Samsung Galaxy S22U: Top 8 Features

We look at the top features of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. What is the difference between the S21 Ultra and the S22 Ultra? Does it replace the Galaxy Notes series? The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra flagship Android phone is the most anticipated 2022. This device is priced the same as the S21 Ultra but has some significant improvements. The most obvious change is the new design, but many more. Let's take you through the top ten features of the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

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1. Built-In S Pen

The S22 Ultra, the first S series device with a built-in S Pen, is a Galaxy Note series model. Due to the increasing similarities between the S series and the Note series, Samsung decided to combine the two. 

The Reality Of Life With The S Pen, Source: Youtube, Thao Huynh 

S Pen allows for smooth writing and sketching with a latency time of just 2.8 milliseconds. This makes it feel almost identical to writing on paper. The S Pen also has many small but useful features to increase your productivity.

The pen and the phone are IP68 certified to resist water and dust.

2. Brightest Display Ever with LTPO 2

With a peak brightness rating of 1750 nits, the Galaxy S22 Ultra is the most brilliant smartphone. This is enough brightness to be used every day, even if you spend much time outside. However, if you are in direct sunlight, maximizing the intelligence can cause a loss in image quality. Deep blacks will appear washed out, and colors will fade.

VisionBooster will help you map your display and improve color and light to reduce that effect. The exhibit also features LTPO 2.0 technology which reduces the refresh rate to 120Hz, but can still be used for static viewing to conserve battery life.

3. Four years of Android updates

Extended software support is something that Android phones lack compared to iPhones. The former offers three years of major OS upgrades at most, while the latter provides five to six years.

Samsung offers 4 years of major android update and 5 years of security updates for these devices! Source: Youtube, AppX

Samsung offers four years of Android updates with the Galaxy S22 Series. This means your Galaxy S22 smartphone will be able to upgrade to Android 16. It will make it easier to keep your phone longer than usual.

4. Snapchat Optimization

Social media apps work better on iPhones than Android smartphones, as you may have noticed. The reason is that the iOS ecosystem is simpler and more standardized than the Android ecosystem.

Samsung has partnered up with Snapchat to make the Galaxy S22 series' social media platform more efficient and take advantage of its new camera system and software updates. This allows you to take sharper photos and videos with improved low-light performance. You can also use the various cameras on your S22 smartphone for ultra-wide and portrait shots.

5. New 4nm Processor

You also get four years of software updates and a new 4nm chipset. It depends on where you are located; it could be the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 or Samsung's internal processor. The Exynos 2200 is the other option. These chips are powerful and can multitask with ease, making them ideal for gamers and power users.

The Final AM4 CPUs, Intel's Arc GPU Event, True M1 Ultra Performance - Tech News March 20, Source: Youtube, Paul's Hardware 

The Snapdragon chip uses Adreno 730 GPU, while the Exynos chip, made in collaboration with AMD, uses the Exynos Xclipse 920 GPU based upon RDNA 2. This is the same graphics architecture as the PlayStation 5.

Although the chip's benchmark results may be slightly different, you won't notice any significant difference in real-world performance.

6. 1TB Internal Storage Option: Samsung

The S22 Ultra comes with a maximum-out 1TB storage option, which can only be purchased on the official Samsung website. This feature was last seen in a Samsung smartphone in 2019 when the S10+. Most people don't need this much storage.

This can be beneficial for gamers, creators, or power users as you can download more graphically intensive games, take countless high-resolution photographs and videos, and save tons of TV shows and movies. There is no MicroSD slot on the phone.

7. More Stabilization and Lower-Light Shots

The correction angle of the primary camera on the S22 Ultra has been increased by 58% to provide better optical image stabilization (OIS). This allows the lens to move more freely, compensating for any jitters that may occur while shooting. This allows for sharper photos and videos. 

10 Tips for Shooting in LOW LIGHT!, Source: Youtube, Parker Walbeck 

Sometimes, however, having the best hardware doesn't suffice. This is especially true when shooting at night or under low light conditions. Video Digital Image Stabilization (or VDIS) uses software to balance your videos. It analyzes four times the motion data of your camera shakes and adjusts accordingly.

8. Expert RAW Camera App

Expert RAW is a new app for the S22 Ultra specifically designed for professional photographers. You can click photos in 16-bit raw format and manually adjust the ISO, white balance, and exposure settings.

This app is much more customizable than the default camera app. It doesn't lose any image data, unlike the default camera app. This app will make Adobe Lightroom a pleasure if you edit photos often.


Many rumors suggested that Samsung was going to end the Galaxy Note series. While we won't likely see a new Samsung device with that name, the Note is still available via the Galaxy S series. Its "Ultra" name represents the best Samsung has to offer. A phone with this much power is unnecessary for most people. The S22 Ultra is an attractive option for maximizing their productivity, gaming, and social media.

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