Samsung Brings Some S22 Features To Older Phones

Older Samsung Galaxy devices will get some of the most potent Galaxy S22 features. You can check here to see if your device is receiving an upgrade. Each year, Samsung launches its latest and greatest Galaxy S series phones with new features that target high-budget buyers. Samsung is adding new features to older Galaxy smartphones through a software update, just as it has done in the past. This article will cover everything, from the features to the Galaxy phones receiving the new capabilities.

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What Galaxy S22 Features are Coming to Older Phones!

The Samsung Galaxy S22 series was launched with a variety of exclusive features. Samsung is now bringing some of its S22 features to more Samsung phones. These are six features that Samsung will add to its Galaxy phones.

1. Object Eraser Tool

The Object Eraser tool allows you to remove background reflections and people from your images. This may sound familiar?

How To Use Magic Eraser Tool On Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, Source: Youtube, WebPro Education

It's Samsung's version of Google Pixel's Magic Eraser feature. It's one of the most impressive features of the Pixel 6 camera.

2. Expert RAW App

This photo-editing application gives you more control over your images. Expert RAW allows you to adjust exposure, contrast and shadows, vibrance, white balance, and other essential functions.

Only Samsung's flagship phone, the Galaxy S21 Ultra, will have Expert RAW.

3. Google Duo Live Sharing

You can now share your screen with Google Duo on Galaxy smartphones. This feature may not be compatible with all apps.

Galaxy S22 Ultra: Google Duo Live Sharing, Source: Youtube, Samsung

Share your screen with a few Samsung or Google apps available at launch. These include YouTube and Samsung Notes. Some of these are Google Maps, Samsung Gallery, Jamboard, and Google Maps. To get familiar with Google Duo, take a look at our guide for beginners to the app.

4. Streamlined Photo Sharing

Samsung has simplified photo sharing on older Galaxy phones. Your device will automatically adjust your images to share with the new update. When you share a picture on Galaxy, your Galaxy device will notify you if you need to make any adjustments.

5. Grammarly-Powered Keyboard

Samsung Keyboard now integrates Grammarly's writing-assistant capabilities. This integration means that Grammarly's keyboard apps are not required to be downloaded to use its tools. Grammarly is a paid service, so you'll need to pay for premium features.

Galaxy S22/S22+/Ultra: How to Use Keyboard Shortcuts on the Physical Keyboard, Source: Youtube, ITJungles 

Samsung claims that Grammarly will be free for three months to eligible users. This guide will help you to enable or disable Grammarly within Samsung's Keyboard app.

6. Enhanced Camera Features

The update by Samsung also contains several camera-enhancing features. These include night mode portraits, pet recognition in portrait mode, telephoto photos videos, lighting position editing, and Snapchat integration. The telephoto lens supports Pro Mode.

However, don't hold your breath. These camera features are not always available on every device. According to a Samsung post in Korean community forums (via Android Polic), night mode portraits will be only available on the Galaxy S21 and Z Flip3, Z Flip3, S20, and Note20, as well as the Galaxy S21 and Z Flip3, Z Flip3, S20, and Note20 models.

Get Galaxy S22 features on your old Galaxy smartphone

Samsung's One UI 4.1 software update isn't a major one. It introduces many new features to older Galaxy phones, some of which are exclusive to the 2022 flagship Galaxy S22 Series.

Galaxy S22 Ultra Tips & Tricks: Top 14 hidden features!, Source: Youtube, Android Central

Samsung will give priority to the Galaxy Z Fold3 and Galaxy Z Flip3. Samsung will update its S21 series, unnamed Galaxy A phones, and one of its tablets, the Tab S7FE. Other eligible devices will follow. As of the writing, there's no One UI4.1 rollout schedule.


What older Samsung phones get the S22 features? All of the above features are included in Samsung's One UI 4.1 Update. All Galaxy S21, S20, and S10 models are eligible for the Galaxy S series. Only the Note 20, Note 20 Ultra, and Note 10+ 5G are suitable for the defunct Galaxy Note series.

Samsung will release the update to its foldable phone line. This includes the Galaxy Z Fold2 5G and Fold 5G phones and the Z Flip 5G and Z Flip 5G. The South Korean tech company will also bring these features to its tablet range, including its Tab S7FE and some of its budget Galaxy A phones.

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