Other Apps to Enhance Apple Music Experience on iPhone

These third-party music players provide advanced Apple Music features that you won't find within the stock app. Apple Music is a great app, but you will have some stock music app issues. Apple Music was added to the app to allow people to listen to iTunes songs. The Music app can sometimes be slow and sluggish, and it lacks advanced filtering options to create playlists. Are these things not for you? Then you will be happy to know that several apps enhance Apple Music. Below are the top apps.

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1. Soor

Soor was one of the first Apple Music player apps available on the App Store. It still works well today. Magic Mix is Soor's most notable feature. It allows you to create custom playlists using a Siri Shortcuts-like interface.

You can choose songs by category, and download songs from your library, Apple Music playlists, and many other sources. The playlist can be quickly created by adding filters such as artist, release date, length, etc.

Magic Mix was able to create a 16-hour playlist within 10 minutes. This feat would have taken hours using the stock Music app for iPhone.

Soor App Review: Better Apple Music App, Source: Youtube, Daniel Roman

Soor's UI is also beautiful, with excellent features like a pull-down that allows you to switch between different menu items at the top.

We have one major complaint about Soor. It takes too long to load Magic Mixes from the home screen. The app must scan all of your filters to determine if any new songs have been added.

Although it would be nicer if these lists loaded faster, you can get around this by saving Magic Mixes to Apple Music playlists. The mix will be available in just one tap, even though it might not update automatically.

2. Cs Music Player

Cs Music Player can be a great alternative to Apple Music's algorithm. It focuses on your music and is not designed for those unhappy with Apple Music. You can show albums, songs, playlists, and artists from your library with handy tabs. If you have bought a lot of iTunes songs over the years, this player can be used without an Apple Music subscription.

There is no way to add music to Cs Music Player. You'll need to use the Music app to add music.

Cesium Music Player Review/Better Than Apple Music App, Source: Youtube, Daniel Roman

This can be unpleasant if you have added some songs to an album to your library, but not all. You end up with many albums without songs. It takes some back-and-forth to get the most out of Cs Music Player.

Cs Music Player allows you to search songs within playlists, which is still missing from the stock Music app. But it would be even more helpful if you could also search within albums.

3. Marvis Pro

Marvis Pro is an Apple Music music player that's beautifully designed. It is simple to use and has an excellent interface. The default focus of the app is your music library. You can change the settings to make the app great for music discovery.

Marvis Pro's most outstanding feature is the ability to customize your home screen. You can add sections to Apple Music's radio stations or songs from your library.

A Look at Marvis Pro for iOS (Brief Overview and Filters), Source: Youtube, Writing Momentum

Marvis Pro's player is also great. It has a nice volume bar just above your Home Bar and options that allow you to access the artist's page or album quickly.

We appreciate the flexibility Marvis Pro playlists offer, but we could not find an option to search songs within a playlist. This is the one thing we most miss.

4. Maximum

Maximum allows you to combine your Apple Music playlists into more extensive playlists. Although you can queue multiple playlists in the stock Music app, combining them in some instances is better. We love Best of 70s Rock so much; we listen to all four volumes of Apple Music. Maximum excels in this area.

How To Combine Two Apple Music Playlists, Source: Youtube, Brad Barlow

You can have it combine all of your playlists to make new mixes. It can also ask to remove or include songs based upon play counts, explicit labels, whether the theme is "loved" on Apple Music, and other helpful filters.

It is a simple app, but it does exactly what it claims.

5. PlayTally

Ever wished for detailed stats for Apple Music? PlayTally will help you realize your dream. You can see valuable statistics such as how much time you spent listening to music on any given date or day. Apple Watch-style Apple Watch awards are also available to set daily listening records or play a certain amount of songs. You can also find a Trending section in the app that highlights your favorite songs and artists.


PlayTally, Source: Proreviewsapp

PlayTally is an example of an app that does certain things well and is not crammed with unnecessary features. PlayTally cannot track your Apple Music activity until you give it access.


Apple Music stock apps still shine in certain areas despite all the amazing apps. One of these areas is time-syncing lyrics. Although some apps, like Soor, allow you to use Musixmatch for time-sync songs, it is much better to use the stock Apple Music app.

Many people still consider the stock Music app the best for Apple Music. Although it may be lacking in certain areas, it is still an excellent app for music streaming.

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