Spy feature graphics for any app in the Google Play with our new Google Chrome ASO Extension

We're excited to introduce our latest extension that works with Google Chrome! Google Play Feature Graphic Viewer is a brand new and easy-to-use tool that displays the feature image of any mobile application or game available on the Play Store website when browsing on a desktop. It also lets you monitor the activities of your ASO rivals. This is a great tool to use for market research.

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Google Play Feature Graphic Viewer (also known as Spy)

Feature Graphics in Google Play is one of the top 5 ASO factors that influence conversion rates. Screenshots and icons are also important in generating an impression and convincing users to download a mobile application or game by presenting an idea and impression of the experience the app can provide.

In the course of A/B tests, to determine the most practical combination of the visual elements of the listing for Google Play, carrying out some basic research about competitors can provide a lot of information to developers and marketers.

How To Generate Android App Feature Graphics For Google Play?, Source: Youtube, Internet Growth Engine

We've made the task simpler - you don't have to search manually for apps available on Google Play to check their feature Graphic on your mobile device. You can now perform this on your desktop using our latest Chrome extension:

It is crucial to note that The extension works only with the brand new Google Play Store website. If you cannot view the graphic for the feature, you can use Chrome incognito mode. However, the store will be accessible to everyone shortly. Be sure to look into other helpful Chrome extension extensions to ASO we've created, which more than 80k users already use.

It is the Google Play Feature Graphic Viewer extension. It is entirely accessible and available to everyone using the Google Chrome browser.

Increase downloads by using Conversion Rate Optimization

As you are aware, App Store Optimization is not just Search. Conversion rate to Install is a significant factor in optimizing traffic to mobile games and apps and driving downloads. The Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is an integral part of the ASO cycle. Increasing conversion rate is a way to gain the advantage of all traffic coming in organic and non-organic.

Conversion Rate Optimization - 8 Tips for Success | Marketing 360, Source: Youtube, Marketing 360 

Optimizing Conversion Rates in the Google Play Store is affected by these ASO factors:

  1. User Ratings
  2. Localized Product Page
  3. Icon
  4. User Reviews
  5. Feature Graphic
  6. Screenshots

As you can observe, Feature Graphic is the second most significant visual element that affects the rate of conversion to installation. Due to the lack of visibility images posted on Google Play, this element is a crucial factor in deciding users to download.

Why are you putting off downloading this program?

Optimizing your App Store for Better Performance with our Chrome Extensions

With this new extension, we've added another extension to the list of valuable attachments to ASO

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This was the very first Chrome extension that we released. It lets users convert the Apple search Ads scores into numerical numbers that range from zero to 99. Over 22,000 users use this extension.

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This essential Google Chrome extension allows you to see the short description of ANY Google Play app or game while browsing on the Google Play Store website and playing the app, game, or both. More than 10,000 people utilize this extension.

Google Classic into Google Play Search 4 ASO

This is a brand new extension created by our pals at PICKASO. It is "magic" and also adds Google web traditional styles (and more) within search results. Google Play Search results pages. It's exciting and helpful.

You can download it via this link.

We are developing more awesome tools that can help you in the ASO processes at every point. Stay in touch.


Have you tried our brand new Google Play Store Feature Graphic Viewer Chrome extension? Are you satisfied? Comment below about it in the comments section, and do not forget to review it in Google's Chrome Store.

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