Most Popular Android Apps You Should Not Install

Most Popular Android Apps You Should Not Install

These Android apps are top-rated but can also be a security risk. After reading this, you will want to remove any installed apps. Many Android apps pretend to be your friend. They claim they will entertain or help you, but they are trying to harm you. Google's Play Store has been frequently criticized for its ineffective filtering of unsafe content. You could be tracked, hacked, or even conned if you are not careful. Here are the worst apps. These apps already have millions of downloads. Make sure you're not one of them.

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1. QuickPic Gallery

What is it: QuickPic was a friendly and straightforward photo gallery. Although it was not flashy, its user base grew steadily with clear communication and frequent updates.

Why it's so bad: It was bought by Cheetah mobile, a notorious Chinese company, in 2015. It quickly became a dangerous app for Android. The company began uploading users' data onto their servers. One Google Plus user found numerous DNS requests that could be attributed to the app.

QuickPic Android App Review - Best Photo Gallery App!, Source: Youtube, hollywoodfrodo

In late-2018, the app was entirely removed from the Play Store, but it was returned in 2019. Cheetah informed Android Police at the time of the return that QuickPic wasn't released because of advertising fraud, but rather, the company didn't want it to be maintained anymore.

There are many QuickPic versions available today. You can stay safe by following one simple rule: Don't install them all!

It would help if you used it. There are many gallery applications for Android. The simple gallery is one of the best QuickPic alternatives. You can edit photos, manage your files, and choose from multiple themes.

2. ES File Explorer

What is it: The most widely used file explorer app was ES File Explorer. It was good five years ago.

Why it's terrible: The free version of the app was full of bloatware adware and constantly urged you to install additional apps through notification bar popups that you can't disable. The situation became worse when the popular app was removed from the Play Store in April 2019. It had committed click fraud through its ads.

Click fraud is the practice of clicking background ads automatically on users' devices without being aware.

How to use ES File Explorer, Source: Youtube, Pepe aka Gamer 3670

You can now download the ES File Explorer APK and dozens of other impersonators from the Play Store. Avoid all versions of the app.

It would help if you chose. There are many Android file explorers. You can select Files from Google if you are concerned about ease of use. Or, if you prefer customization, you can use Total Command.

3. UC Browser

It is the most popular Android web browser in India and China. It boasts a fast mode and compression that will save you data.

Why it's so bad: Tracking, Yahoo India and Google do not receive search queries. An IMSI number, IMEI, Android ID, and Wi-Fi MAC addresses of users are sent to Umeng (an Alibaba analytics platform). Users' geolocation data, including longitude/latitude and street names, is sent to AMAP (an Alibaba mapping software).

How to Download and Install UC Browser in Windows, Source: Youtube, True Knowledge with me

What to use instead: How do you start? While Chrome and Firefox are obvious choices for a fast Android web browser, some people worry about privacy. The DuckDuckGo Privacy browser is an excellent all-around choice.

4. Hago

What is it: Hago, an all-in-one application for chatting, gaming, and hanging out with friends in real-time, is Hago.

Why it's so bad: Is Hago still safe in the traditional sense of the word? We believe so. There is no evidence of serious malpractice. The app allows you to earn real money by playing games or participating in group activities. This immediately raises alarm bells.

HAGO TALK LIVE AND PLAY GAMES APP, Source: Youtube, Marc Glenn Cordero

We think there could be a problem, especially considering that sideloading the app is more lucrative than installing it via Google Play.

Instead, it would help if you used Android offers a wide range of free games that you can play against strangers online. 

5. DU Battery Saver and Fast Charge

Du Battery Saver and Fast Charge was an app that saved batteries. It had an incredible 7.6 million five-star ratings.

Why is it wrong? Fast Charge The ability to alter the speed your device charges is not available for an app. It is also the king among adverts, as it sponsors nearly every ad you see in other apps and manifests its ads on your lock screen. All those cool animations and speed graphs? They are completely fake.

DU Battery your battery & fast charging, Source: Youtube, Solution Center

In April 2019, the Google Play Store removed the app due to click fraud. Millions of users still use the app on older devices.

What to use instead: To monitor your phone's battery status, you can use GSM Batterie Monitor. Greenify is a great way to save your battery.

6. Fildo

What is it: A illegal music downloading app disguised as a music player.

Why it's so bad: Fildo was connected to Netease, a Chinese online entertainment company. Fildo used an API backdoor to allow you to download any song from Netease's servers.

Unlimited Free Music on Android with Fildo, Source: Youtube, robinkhaira1

Is Fildo safe today? Maybe. Netease has now closed the loophole, and many long-time users are leaving. Fildo is now a music management application. Fildo has a dark history and should not be trusted due to possible data collection and other privacy-busting activities.

What to use instead: To listen to music, a service such as YouTube is the best choice. Cloud player is a good choice for music management.


The Play Store is not entirely safe. Nearly all companies have at least some data collection. Sideloaded APKs are a more significant threat. Sideloading apps from companies that have taken your app store loyalty away. They're likely to be even more dangerous than before.

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