How to Scan Documents with Your iPhone

There is no need for a specific scanner application to scan documents using your iPhone now. Let's discover how to utilize the Camera app for scanning any document with a single click. The capability to scan documents using your iPhone is a common requirement. It's an excellent feature for those who want to ditch paper to keep receipts, business cards that are indexed, or snap quick photos of book covers to keep for the recording. As opposed to before, you don't require an application for document scanning that is a third party. The iPhone can do everything by itself.

Let's discover how you can use your iPhone as a scanner for documents.

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Scan Documents with the Notes Application

The capability to scan documents using your iPhone alone can be a huge productivity increase since you can sync all your notes and images across the Apple device. Here's how you can start scanning.

Launch the Notes app, and select either a new or old note. The scanner is a critical feature that is now.

Tap the camera icon located at the lower right on display.

Choose the option scan document selection from the pop-up menu.

The camera is now open, and you can direct the camera at anything you'd like to scan. The default scan mode is the automatic mode with color. Choose to Retake if the initial scan doesn't look nice.

The scan can be refined in many ways to improve the scan.

Use Notes on Your iPhone to Quickly Scan Documents, Source: Youtube, Teacher's Tech 

  • The upper row of icons allows you to choose either black or grayscale to use to scan. You can select one once you have taken the image.
  • When the image has been scanned, the camera will start firing automatically. Additionally, you can utilize the shutter button or Volume buttons to perform an image manually. The scanner permits you to alter corner angles by hand. If the corners are in good shape, then tap Keep Scan.
  • Following the first scan, the scanner remains in camera view and will stay there for subsequent scans (e.g., the documents with multiple pages).
  • After you have completed the image, press your save button located at the lower right of your screen. The scan can be placed into the notepad it was in at the start.
  • Are you looking to move the scan of your document out of the Notes application? Hold down an image preview, and click share when displayed.
  • Additionally, you can use the tools to mark up the Notes application throughout the document.

Scan Documents with the Files Application

Apple launched the Files application on iPhone 11. It also includes a convenient document scanner feature similar to the scanner in Notes. Snap a picture of a page and save it to iCloud Drive. You can also keep any cloud service from third parties associated with the Files application.

Start your Files

Tap the ellipsis symbol (three dots) located on the top-right edge of the display. Choose "Scan" Documents. Scroll down to show the options bar, then tap the ellipsis symbol on the left.

Utilize the camera to zoom in upon the image. This is similar to the scanning process for documents in the Notes app, which is available from this point on. The camera is equipped with the auto-mode, which detects the document automatically. When the document's selection isn't accurate, you can switch to manual mode.

iPhone: How To Scan Documents Using the iOS Files App, Source: Youtube, Mike Murphy Co

You can adjust the edges of your scan. The app attempts to maximize the size of the tile and the angle.

Click done to end the scan. Select Retake when the scan doesn't appear as you expected.

The Files app will prompt you to save your file to the preferred folder. When the scanning is initiated within a particular folder, it will be dedicated to that same folder.

You can export one scan or multiple images as PDF directly from the share sheet of iOS.

Scan Documents Using Microsoft Lens

Microsoft Lens (formerly Office Lens) is among the most potent cross-platform productivity tools you can use. It's a powerful document scanner application with additional valuable features when using Microsoft Office. Microsoft Office suite.

Then, open Microsoft Lens and swipe across the screen until you select the appropriate mode for capture.

The various capture modes include WhiteboardDocumentBusiness Card, or Photograph. For example, Whiteboard is best for sketching and handwritten notes against white backgrounds. Microsoft Lens enhances the handwritten strokes against the ground. Scan documents like books, forms, menus, etc., using The Document Mode. It is best to scan photos or any other item that may not be compatible with the different modes.

The camera should be pointed at the object. Adjust the angle so that the bounding box of orange frame the image perfectly.

Press the round camera button located in the middle of your screen. Choose the option to confirm to save the image in a scan.

Scan documents with your phone using Microsoft Lens, Source: Youtube, Learning and Technology with Frank

Finetune the quality of the captured image. You can add a brand new photo to the scanning, apply a filter onto the picture, crop or rotate it, or delete the image. Use options like Pen and Text tools to write notes on the image before selecting Done. Choose More below the Crop icon to see the additional options.

Choose Done at the time it is ready. Save the document you scanned to your Photo Library and export it to PDF. The Save to options permits you to forward the image to a Microsoft Office app. You can also send the scan to a friend using the other options on the screen.

Microsoft Lens has other features which help you take flawless scans. You can turn on the Flash in low-light conditions. It is also possible to take photos using the Camera app and later upload them into Lens to tweak them into an image scan.

Click the Image icon in the lower-left corner of the window for capture. Navigate into Pictures and select the photo you would like to utilize. Choose and then upload it to Microsoft Lens.

Extra Scan QR Codes with iPhone Camera iPhone Camera

A QR code is a different scan you could need to do. It's a quick and efficient method for those who don't wish to enter a lengthy URL to search for something. Point your iPhone to its QR symbol, and then the info will be scanned within a second.

Scan QR Code using iPhone Camera in iOS 11, Source: Youtube, iGeeksBlog

Launch The iOS Camera app from the Home screen, Control Center, or directly from the Lock screen.

Choose the rear camera. Use the viewfinder feature in the Camera app at the QR code. Your iPhone will detect it as a QR code and show an alert.

Press the notification button to open the web page linked by the QR code.


Find ways to improve your organization skills for documents using the scanner. For example, don't save the images on the phone. Transfer them to an archive space on the cloud or your computer. You can also use the Continuous Camera feature to create richer documents using macOS.

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