Keyword research to ASO (App Store Optimization) How to Do it in 2022

To show how Keyword Research works and Optimization To illustrate the process of Keyword Research and Optimization, we will use the Keyword Optimization Circle A model developed some years ago by our good friend Pablo Penny from Phuture...

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What is ASO Keyword?

Based on this model, ASO keyword optimization is an ongoing series of actions that follow:

How To Research ASO Keywords For iOS & Android Apps, Source: Youtube, Darius Mora

Research: Create an inventory of all potential keywords and the combination of keywords relevant to the proposed project.

Prioritize and analyze: the keywords according to their importance, difficulty, and search volume/traffic.

The goal: Optimization of the listing using the keywords you have selected.

Measure: Check the search results and analyze any possible improvement.

ASO Keyword Research - Process and concepts

A thorough keyword analysis is essential to optimizing search visibility in the app stores. As previously mentioned, the first step to take before launching an app in the stores. It is also the first thing to do if your mobile application or game downloads aren't getting the desired volume of downloads the time you want to increase the organic traffic and decrease paid UA costs.

It is crucial to clarify that research on keywords is not something that should be completed only once. It is a procedure that should be carried out regularly as trends change, competitors change, app stores evolve...

Step 1. Brainstorming

As the first step in your keyword research, consider any keywords relevant to your game or app regardless of the type of application, the classification, primary functions, or the issues it solves. 

It would help if you tried to answer these questions in your brainstorming session:

  • Who will need and why should you seek out your game or app?
  • What are the tasks that your prospective users require assistance with?
  • Where will they look to locate your application?
  • What kind of demand for your product or features could your competition be missing?

005 Find Keywords With Brainstorming - Google adwords course, Source: Youtube, Vedshaala

These answers can allow you to put yourself in the position of people searching for apps in the stores. Be aware of their demands (WHAT are they looking for? ), Location (WHERE do they require it? ) and time (WHEN do they need it?), and why you think your application is the ideal option for them?

Record all the keywords and combinations you can think of, and then continue the study.

TIP: Use SEMrush. Use the SEMrush software to obtain every term related to a particular keyword. ADVICE: SEMrush information is information built-in Google web. This means that it could aid us in locating concepts or words that we didn't think of. However, we shouldn't make the basis of our ASO plan on data that is provided by this effective SEO tool.

Step 2: Find keywords for competitors (and conduct some research on the market)

The ideal place to look for keywords for your game or app is directly from your ASO competitors.

App Radar lets you, among other things, to rapidly and easily see all the keywords that an app is ranked on Google Play or the App Store and Google Play. 

How to perform Keyword Research for ASO with App Radar (step-by-step)

The ASO on-metadata aspects, including keywords in the store's listings based on the initial study, are the foundation we have to build to create the listing. We must be aware that our app's performance is solely dependent on ASO and other factors. Still, also on the marketing strategies as well as the budget which allows us to get a more significant number of downloads in less period, as well as in our system for the product such as satisfaction and loyalty, that will enable us to gain feedback and favorable user reviews, crucial to influencing their opinion and to allow the app's application to get selected ahead of our competitors.

After we have included our application and our opponents to the tool, we'll be able to conduct a preliminary assessment of which option to select by evaluating factors like the volume of reviews, ratings, or the average score accumulated.

Best Free ASO Tool: App Radar Overview, Source: Youtube, App Masters

In addition, we'll be able to see "Details" regarding other crucial aspects of monitoring competitors, including whether they've been featured, whether they have Google search ads campaigns, or what place they are within rankings in the Top Charts and category rankings for this instance "Finance."

