How to Increase Gaming Performance on your Android Phone

These are eight simple tips to make your Android phone more game-friendly. Did you know that you can adjust some settings on your Android phone to make games run more smoothly? These tweaks are simple and don't require root access.

Let's look at the top ways to make your Android phone game-friendly.

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1. Adjust the screen refresh rate

A higher screen refresh rate means you will get a better visual experience and smoother animations. It is possible to improve your Android gaming performance without root by switching to a high refresh rate screen.

Many Android smartphones, including flagship models like OnePlus and Samsung, allow you to adjust your screen refreshing rate. You can dramatically improve the visual quality of your games by changing this value to the maximum that your phone allows.

How to change your phone Refresh rate ! Update any Android to 120hz display, Source: Youtube, Pinku Neog

Here's how to increase the refresh rate on phones that support this feature, but not all phones do.

  • Start the Settings App on your smartphone and tap Show.
  • On the next screen, select Advanced.
  • Tap Refresh.

Choose the best refresh rate available from the options.

Different Android flavors mean that the exact steps for each device will differ. If you cannot find your model, make sure that your device has high refresh rates.

2. Switch to Fast Internet Connection

Your gaming performance is affected by your internet connection speed if you are playing online games with your Android phone. Because your games constantly need to send and receive data, this is why you must have a fast internet connection. 

Consider using a fast internet connection to play your online games. This will ensure that they run as smoothly and as lag-free.

Any connection is possible, provided it's fast enough. 

3. Turn on Force 4x

Force 4x MSAA is an option found on many Android phones. It is the best option for developers to set to improve gaming performance on Android.

Force 4x MSAA increases your performance and graphics when using OpenGL 2.0 apps or games.

Most phones have this feature disabled as it can quickly drain the battery. This feature can be turned on if you don't care about battery life or want to have the best gaming experience possible on your phone.

Not all phones support Force 4x. Here's how you can enable Force 4x on your phone.

Force 4X MSAA Boost Gaming Performance | What Is 4X MSAA?, Source: Youtube, Product Theory

  • Tap Settings and then tap Build number seven more times. Your phone should indicate that you are a developer.
  • Go back to the main settings menu and tap Systems.
  • Tap Developer Options.
  • Turn on the Force 4x MSAA option.

These steps may not work for you. You can search Force4x quickly using the top search bar of the Settings app. You must enable Developer options first.

4. Get rid of junk from your phone

Your phone will get slower if you have more files.

To improve your phone's performance, delete any files that you no longer intend to use. You will enjoy a better gaming experience due to this improved performance.

Your Android phone accumulates junk content from many different sources. This junk includes leftovers from uninstalled apps, old media files, and documents that have not been used.

This is how to find and use the feature.

You can access Settings from your phone by tapping Storage.

Click the Get More Space button.

Select the items you don't need anymore and tap Remove at the bottom-right.

You can also look at the App to clear out junk files from your Android device.

5. Enable Dolby Atmos Sound

Dolby Atmos sound enhances your gaming experience. This feature can be turned on on Android phones that support it. You will enjoy higher-quality sounds in your games.

This feature is available on most Samsung Galaxy phones. You can toggle it on or off via the Settings menu.

How To Enable Dolby Atmos Sound in Any Android Devices, Source: Youtube, Ritik technical support

Here's how:

Open the Settings App on your smartphone and tap Sounds & Vibration.

On the next screen, tap Sound quality.

Turn Dolby Audio on.

6. A Game Booster App is a great option

Some apps optimize Android devices for gaming, as more people use their Android phones to play games.

These game booster apps adjust various settings on your phone to make sure your phone plays games smoothly. They also turn off notifications so that you don't get interrupted. The App will automatically optimize all settings for you.

Game Booster is a free app that you can use to optimize your Android device. You can also use a few launchers for Android. If your Android phone supports gaming mode, make sure you enable it every time you play.

7. Get a phone gaming accessory

You can also make hardware changes to enhance gaming on your Android device.

You can also get an external controller for your phone to allow you to play games. This controller will allow you to control your movements in your matches better.

5 MUST HAVE Accessories for Mobile Gamers & Streamers !!, Source: Youtube, MostTechy

These accessories are effortless to install. They plug into your phone and start working.

8. You can overclock your phone's CPU

For the true mobile gaming enthusiast, here's something more practical. You can increase the power of your phone's processor by overclocking it. This allows your games to process more items simultaneously, which results in a better gaming experience.

Most Android phones can be overclocked. You will need to root the phone before you can speed up its CPU. It's best not to root your phone if you're not sure. Otherwise, you could risk damaging it.

Installing a custom kernel is necessary to overclock your Android phone. To overclock your CPU, you can use an application like the Franco KernelManager. While overclocking can make your phone heavier and reduce your battery life, it can squeeze every last bit of power from your device.


These tips will improve your Android device's performance. You can make your Android device more responsive to your favorite games by making a few adjustments.

Android offers a wide range of games, some of which do not require internet access.

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Hope this article is helpful to you, thanks for reading.