How to Make Android Devices More Adaptive for Seniors

Does your elderly love one struggle to make use of your Android phone?  If your grandpa or grandmother frequently complains about how the latest Android phone you bought is too complicated, There are many methods to make it more user-friendly.

It can not only spare the time they spend trying to find you when stuck but will also improve your interactions with them more about other issues more critical rather than their inevitable navigation problems thanks to the new smartphones. Here are some methods to make an Android phone more suitable for older users.

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1. Utilize Android Launchers for Seniors.

A simple trick to make any Android smartphone into an elderly-friendly device is installing senior-friendly launchers. They do exist, and there are plenty of launchers. One good illustration can be Simple Launcher, one of the most seniors-friendly Android launchers.

Simple Launcher lets you include up to nine essential applications on the home screen. The icons are huge, and the text size is enormous.

The simple interface, combined with the control center available, lets seniors operate their Android smartphones effortlessly. The control center provides an easy way to delete apps, a safety lock that locks the editing on the home screen, and a method to secure the volume of notifications and ringing.

Best Launcher for Elderly (For Your Parents or Grandparents), Source: Youtube, OnePlus Exclusive

Simple Launcher also provides special folders to add important contacts to the second home screen. They are in 2 distinct categories: Friends and Family. In case of emergency, you can find a vast SOS button on the home screen of the secondary.

Other senior-friendly Android launchers for seniors include the BIG Launcher Senior Safety Phone, Help Launcher and Square Phone. You can test them out and determine which one your loved ones are most comfortable with.

2. Make the Keyboard Buttons

The use of elderly-friendly Android launchers is only one of the pieces of the piece. The next thing to do is expand the keyboard's buttons for easy access. The majority of Android phones come with Google's Gboard keyboard installed, and we'll be using that in this instance.

If your Android smartphone isn't running the app, it's possible to download it via Google Play Store for free by following the download link.

How to Make External Buttons for Your Keyboard, Source: Youtube, DIY Hacks and How Tos

How to Increase the keyboard on Android

Gboard allows you to modify it to meet your particular requirements. You can, for example, alter the layout, theme, and height. To increase the size of the keyboard, it is necessary to change the height.

Then, open the application and tap on an area where you can enter a message. The keyboard will show. The keyboard will show you the standard layout with an icon for gears when the keyboard is displayed. Click on the symbol for equipment. A page with settings will be displayed from which you can personalize Gboard.

Choose Layout preferences > Preferences > The height of the keyboard. The default keyboard's Size is set to normal. You can choose tall, middle-tall, and extra tall based on the measurement you prefer.

Once you have selected the keyboard, the height will be automatically saved. Gboard is now slightly taller than previously and much more user-friendly to use.

If you like the Windows SwiftKey Keyboard, you can adjust the Size in the setting up either open the app by clicking Layout and Keys and then Change Size. However, Swift Keyboard can stretch a bit more than Gboard, so If you're not happy with the former, you can switch.

3. Increase the Text Size across the System

In the next step, you must expand the font size throughout the System. Android has an easy method to alter the Size of the font through the Settings app. Before we get into the details, keep in mind that the steps to change the text size may differ (the machine in this tutorial is running the Xiaomi MIUI software).

How to make FONT & TEXT Smaller or Bigger on Windows 10 Computer (Fast Method!), Source: Youtube, YourSixStudios 

Here's how to do this:

  • Go to the display.
  • Scroll down until you reach the font System and then tap the Size of text.
  • Change the font size to the Size of a more prominent alternative.

Font size setting will be automatically saved. The text on the System is more prominent.

4. Uninstall or disable unwanted applications

If the Android device is a Google Pixel phone or is part of Google's Android One project, It will come with a variety of pre-installed apps.

The majority of pre-installed applications are not necessary. Android phones made by third-party manufacturers have a lot of these that can pose a problem for older people. They can create a lot of mess. It's essential to deactivate most of these applications or remove them if you can.

Clean , Remove Windows 10 Unwanted Apps / Programs, Source: Youtube, Ironclad Trading

How to Remove Unnecessary applications on Android

The majority of pre-installed applications and games, often referred to as bloatware, will not uninstall in the usual way. But some do.

Head to your phone's Settings to remove an app, then navigate to apps >> manage apps

Choose the app you wish to delete and see whether that option is available. If it is not available, you might be able to disable the application and select the alternative. It will remove the app icon, in addition to other features.

If this isn't the case, look for other methods to disable unwanted apps for Android. However, before doing this, make sure that you do not remove or disable the critical apps required for proper operation.

5. Turn Off Gesture Navigation

Gesture-based navigation is an excellent method to navigate your Android phone, but it isn't always easy for older people. To make your device more user-friendly, change the traditional three-button navigation system.

The navigation comprises three buttons: an angular back button, an overview in a square, and the Home button are circular.

How to Disable Android 10's Gesture Controls, Source: Youtube, Christian David

It is more user-friendly as opposed to gesture-based navigation. Beginning with Android 10 and above, you can use traditional gestures or buttons. Here's how to change the style of navigation, keeping in mind that your device could be a bit different:

Start the device's Settings app and click Gestures > System > Navigation System.

From here, you can select the traditional 3-button navigation style.

6. Activate Easy Mode on Samsung Devices

If you own a Samsung smartphone, it is possible to turn on the Easy Mode. Accessible Mode simplifies the phone interface and makes it easier to use by seniors.

Samsung Galaxy A51: How to enable and disable the Simple Mode? | Elderly Mode | also for A31/A41/A71, Source: Youtube, phonesandmore

To turn on Easy Mode, go to Settings > Display > Easy Mode, then activate the feature via the page for activation.

If you feel that Easy Mode is not simple enough, you can use Android launchers specifically designed for older users, such as Simple Launcher and BIG Launcher.


This can make your parents more comfortable with the latest Android phones. It is also essential to find the top mobile phone plans available.

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Hope this article is helpful to you, thanks for reading.