How to Trace and Find Your Phone's Position

This tutorial will help you locate your phone using your Android phone. A phone cannot be found by its number. It is possible to track the exact location of a smartphone using various methods. As long as GPS services are enabled on the device and the owner has granted permission for the app to access that information. These services can be used to track my phone's exact location.

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Where can I find my mobile phone's location using a number?

Along with others, I want to find out where my phone is located by using its number. It's a fraud.

How to track someone's location with just a phone number, Source: Youtube, Liron Segev

Only one can track the location of a smartphone using software downloaded to the device.

Find an Android Phone with Google's Find My Device

Tracking your Android smartphone's location is easy. You can use Google's Locate my Device page for tracking your device.

Once you have done this, Google Maps will display the exact GPS coordinates for your location. This information is marked with a small, yellow Icon.

How to Find a Lost Android Smartphone Using Google Find My Device, Source: Youtube, Websplaining

You can also access it if your phone is lost or stolen.

  • Sound - The alarm will sound every five minutes, even if the phone is turned off.
  • Protected Device - You can lock your phone if it has been stolen.
  • Disable Device - You can remotely erase everything from your device if all else fails.

It's wise to make sure your phone supports location services. This allows Google to track your location. Click Find my Device.

These features can be used quickly to protect your data if your phone gets lost.

Find an iPhone with Apple's Find My iPhone.

Apple's Locate my iPhone service can be used to locate an iPhone.

To track an Android phone, you must enable location services. This allows you to locate your iPhone with an Android device.

How to use Find My on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch | Apple Support, Source: Youtube, Apple Support

This is an excellent service because it significantly increases the chances that an iPhone user will reunite with their phone. You can also find an iPhone and be a part of this success story.

Please Find My Phone!

Open Facebook on your phone and scroll down. The link will show how many friends have enabled location sharing.

This is the simplest way to find friends' locations by phone.

Facebook Messenger allows you to share the exact location of your smartphone with anyone.

Share your location on Google Maps.

Share your location with Google Maps to allow your family and friends to track your phone's position.

Open Google Maps by tapping your icon in Google's search bar. Click the blue sharing location button to share the location and remaining battery life with someone in your Contacts.

Google Maps Now Allows You to Share Your Location With Others, Source: Youtube, Lawrence Systems 

You can turn it off for a specific time (e.g., one hour) or permanently until it is turned off again.

This service is a great way to provide peace of mind for your family while you are away. Parents can track where their children are located worldwide using this service.



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