Promotional in-app purchases to boost the performance of your ASO KPIs

With more than 2 million new games and apps released in 2021, your app will constantly be competing for users' interest. This is why App Store Optimization has become an essential factor for app marketers. The traditional methods to increase the visibility of your app, including optimization of the metadata of your listing, do not suffice for bringing your listing up the ranks. It is good to know that apps are constantly releasing new features that, if you take the right strategy, can work to your advantage and assist you in delivering steady growth of your apps. Promotional In-App purchase (PIAPs) is just one of them. Here's how to make the most from PIAPs today.

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What are Promoting In-App purchases (or the PIAPs)?

Promotional In-App Purchases, commonly called PIAPs, is a brand new iOS App Store feature that lets users browse for in-app purchases right through the App Store and instantly buy a product without even downloading the application.

What makes them particularly valuable to your ASO is that they are displayed in various places within the App Store. They can be found on your product's page and in search results. They are featured in your Today Games and Apps tabs. They can provide your listing with a window display to show information previously accessible exclusively within the application.

Configuring In App Purchases on App Store Connect (Lesson 2), Source: Youtube, CodeWithChris 

With this new feature, your users will shop in a window, look at the features you the market, and purchase without ever stepping foot in the door. It's a fantastic instrument to increase users' search, conversion, and revenue generation via the App Store.

Types of in-app purchases

There are four kinds of in-app purchases that you can use to make money from your apps on the App Store. App Store:


Often, they are used in apps and games that have the freemium model of business. They supply various consumables that deplete when used, such as gems that allow you to progress in an online game. Be aware that they can't be promoted via the PIAP system.


They offer features that can be bought once and aren't resold, for example, access to premium features like a photo filter that can be used in a photo editing application.

In App Purchase Types - In App Purchases in with iOS 12, Swift 4.2, and Xcode 10, Source: Youtube,

Automatic renewal of subscription

They give your users continuous access to your content services or premium features in your application, including cloud-based storage services, high-quality access to video graphics, education, and more.

Subscriptions that are not renewable.

They provide access to certain products or services for a particular duration, such as one month of subscriptions that give gardening tips for the season but aren't automatically renewed.

How PIAPs impact the visibility

In-app purchases for promotions are an excellent tool to aid in increasing the popularity of your app because they let you associate more keywords to your app within the algorithms.

Every PIAP includes:

  • Promoting image is displayed in your App Store product page, in the Today, Games, and Apps tabs, if your content is highlighted, and it may also be displayed on search results.
  • The name of the display name could be as long as 30 characters in length and should be as simple and clear to comprehend.
  • Description It helps to explain the benefits of each offer and is as long as 45 characters.

The description and the name are searched for keywords, which means they will assist in expanding and enhancing the number of strategically relevant keywords for your listing. More keywords will result in a broader audience, which can help your app raise the ranks on the App Store and ultimately boost its visibility. 

What impact do PIAPs have on the Sales of Products?

Furthermore, promotions in-app purchases could impact your app's sales, increasing revenue KPIs. Customers can now experience all the features in your app before download, dramatically improving the sales funnel. If you're providing a quality service and the marketing strategies you employ are spot on, You can be sure that PIAPs will increase sales because people are more likely to buy the product they have a glimpse of.

It's important to note that your promotional materials are vital in this regard. They should be highly attuned to the target customers, showcase the unique product you're trying to market and also be consistent with your branding, creating a seamless image of your app throughout all aspects of your website. Here are some excellent examples:

In-App Purchase vs Adverts vs Subscription App | Mobile App Business Model Review, Source: Youtube, Xcreate

In the examples above, the images for promotion satisfy the requirements for an excellent in-app purchase marketing strategy. Each of them is easy to distinguish from the screenshots and icons. They convey the app's features and align with the brand.

Keep in mind that not the Promotional In-App Purchase attracts every user, but that doesn't mean that the card can help them discover your app, and using the appropriate approach incentives makes them want to learn further. PIAPs may assist you in separating your users into high-intent people (those that download the PIAPs via the App Store) and all other users who might require more convincing to purchase an item, try by offering a free trial or even sign up.

The segmentation process is critical from an app growth perspective and could become part of your long-term strategy. When you've established which users you have the highest interest in, you can concentrate on them for frequent marketing automation initiatives, give additional products, or invite them to participate in a brand ambassadorship program.

Four ways to incorporate the PIAPs in the ASO plan:

1. Keyword optimization

Consider your app's listing and the PIAPs overall. Do you have any keywords that cannot be accommodated within the 160 characters that are keyword-indexed on your page? In-app purchase cards that are promotional give you a perfect space to explain your product's uniqueness and optimize it to your keywords to improve your overall search rankings. Furthermore, any purchase in-app will trigger an alert from an app store to encourage your prospective customer to download the app before downloading. What's the importance of this to your ranking on keywords? The algorithm will continue to connect the app's download with the keywords used during the search. Therefore, it will be a relevant keyword in your algorithm, increasing your visibility and ranking.

2. Image of promotion

We've already mentioned this. However, the image used for promotion is crucial because it gives buyers an idea of what they can anticipate from the purchase.

SEO for Google Images | Quick Talk about Search Center, Source: Youtube, Google Search Central 

But, that's not the only reason you must nail your uniqueness. On your app's product page, the image of your promotion appears above the screenshots and is the first aspect of the app that users are exposed to. Thus, ensure that your image's message conveys the essence of the purpose of your app, or else, the users won't understand your app at first glance. Keep in mind that your image for promotion shouldn't be too identical to your icon or screenshots because Apple doesn't accept it.

3. Test pricing

Promotional in-app purchases let you test various pricing models, including monthly, weekly, or annual subscriptions, among others. For instance, you can utilize PIAPs to see if an offer for free trials affects your app's conversion rate.

It's the same for one-off purchase items (consumable with in-app transactions). Suppose users choose to use one particular in-app purchase promotion over another. In that case, this may give you valuable data to create a targeted marketing automation campaign with an improved selling product with an eye.

Try different promotions frequently. Remember, you could have as many as 20 PIAPs, giving you ample room to play around with. Take note that the results of a search will only display your non-consumable app purchases. If you're running an app for gaming that utilizes gems as points, then an in-app purchase card that provides an exclusive package of 50 rocks will not be displayed in the results of a search; it will only show on your product's webpage.

4. Analyze your niche

Specific verticals, including photo editing software, are getting on board with the PIAP trend reasonably quickly. If your competitors are following suit or not, it's worthwhile to test the PIAPs to determine which pricing and messaging will help make your customers convert effectively.

How to Find Your Niche Market + 5 Examples to Inspire You, Source: Youtube, Learn With Shopify

If you're beginning to explore App Store and you have several competitors that offer PIAPs, be sure to look at their offerings and pricing for ideas. Most likely, they've tried their prices, which will reduce the time and effort you'd typically have to put into the trial-and-error process and help you to tailor your product more effectively.


Promotional In-App Purchases function with your application and could be a fantastic option to add to your ASO strategy for 2022. They could affect your app's visibility, conversion, and even sales for your products and provide you with additional opportunities to show off your app and gather valuable data on your customers. Make sure to choose a catchy promo image that aligns with your brand's identity and demonstrates the essence of what your app is about. Also, don't be afraid to experiment with various promotions regularly so that you can learn quickly what is most effective for your audience. You'll also be aware of how you can improve your offer to boost the number of sales.

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