Stop Android apps spying on you with DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo's App Tracking Protection can prevent all Android apps from spying on you and collecting data that you don't want.

Permissions and consent are required to access users' data on Android. These permissions are not sufficient to cover the entire extent of the leakage of personal data done by the tracker library. Third-party modules called trackers are embedded in apps. They monitor user engagement, crashes, and serve ads inside the app. These services run in the background and do not require your attention. We will show you how to block these apps from spying using the DuckDuckGo browser.

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Mobile Apps Tracking You

Many studies have investigated the privacy practices of mobile apps and tracking libraries. Recent research into the role and privacy of mobile apps and trackers in the mobile tracking ecosystem has shown that many of these services share, process, and share behavioral data with third parties. It happens without you knowing or consenting.

How to Stop the App Tracking You in Android Using App Permissions (Don't Download!), Source: Youtube, VPNFTW

These are some shared tracker libraries.

  • Crash Reports: These libraries allow developers to track and fix bugs in their applications. Crashlytics and Bugsense are two examples.
  • Analytics These libraries track user behavior, engagement, and the revenue performance of ad libraries. These include Flurry, Google Analytics, and Amazon Insights.
  • Ad modules These libraries are used to display in-app ads. They may also collect personal data to deliver customized ads. Privacy concerns.
  • Social network These libraries integrate the social media SDK like Facebook and Twitter for sharing content and application signup.

This has obvious privacy implications. This lack of transparency in the mobile ecosystem makes it difficult for users to be aware of third-party trackers and how these data are aggregated and collected.

These data allow tech giants like Google and Facebook to create a digital profile, 

Install App Tracking Protection in DuckDuckGo Browser

Open the app and navigate to Settings. Enable App Tracking Protection. After completing this, you will be asked to create a VPN connection. You don't have to download a VPN app. App Tracking Protection asks for your permission to run locally on your device to monitor network traffic and block trackers.

How does Android App Tracking Protection work?

The app launches and attempts to establish a VPN through the Android OS's built-in API. A VPN's purpose is to redirect traffic.

The App Tracking Protection feature activates, and traffic is routed locally to your device. This allows you to sit between your apps and servers and pass through filters. The connection will be blocked if the requested domain is included in this list. The tracker won't be able to send information from your device as a result.

DuckDuckGo Browser Offers App Tracking Protection for Android, Source: Youtube, Explaining Android

Your app will generally work if all traffic goes to the destination server. DuckDuckGo Browser's ability to work on web pages and apps is due solely to the VPN alert mechanism.

Android only allows one active VPN connection per device. You cannot use App Tracking Protection if your phone is already connected to a VPN.

Find out which trackers are being blocked (and which apps they're in)

The Recent Activity screen shows a list of trackers stopped in each app and data for the week.

Scroll down to tap Manage Security for Your Apps if you have a problem with that app. You can also report it to the developer. First, you must enable all apps and check if the functions continue to work.

How to Block App Tracking In Android - You Are in Control of Your Data, Source: Youtube, Android Privacy Lab

The blocker does not show the tracker list or the data they are trying to send. Type in your app name and get the tracker details and permissions.

More Information About Android Permissions

App Tracking Protection, a new feature built into browser apps, is an innovative feature. It lets you see the trackers are known and unknown and the information about third-party companies watching you.


It is essential to be familiar with Android permissions. Our detailed guide to Android licenses can be found here.

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