How to share your Story with Your Friends from the Closest Circle on Instagram

If you'd like to publish your Story on Instagram with a smaller number of followers, you can post it to the people on your Close Friends list...

You've probably noticed Instagram Stories marked with a bright green ring placed around the profile picture of the creator and wondered what the heck that's about. This shows that the user shared the Story with their "close acquaintances" on Instagram. This guide will help you understand how to do that. Let's get started.

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What Are Close Friends on Instagram

"Close Friends" is a specific category of Instagram users with whom you can post Stories only. If you upload the Story to those on your Close Friends list, only those on the list can view the Story.

How To Use Instagram's "Close Friends" Feature - Share Stories with Favorite people, Source: Youtube, Howfinity 

This list is helpful when you need to protect some of the Stories' content private, away from view.

In addition to sharing your Instagram Stories with your close friends, you can generally change Instagram's Instagram preferences to control your experience with the application.

How to add accounts to your Best Friends' Lists on Instagram

Before you can send the Story to those on the Close Friends list, you need to add them to the list first. Here's how:

Install Instagram on your phone. Instagram application on your smartphone.

Tap the Profile icon at the bottom-right right-hand corner.

How To Add People To Your Close Friends List On Instagram, Source: Youtube, FreewaySocial

Touch the 3 bar menu icon at the top-right edge of your screen. Then click Friends close to you toward the bottom of the list.

Enter the handle or name of the account you wish to include in the search bar. Alternatively, you can locate the report in the suggested list and then click the circle next to the account.

Once you're done When you're done, click done at the end of the display.

You can now upload or share Instagram Stories exclusively with the users you've carefully selected.

How to share a story with Your Friends from the Closest Circle on Instagram

The sharing of the details of your Story with the people on your Close Friends list isn't that anything different from sharing your Story with your entire followers. Follow these steps to begin.

Tap the Profil icon located in the upper-left right-hand corner of your profile screen.

Tap the camera icon to capture an image or hold the button to create the video. You can also locate and choose the picture or video you'd like to upload using Your mobile's gallery.

Next, close press Friends to the bottom of the screen to connect to the upload.

How to Use NEW Instagram Stories Close Friends Feature, Source: Youtube, Ian Corzine

Once you've done this from here, your Story will be instantly shared on Your Close Friends list. You can also go through your friend's list and add friends to it by opening your Story and then pressing on the blue block at the top-right-hand right-hand corner.

There are many methods to help make your Instagram Stories more intriguing. You can try adding an Instagram link in your Story for a chance to gain more interaction or to send the attention of your Close Friends to a website that you've mentioned.

Give Your Friends exclusive access to your Instagram Stories

Sometimes, you need to share certain information with a small number of people, for instance, those you have a connection with personally.


Press the camera icon to take an image or press the button until you create the video. You can also search and select the photo or the clip you'd like to upload to the gallery on your phone.

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