Making ASO and Boost campaigns Together to Increase Downloads

The process of developing a mobile app is becoming more difficult due to the increase in the number of apps and the growing trend towards the use of apps across all categories. As an app creator or an owner of an app, the first thing you have to face is that if you're not listed among the top ones, you won't get the number of downloads and revenue you imagine as everyone who owns an app experience initially when you're trusting your app's ability to conquer stores. You are confident regarding your app's performance. You must dig further into the mobile advertising plan and invest more time to achieve tangible outcomes.

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App Store Optimization and Boost Campaigns

If you've heard of App Store Optimization and Boost Campaigns, Let's begin by discussing what they are and why they are essential in developing your app.

The ASO (App Store Optimization) is the collection of procedures to improve the visibility of your app on the significant storefronts for apps (IOS App Store & Google Play). It can be viewed as SEO for mobile apps.

5 Essential Tips To Improve Your App Store Optimization (ASO), Source: Youtube, Ariel from Appfigures

Consider these tips to make your app more optimized for stores that sell apps within ASO.

  • Find the most efficient and most competitive keywords to make it easier to rank,
  • Analyzing which categories are appropriate for your app
  • Examining competitors,
  • Optimizing the name of an app, according to best practices
  • Optimizing the description of your app by making use of the right keywords
  • Optimizing the visuals of your application (screenshots and the app icon),
  • Create (if necessary) or optimize the preview videos,
  • The app should be localized, if is required
  • Updating your app regularly,
  • Reviewing ratings and reviews,
  • Optimize and analyze keywords at frequent time intervals.

That means that if your app isn't visible in the search results, you will not be discovered and downloaded. This means that you are missing the chance to boost your organic traffic. This is why it is essential to consider App Store Optimization as part of mobile advertising strategy.

Increase Campaigns

Boost Campaign is another mobile marketing technique to gain genuine and active downloads by increasing the app's popularity within the app's category and keywords. The concept for boost marketing is to acquire incentive-based downloads briefly. In addition, it gives you the chance to rank higher for keywords and categories and boost organic downloads.

7 Key Steps to Planning and Launching a Successful Marketing Campaign, Source: Youtube, Marketing 360

The Reasons to Boost Campaigns are crucial

  • It lets you rate your app post-launch by testing it with real users.
  • It allows you to give vital information to your potential investors.
  • It enables you to become viral.
  • It will enable you to develop the most appropriate growth formulas based on retention rates CO and LTV. Before investing vast amounts in ad campaigns.

Do They Have To Work Together?

To answer this question, we'll examine the outcomes from reverse scenarios. What happens if you choose ASO exclusively?

This makes your app attractive to both the app stores and prospective customers. If your keywords are chosen carefully and other essential elements are correctly executed, there is a possibility of increasing your rank in your niche. If your competition benefits from ads to rank higher and more prominently, it's almost impossible to ensure your position is in the safest place and be ranked higher.

aso and boost campaignASO and boost campaign, Source: Proreviewsapp

Another scenario is to benefit from boost campaigns but without ASO. Why? Because if your application isn't optimized following the best methods, it reduces the chances of getting downloads regardless of whether your category rank is good. In addition, ASO helps you discover the top keywords that should be ranked. Additionally, if you carry out ASO before boost promotion, it can also create an ocean of blue that can rank your website in terms of keywords.

Tweet "A successful boost strategy should start after a successful ASO."[Tweet "A successful boost strategy should begin after a successful ASO."

For clarity, Below, you will look at the graph showing the rise in downloads for Say Hi in the US after combining ASO and Boost Campaigns. The method used was to finish ASO operations and then update the site as required, initially then creating boost campaigns after that. As ASO operations helped rank in the search results, the ranking of categories increased by synchronization due to boost campaigns and boost campaigns.


The combination of ASO and boost campaigns can make each strategy more effective, which increases the chances for your app to succeed on the app store. This is why it is essential to design a mobile-specific marketing strategy that combines both to meet your goals.

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Hope this article is helpful to you, thanks for reading.