After identifying the most intriguing competitors, those with more KPIs, and having an effective ASO method (they are the best-positioned), we move on to the next step. To do this, we'll enter the "Analyze Keywords" section "Analyze Keywords" neighborhood, where we'll find all the information that we need to do Keyword Research:


In this section, we view the keywords we track and the tags we use to classify them, and the "RANK" position our application is located for the keyword and the changes in comparison to the prior period, as well as fascinating information regarding the estimated volume of searches and the difficulty of finding. The tool also provides details about the person who owns the keyword, which is, in other words, the application that has the most control over the keyword over the past seven days:


In this section, we'll discover a myriad of keywords. Mainly, they are all keywords that rank organically for every opponent. For instance, we could look at the Coinbase application as a reference and find 990 keywords to use as inspiration. It is also possible to add to "tracking" the keywords that we find interesting to keep track of them daily:

Key FactApp Mastersors for Keyword Rankings (App Store Optimization in 2022), Source: Youtube, App Masters

"Live search" column "live searching" column allows users to run real-time searches on a particular keyword and view the top XXX apps that rank for that keyword. This allows us to identify keywords that could be popular and yet the result or applications that appear in the top positions may differ from our primary company:


This section can search for keywords by running the "autocomplete" simulation, like real-life shoppers in the shops. This is extremely useful since customers frequently utilize it to narrow their search:

We can find out what keywords are currently trending in countries that interest us by going to the "Trends" section. This is for apps that are in various countries:

Suppose we don't have enough keyword concepts in the Brainstorming process itself (which is very unlikely). In that case, you can utilize"Tracking Suggestions" or "Tracking Suggestions" sections to generate ideas based on the current keywords we have and from our metadata with App Radar's AI.

You can also look for additional ideas within the complete App Radar's keyword library (+25M keywords), Filtering the search results by volume and competition because we may not be interested in the most popular keywords:

Competitor keywords

The research for keywords does not stop at this point... App Radar provides a variety of possibilities and methods to study the industry and competitors to determine the most relevant keywords for our application. Within the "Competitor Keywords" section, we can check the keywords we've been monitoring and review our app's rank in rankings. Then we can decide whether we wish to make it more visible by changing the place it is located or increasing its size, or, on the contrary, we think it's better to work to target other words.

Free SEO Competitive Analysis & Competitor Keyword Research Guide - SPPC SEO Guide, Source: Youtube, Surfside PPC

One of the most intriguing ways to identify ranking opportunities within highly competitive industries because we need to be aware that thousands of apps are being added each day to the app stores includes"Shared Keywords," which is the "Shared Keywords" tab. Here we can view how our application ranks on keywords that are shared by our rivals:

Optimization: Choose the most important keywords to be used for product page optimization

Suppose you now have an entire list of potential keywords to use in your application to analyze. In that case, you need to prioritize the terms that you are searching for to improve the quality of your website to get maximum visibility on search engines and place keywords in high spots. If you are using Excel and Google Sheets, this tool is a great way to convert data columns into comma-separated lists. It's pretty helpful in the real sense.

Things to be aware of when choosing the right keywords for your game or application:

Estimates of traffic volume and the difficulty

The difficulty measures the degree of competition for the keyword (the more difficult the keyword, the more difficult it will be to be found for it). Traffic is a rough estimate of the number of searches for the term.

Track ASO Keywords and See Search Traffic and Chance of Ranking in Top 10 - Keyword Tracking, Source: Youtube, Mobile Action

It would help if you found the right balance between ease of use and high volume. Avoid the pitfalls of creating general keywords that have high volume. Try to find mixtures of long and mid-tail keywords (formed by different words).

Keywords installed are available on Google Play Store

The ability to install keywords within App Radar lets you look up accurate information via Google Play Console. Google Play Console can aid in understanding the keywords or combinations of keywords that generate the most downloads and which ones have the most retention or conversion. Based on this information, it is possible to prioritize those keywords that work best for your game or app. This data is also accessible on the Google Play Console.

Apple Search Ads

There's an identical method for iOS applications available in the App Store to determine which keywords are most intriguing. If you're employing Apple Search Ads, you can evaluate the Conversion Rate and the search volume of various keywords to decide which ones are the most relevant and intriguing (and profitable) for your business.


Do you view this detailed guide to keywords analysis for ASO? You are welcome to leave a comment in the comments below.

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