Make Use of This trick to add an image with a watermark from Your iPhone

Make sure your photos aren't stolen with a waterproof watermark on your photos using this simple iPhone trick. The Photos app for iOS lets you edit your images in many ways. It allows you to crop, rotate, use filters, draw and change the orientation of your photos. Another option is to add a signature or watermark to ensure that anyone who views your image is aware that it is yours.

Without a watermark, pictures you've taken could be reused by anyone using them to claim them as their own. This is why putting watermarks is crucial, mainly if the image is intended for commercial use. Let's look at how you can make watermarks using photos. Photos application.

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How to add a Watermark using the Markup Icon

Technically speaking, the Photos application doesn't have the Watermark feature. However, you can utilize the Signature feature of the Markup tools for the same goal. The only limit is that you must use your Signature to create an image watermark and not an image of the name of your business.

It's easy and can be applied to any image. Follow these steps on how to add watermarks.

Select the image you wish to use as watermarks and click Edit.

macOS Shortcuts: Add a Watermark To an Image, Source: Youtube, macmostvideo

Markup icons are a symbol that appears to be markers and is situated on the right-hand side of the screen. You can use the markup feature in various ways.

Choose your (+) ( +) icon located at the bottom.

Touch to make Signed.

If you've already signed an existing signature to your account, the sign will be visible on your screen, which you may use as a watermark. If you'd like to add a new signature, click Add or Remove Signature.

Use the plus ( +) icon located in the lower left-hand corner of the screen to create your signature.

Draw your finger an initial to use as a watermark. When you're happy, you're so glad; press done.

How To Create & Add a Watermark to your Photos (without Photoshop), Source: Youtube, Geek Tutorials

The Signature will appear at the top of your screen. Drag it around the screen and put it where you'd prefer. Click Done after you are done then you'll be brought back to the editing screen. Here, it would be best to hit Done again to save the changes you've made.

Suppose you try to make use of the markup feature using the use of a Live Photo, press OK to disable this Live Photo feature before you move on. It is possible to arrange the edited images into a separate Watermark album within the Photos apps.

Secure Your Pictures by adding a watermark to them

Protect images with your watermark in Adobe Illustrator, Source: Youtube, Adobe Tutorials

The Photos application allows you to add a watermark with the Signature feature of Markup Tools. 


All you need to create is the perfect Signature for your watermark and put it in the location you want it. A markup can ensure your images aren't abused by users who are not yours.

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Hope this article is helpful to you, thanks for reading.