The 5 Top FREE Cloud Storage Services

Cloud storage is a great way to access your files from any location. Let's look at the top cloud storage options that you can use now.

Cloud storage can be a great option to access your files from any location with Internet access. If you're strapped for cash, you can use free cloud storage sites online that allow you to upload your documents for free.

Let's look at the best cloud storage services to save your data online.

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1. Google Drive (15GB Free Storage)

If you use Google's services regularly, you will likely get plenty of use from Google Drive. It's not just plenty of space, and it's free; however, it also works alongside different Google services. If you've ever used Google Docs in the past, then there's a good chance you're using Google Drive!

Get Unlimited Google Drive Storage For Free | GDrive Unlimited Storage | 100% Working Cloud Storage, Source: Youtube, FRESHco Tech

Google Drive is an excellent method to keep your files for work and business in order. If you're using Google's cloud-based office suite, everything you make is saved in Google Drive for easy access. It is possible to utilize Drive for creating a folder of spreadsheets and word documents to work on and then send a link to the folder to your colleagues. Anyone who has the association can access the folder and modify its copies.

Be aware that 15GB of space is shared by all Google's applications, comprising Gmail, Docs, and Photos.

2. PCloud (10+GB FREE STORAGE)

PCloud is an easy, user-friendly entry in this list. You need to enter your email, username, and password on the main page, and you're set to go. You'll then are granted an additional 10GB to play around with for free.

pCloud is exceptionally generous in its bonus space. As of the writing time, checking your email using pCloud will give you another 1GB, and uploading files will earn you one GB. There is a chance to make 5GB through simple tasks and 1GB when you refer someone else.

This makes pCloud a simple method to access 15GB or more of Storage for free. FULL REVIEW (10 GB Free Cloud Storage!), Source: Youtube, ALLCHECKOUT

You may be looking for free cloud storage since you don't like having to pay a monthly subscription. It's not ideal to have all your data stored in one cloud service and then be "forced" by the service to shell out per month to keep the Storage.

pCloud is a unique service because it allows you to make a single purchase to receive an annual increase in Storage. The cost is high; however, if you plan to use cloud storage for a few years, it's less expensive over the long term than keeping the subscription.

The pCloud Crypto service is an additional layer of security available in the form of a subscription.

3. MediaFire (10GB Free Space)

MediaFire is an excellent option to store information with its vast storage capacity. However, the use of MediaFire solely as a file storage site isn't utilizing the full potential of this service.

MediaFire's sharing features make it the most effective method to share files with other users to download. Hover over the file you'd like to share, click the arrow to the right, and select to share. Then you will receive the link to give to others who want to download it.

mediafire my cloud storage ! 100% free 10gb-%, Source: Youtube, rampal singhal

MediaFire limits upload file size up to the size of 4GB...

However, if you attempt this using a file folder, MediaFire will prod you to pay for their premium services to batch download files. 

4. OneDrive (5GB Free Storage)

OneDrive isn't a great deal with storage capacity. However, it does earn points for needing the most minimal amount of setup and installation compared to the other choices in this listing. 

Onedrive 5tb lifetime free In 2022 | how to get free 5tb cloud storage on onedrive, Source: Youtube, Truth about tech

If you launch Explorer within Windows 10, you should find OneDrive in the sidebar left. Any files dragged into this will be uploaded automatically and synced up to OneDrive. OneDrive server. You must be running the OneDrive application open to sync, So search to find the OneDrive icon on your taskbar. If you can't locate it, click"Start" and input "OneDrive" to bring it up. You'll need to set up a Microsoft account before utilizing it, but after you've done this, you'll be able to use the web interface to upload and share your files.

OneDrive also comes with a shared folder that keeps tabs on which files are shared and by whom to track who has access to view your files.

5. Dropbox (2+GB Free Storage)

One of the oldest entries on this list is Dropbox, a service specializing in the sync of desktop files to the cloud. 

Dropbox will automatically notice the changes and then transfer them into the cloud when you add files to this specific directory. It will also upload it if it discovers that a document has changed. This is why you can insert a text document in the folder and modify it as time goes by, and Dropbox will change its cloud version of the file each when you save the file.

You may also set up an open folder where you can invite other people to join it. If other users upload or edit files to the group, Dropbox will update it at your expense. If you're using the Dropbox client installed, the editing of a friend will update this folder on your computer.

tutorial dropbox, free storage 2 GB, Source: Youtube, Putra Erizally

If you're not satisfied with Dropbox's limit of 2GB, You can finish tasks and then refer friends for more space. Recommending Dropbox for a person grants you 500MB of data per referral up to 16GB. Completing missions gives you 250MB or up to 1.5GB more space.

Why not create your Server?

 The initial costs are expensive since you'll need to buy a server and install it at your home. Once you've paid for the Server, you can have complete control over a substantial storage space without paying any additional fees.

There are many reasons you should set up the Server yourself. When you're anxiously looking at your cloud storage space get crowded, you might want to consider investing the money in a longer-term solution.

The best cloud for free Storage

Although there aren't any free cloud storage services that are unlimited that we've listed, the best choices provide plenty of space to upload files, images, and videos.


If you're a Google Drive fan, did you know that the service comes loaded with shortcuts that help you get things done? With just a couple of keyboard strokes, it is possible to complete tasks more quickly than had a mouse.

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