice that of the first (considering the same timeframe for the two apps).

This is the only app with more spend and the organic ranking in the "money management" keyword "money managing" keyword, but with lower bids compared to the other apps. It is evident that the app's organic rank for the keyword "money management" is 24, and it is growing.

This is the second finance application with a tiny budget for the "money management " money management" keyword, even though it has higher bids. The app does not have an organic rank for this term. Compared with the previous app, the amount of money spent on this keyword is very minimal.

Here's another illustration from 2 fitness and health apps. Both are meditation types of apps that use exact keywords in their advertising. One of them includes " relax." Let's see how they perform (in the same time frame). In the first application, the bid of the "relax" keyword is 3$ " relax" keyword is 3$. There is no spend and no organic rank for this keyword.

The exact keywords are also available; however, another app offers 2.90 dollars and 1.22$ bids for various campaigns. One of the bids has 1.600dollars spent, and its organic rank for this keyword is 3.

Engagement of ASO and Apple Search Ads, Source: Youtube, Mobile Action

While the first application was able to get a higher price in"relax," the "relax" keyword doesn't have any spending nor an organic ranking. However, the second application is less expensive yet has a significant spend and a highly excellent organic order.

So, what's the reasoning for this? Does a higher bid not necessarily mean that you won the auction?

Yes, it is. However, there are additional factors, and one of these is the one we described earlier: the correlation between ASO and Apple Search Ads.

If we looked at the cause for this, we discovered that the app that is spending money for"money management," a " money management" keyword, but with low bids included this word in the metadata for its app; however, the second app did not have the keyword in its metadata in any way.

You can do this now if you spot keywords that don't do well in any way (but you've got well-performing equivalent keywords) and if you realize specific keywords are closely connected to your application's capabilities. Still, you're not spending much time including the keywords you have identified in your meta data for the next update.


This will enhance the relevancy of your application to these keywords, and you'll finally have the ability to boost your effectiveness on them.

If you have any concerns or want to dive deeper into more specific strategies regarding the two, Apple Search Ads and ASO and ASO, make an appointment to speak with one of our professionals. We'd love to discuss your concerns and share our ideas with you.

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